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Sasha Grey - The Journalist (Sex and Submission SS-4267 )

Reviewed by John Galt

Back in 2007, at the age of 18 (although she would turn 19 a short month after of the shoot), Sasha Grey appeared on Kink's Sex and Submission in a feature called The Journalist. It had the storyline of a journalist who does a feature on a BDSM business. The journalist appears repulsed by BDSM, but goes home that night and dreams about being dominated, stripped and fucked by a masked man. Unfortunately, in her dream she is living out her desire to experience the BDSM world as opposed to having a nightmare about being abducted, assaulted and raped. So you have to dig deep to find any trace of nonconsensual bondage sex, although there is rough bondage sex aplenty.

This shoot preceded her Hogtied appearance, by which time she had turned 19. Still, a teen-aged Sasha Grey is a teen-aged Sasha Grey.

Sex and Submission starring Sasha Grey in The Journalist (SS-4267, Apr 13, 2007)

This 1-hour shoot begins with the standard Kink.com intro interview, during which Sasha Grey reveals that she is 18 years old (the production is dated Feb 7, 2007 and Sasha's birthday is Mar 14) and this is her first bondage experience on film. The interview only takes 2 minutes, so don't skip too far ahead unless you want to skip the journalist setup and jump right into the bondage.

Journalist Sasha Grey is interviewing Steven St Croix during a tour of Kink.com's Armory building. He is being intentionally aggressive and she appears nonplussed and uncomfortable with the BDSM world and his physical overtures. There is a nice jazzy musical soundtrack that is more Twin Peaks than boom-chicka-wow-wow, one of several nice production value choices. Sasha is dressed in a dark blouse, knee-length skirt and strappy high heels, a mostly conservative disguise on a ticking sexual time-bomb. Think Caroline Munro in Adam Ant's Goody Two Shoes.

That night (at 5 minutes into the video), Sasha strips naked and masturbates on top of her bed for nearly 10 minutes. She falls asleep. She dreams that she is back in the Armory and she is attacked by a masked man. She immediately submits to his ministrations. Sasha cries out in surprise, pain, and discomfort, but she is not fighting and she is not being raped. Just roughly manhandled, stripped, and sexually used and abused.

For the first forced oral sex scene, Sasha is not bound at all. She is just forced to her knees and keeps her hands down or behind her back while she is throat fucked. But there is hair pulling, choking and face-slapping.

The second scene, which begins 20 minutes in, features Sasha tied wrists together AOH and black ball-gagged, topless. The skirt comes off immediately. Nipple pinching, twisting and pulling and full body flogging are the highlights of this bit.

The third scene, 24 minutes in, features Sasha with her elbows and wrists tied behind her back and pulled up, naked on her knees, with a spider gag holding her mouth wide open. Nipple clamps with weights, finger fucking and more rough oral sex take place, but the highlight of this clip is when she is vibrated to screaming and twitching orgasms.

The fourth scene begins at the 34-minute mark. A naked Sasha Grey is manacled and chained wrist and ankle on a raised platform, on her elbows and knees, completely naked. Another chain encircles her waist and is attached to the wall above her, holding her hips up. She is ball-gagged. Hair-pulling and hard doggy-style fucking ensue, topped off with some hard ass flogging and really painful foot switching. It ends with more vibrator-induced screaming and twitching orgasms and a brief oral invasion.

The final scene, which begins at 49 minutes, has Sasha on her back on the same raised platform, her ankles up in the air and rope tied to a spreader bar, her wrists tied up and out to each side. There are a few more ropes to keep her from moving very far. Mostly Sasha gets hard deep fucking. If Steven isn't plunging deep and hard enough to hurt her, Sasha does a pretty good job of making it seem that way, but also wanting the pain, which takes the GIMP edge off. Her pussy is also flogged, and as the flogger smacks down between her legs especially hard, she suddenly sits up in bed, having waken from the dream, with a small smile on her face.

Sasha choked and fucked

The final five minutes is the ending interview, in which we discover that Sasha enjoyed everything done to her and also that Steven inadvertently (and briefly) violated her ass at one point, and her yelp of surprise and pain was captured in the final shoot, so look and listen for it in the doggy position scene.

SUMMARY: Although there is a storyline, and although it does involve a woman being manhandled, bound, and fucked, it was low on GIMP. As stated above, she was more like an unsure sex toy than an unwilling victim. Still, Sasha Grey being gagged, tied, chained, flogged, switched, spanked, choked, and roughly fucked makes for some enjoyable viewing. It was an A for me, but the serious GIMP factor was missing, so a B+ at best for GIMPage.

The Journalist is available at Kink.com. You can join Sex and Submission for $14 per month and download lots of other nice bondage sex scenes, although this was the only Sasha Grey appearance. You can buy this movie for 14.99 kinks. Or you can stream it for .33 kinks per minute, or 19.8 kinks for the whole hour. (Who would do that?) By the way, there is a nice preview clip of the shoot available at the website link.

My Grade: A


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