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Save Your Friend

Reviewed by Troicha

Save Your Friend Review

Zazie and Darcia both return for a very unique film that is basically a lesson in the psychology of humans under extreme duress.

The rules are as follows: in each round, one girl gets tied up and the other is asked a series of questions, each wrong answer by the latter means the former gets whipped. The number of lashes goes up by 5 for each wrong answer, starting at ten for one, so 3 wrong answers equalsí 20 strokes and four would mean 20. In the next round, the girls simply switch places. In the final round, a double whipping takes place. The number of strokes in that round will depend on how many answers the girls got wrong in the two previous rounds.

The round begins and Zazie gets plenty of answers wrong, she is soon crying inside of just a few minutes as Darcia suffers for her mistakes.

Amanda lays it on hard from the very beginning.

Just look at the utter devastation and anguish on that cute face.

Zazie gets the choice of whipping Darcia 12 times, so that way the original 25 lashes were halved roughly.

And if that indignity wasnít enough, now Zazie has to watch Darcia get flogged, again! The host decided that she didnít strike her friend with enough force. Zazie, paragon of cuteness, looks utterly devastated as she now caused her friend even more pain!

The second round starts and the roles are reversed, its Zazieís turn for physical pain and Darciaís for psychological torment.

Unfortunately for Zazie, Darcia proves to be just an inept and gets several answers wrong. Darcia gets presented with the same opportunity as Zazie did. She begs Darcia to hit her hard, the poor girl; she wants this over with as soon as possible. Darcia looks crushed, but decides to do it. Luckily for dear Zazie, Darcia has more guts and strikes with just enough force to satisfy the host. After stroke #8, the look on Darciaís face is priceless. I seriously cannot believe that there wasnít a single picture of Darcia whipping Zazie!

And at last, the final round has come about. Both girls are tied together, they must count at the same time otherwise the stroke will be repeated.

A powerful moment it was, Amanda taunting them & doubting their tenacity, and Zazie glancing at Darcia and stating their defiance. No matter how hard Amanda hit them, they were going to be victorious!

Now as far as the whipping goes, itís quite solid, Lady Amanda delivers another stellar performance. She didnít spare the girls one bit and leaped at every chance to repeat their strokes. This film was likely shot after WoP 29, thus explaining why Amanda was especially merciless to Zazie. Amanda was ruthless in this film, a total bitch to both Darcia and Zazie; even from the beginning, she hit Darcia as hard as she could. Indeed, that first stroke struck Darcia with such force it would have knocked her over if she hadnít been restrained.

This film truly takes the cake in terms of depravity, it is utterly inhumane! Compare this film to that scene in CoP1 where poor Lucy gets her clit pierced; youíll get the point immediately. That film had ONE round of what was debatably barbaric; SYF was one entire film chock full of violations of human decency, from beginning to end! The ENTIRE premise of this film - having to watch your friend get whipped, being given the "choice" of whipping her to lessen her ordeal, and then getting whipped together - is utterly wrong and disgraceful. This film simply should never have been made; it has no business being in existence.

And just to further demonstrate his malicious cruelty and desire to maximize the girls' suffering as much as possible, Pedro set the rules up so that both girls had to count at the same time. If Zazie and Darcia didnít both count together at exactly the same moment, the stroke is repeated. Of course, he did this to make it as difficult as he could for the girls to finish, he wanted them to fail, to go home with nothing but their bruised pride and the horrified recognition of having tortured their friend and having nothing to show for it. This would have given him the utmost satisfaction!

Pedro, you are a diabolical bastard. I donít know how you sleep at night!

My Grade: A


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