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Sasha Grey Chased and Captured - Hogtied HT-4344

Reviewed by John Galt

Ralphus wondered about the Sasha Grey Hogtied appearance, so here is a less-than-brief review. I am a big Sasha Grey fan, and I enjoyed this immensely. I also enjoyed her Sex and Submission shoot, which had a bit more of a storyline and overall was a tad less obviously consensual. But hey, it's Sasha Grey.

Hogtied starring Sasha Grey
(HT-4344 - March 16, 2007)

This 50-minute video from Kink's Hogtied website was produced in 2007, when Sasha Grey was 19 years old, which she reveals in the intro interview. It is full of interesting tidbits, such as Sasha was 16 years old the first time she was tied up and fucked, by a guy who was almost 30. When I heard that I was inundated by age inappropriate thoughts.

This Hogtied video has a sort-of storyline, but is mostly just a bunch of random ties. If you want to skip the intro and jump straight into the storyline, advance to the 5 minute mark.

We open in a dark but dramatically lighted warehouse-looking interior. (I'm pretty sure this was the first shoot done in the Armory.) Sasha, wearing the quintessential faux schoolgirl outfit (white t-shirt, short plaid skirt, calf-high white socks and tennis shoes), and with her lustrous dark hair braided into two long pigtails, runs through several cavernous rooms, breathing hard and constantly looking over her shoulder for a pursuer we do not see. She runs into a dark doorway and we hear a piercing scream that echoes back through the Armory. So, no takedown clip.

Fade in on Sasha in a standing spread-eagle on a raised platform, still fully clothed. She has a spreader bar tied between her ankles and a dark sack over her head, and she is breathing hard and twisting around in wonderful confused and frightened victim fashion. Matt walks in and gropes her, and we see that she is not wearing any underwear, as evidenced by her hard nipples poking through the thin white material of her t-shirt and her neatly trimmed pubic patch as Matt's hands explore her crotch.

Sasha standing spreadeagleSasha fucked

Matt hauls her up off the ground briefly, then removes the sack. Sasha is blindfolded and red ball-gagged under the sack. He rips her shirt open (she gasps in surprise) and pinches and pulls her nipples. There is more nipple torture as Sasha screams in pain. Matt cuts off her clothes, removes her blindfold, and flogs her slender naked body. Sasha cries out in pain and whimpers the whole time. Clothespins to the nipples. Bare ass hand spanking. Hard fucking with a dildo-on-a-stick with a Hitachi Magic Wand attached. At the end of the scene, Matt removes her ball-gag, makes her kiss him on the cheek, then hauls her a foot off the ground and leaves her hanging as she struggles helplessly.

Sasha chairtiedSasha flogged

About 14 minutes in, the next scene begins with Sasha tied to a chair. Matt roughly forces the ball-gagback into her mouth. More nipple torture, first pulling and pinching and then suction tubes. The chair has no seat, and suddenly I am reminded of a forum post not too long ago where someone mentioned that the torture scene in Casino Royale would have been lots better if it had been Vesper instead of Bond in the hot seat and here is what it might have looked like if Sasha Grey had played Vesper instead of Eva Green. And it was a big dildo with an attached vibrator instead of a flogger. Although she is flogged on her nice flat stomach. There is also hair pulling, choking, and vibrating almost to orgasm, but he denies her.

Next, Matt pulls the suction tube straight off her incredibly distended right nipple (it comes loose with a loud "pop"), pinches and pulls her nipple, then attaches a clamp and a weight. Then he repeats the process with the left nipple. Sasha is vibrated to a screaming and body-trembling orgasm, during which more weights are added to her nipples. The clamps come off and Matt continues to tug on her nipples as she peaks once more. One or two more forced orgasms, the ball-gag comes out, and the scene ends with a crotch rope splitting her pussy attached to a heavy metal ball. Matt starts the ball swinging, then attaches clothespins to Sasha's large coral nipples just to please Ralphus (or to piss off Fritz).

Sasha hogtiedSasha, Goddess of Fucking

The next scene begins at about the 25-minute mark, with Sasha standing completely naked with her hands bound tightly behind her back and Matt behind her feeling her up. He makes her give him a hand job as he pulls on her tender nipples. He chokes her, forces her to her knees but does not make her suck his cock. WTF? If I had Sasha Grey bound naked on her knees in front of me with my dick hanging out I would not have missed that opportunity. He forces her down onto her belly and hogties her. Out comes the dildo-and-vibrator-on-a-stick and Sasha gets fucked again. She does a nice jump and scream when Matt initially violates her. Out of all of the excellent fucking bits in this video, this one is probably the second best, based on the vigor with which Matt rams the dildo home again and again and the various sounds of helpless pain and pleasure that Sasha makes. I also like the uncontrolled tremors that wrack her bound and helpless body. The way the veins in her neck stand out as she strains and cries out. Sasha Grey is a goddess.

This scene ends with Matt attaching a rope to the ceiling and pulling Sasha's ropes up tight.

Sasha sittingSasha begging for more

The next scene begins at the 32-minute mark. Sasha is tied sitting on the platform, her arms bound behind her and her legs tied out and apart. The ball-gag is back in. There are clothespins on her nipples and cum or white creamy lubricant oozing from her pussy. Matt flogs her hairy pussy and her breasts. A lot. He uses two sizes of floggers and also employs the switch to elicit even louder screams.

Next, Matt fucks her mouth with the big dildo-on-a-stick until she gags, then shoves it into her pussy. Matt proceeds to fuck and tease Sasha in what I consider the first best fucking scene in this video. He works her up slowly and then pulls the dildo out just enough that Sasha begs in a strained voice barely louder than a whisper, "fuck me," over and over, and looks at him with such longing and pleading that I have no doubt she is completely in the moment. Then when he shoves it hard against her, she arches and cries out. Mmm.

The scene ends with Matt attaching clothespins to Sasha's pussy, nipples, and tongue.

Sasha suspendedSasha suspended

At 42:30, Sasha is suspended upside down by her slender ankles. The dildo-on-a-stick-with-vibrator is pushed down into her pussy and she has one free hand to give Matt a hand job. After she jerks him off (I guess there was a no oral sex clause in the contract or something), Matt ties her other hand down as well, so that lovely Sasha is suspended in an upside down spreadeagle. This all-too-short scene ends at 45:40 and the final four and a half minutes are dedicated to the end interview. The ending interview is conducted with Sasha wearing a big fluffy black robe and she looks so hot sitting there just talking. If you are a fan of Sasha Grey and want to see her in a bondage sex situation, check this out.

SUMMARY: Beautiful and beguiling 19-year-old vanilla porn star Sasha Grey is bound in a variety of positions, flogged, ball-gagged, tit tortured, fucked and vibrated to orgasm multiple times. The video feature begins with a chase but there is no storyline follow-through, with Matt as a crazed BDSM rapist or anything like that. It is pretty much a consensual--albeit intense--bondage sex show. It is an A experience for me, but as a strictly GIMP experience, it suffers by virtue of its obvious consensuality, so maybe a B+.

The clip is available from Kink.com. You can join Hogtied and download this clip and many other mostly consensual clips for $14 a month (although this is the only Sasha Grey Hogtied appearance so far). Or you can buy the clip for download or you can stream it. The cost for downloading and streaming is in "kinks," and I'm not sure what the going rate is. But the download is 8.34 kinks and streaming is .33 kinks per minute, so for this 50-minute video that would run 16.5 kinks, which sounds like the worst deal ever.

My Grade: A


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