A Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril) Movie Review

Return to Blood Shack

Reviewed by Howie

Okay, as with my last movie review, I KNOW this flick isn't going to be for all of you. So if you don't enjoy seeing a gorgeous young girl striped nude and used like a sexy side of beef, then just stop reading now, because there isn't anything here for you. Seriously, just stop reading now....

Still reading? Then you have no right to bitch.

Review of: Return to Blood Shack
Producer: Deathtrap Films
Starring: Luna Vera, Johnnie Axe, & Blunt Force
Written & Directed by Forum contributor: Deathtrap
Price: $19.00
Runtime: 22:03 Minutes.

The film begins with the camera in a kind of sepia colored view of this dilapidated house and backyard with junk strewn all over the yard, but eventually settles on the INSANELY FUCKABLE Luna Vera wandering into the yard wearing only a white string bikini with a very tiny denim dress over the bottoms. No shoes for you foot people out there.

How or why she ended up there? Who gives a shit. She's there now, and that's all that matters.

Seeing her naively and curiously look around while the camera leers at all the wonderful lines and curves she has on display is quite a treat. Especially because you know what's coming. You feel like a hungry lion just waiting for the perfect moment to pounce on this delectable little piece of sex meat and brutalize the HELL out of her, and OH BOY, is that fun gonna happen in a BIG way.

Eventually Luna wanders up to the house and peers in the window, and while she's busy looking inside, our hero wanders up behind her and asks in a very back-woods Deliverance kind of way: "What are you doing out here on my property?"

This startles our little doe, who apologizes and tells him she didn't think anyone lived here.

"What makes ya think that?" Our hero responds.

"I mean, it just didn't look like anyone lived here... I'll go.." Says Luna as she turns to leave.

Luna, in addition to being sexy as all fuck, is quite a little actress, and delivers her lines with the appropriate amount of fear in her voice, and her body language clearly shows she wants to get away from here as quickly as possible. Ha ha, but that's not gonna happen.

As soon as she turns, this hillbilly lottery winner, which is how I'll refer to him from now on with the abbreviation, HLW, grabs her by the hand and Luna begins to struggle. In just a few moments she breaks free and begins scampering away, to which HLW announces with a satisfied chuckle: "We got a runner".

Our little doe then begins fleeing for her life, and towards what she thinks is the clear, until a second hillbilly wearing a mask pops out from behind a tree and grabs her from behind.

Luna begins struggling and screaming for help, but she's obviously very over matched by the physically larger and stronger masked man holding her by her arms while he drags her backwards.

HLW then wanders back into frame and grabs their struggling little sex prize by the legs. They both pick her up and begin carrying her to their shed..... THE BLOOD SHED!

Oh, it's wonderful watching the scared for her life Luna struggle and yell as she's easily manhandled by these lucky sons of bitches.

The camera then fades to black right after they enter the shed.

When we come back they already have Luna's hands tied together and they're industriously working to get the other end of the rope through black metal bar over her head. The whole time, Luna is pleading with them: "Why are you doing this to me?"

After her hands are securely above her head, they make sure her feet are tied with her legs spread apart. GOOD GOD does Luna look fucking amazing as she wiggles and struggles in her bonds.

With her feet now tied HLW quickly removes the small denim dress, so that she's now on display in the white string bikini only.

They both begin groping her perfect flat stomach and mouth watering tits, all the while Luna is yelling for them to stop, and screaming how much they disgust her.

HLW then says, "Get that top off her, brother". Ahh, now there's guy who knows what he's doing.

The silent masked brother, who I'll refer to as SMB, then removes her top to reveal Luna's gorgeous, bouncy, natural tits, to the delight of everyone.

HLW then really takes his time playing with those cock hardening mounds, as Luna continues screaming for him to: "Stop!" and "Let me go!"

The camera then takes its time getting a good look at Luna's topless and tied body as she wiggles back and fourth, letting you get great views from both sides. What a fucking body on Luna! Every angle of her struggling form is something you could freeze frame and make your wallpaper. She fucking built for sex and these lucky bastards get to use & abuse her to their hearts content!

As Luna keeps yelling her head off, HLW, hungrily playing with her tits, informs her: "Aint nobody can hear you out here! Scream as loud as you want. I'm gonna get a little taste of you!"

Being the stickler I am for FULL NUDITY in my fetish porn, the next moment is fucking magical for me as both brothers take one side of Luna's bikini bottoms and pulls. HLW with his hand, and SMB by putting the string in his mouth, revealing a fully nude Luna.

Beautiful innocent face, delicious bouncy natural breasts, perfect flat stomach, wonderfully round hips, centered on a perfect mound with a neatly trimmed brown landing strip to match her long brown bouncy hair, all securely tied with arms over head, and EVERYTHING on display. Now the party is in full swing!

HLW continues feeling her up as he instructs SMB to: "Get that battery, Brother! Lets hook this bitch up!" To which SMB promptly grabs a large car battery and hooks up Jumper cables to it. (Unlike Buzzsaw Butchers 2, they remember to hook both ends up)

The brother's then have a minor squabble over who gets which end of the now charged jumper cables, and then quickly get to work shocking the Hell out of the intoxicatingly struggling Luna.

Sure, there are some moments where both cables aren't making contact at the same time for you sticklers out there, but Deathtrap and the actors did a great job here, and the effects, both sound and visual work very well to create a believable illusion.

The brothers really take their time and enjoy themselves. One going up high, while the other goes down low.

My favorite part is when they grab Luba by her dangling hips, and just give her a fabulous prolonged shock to the cunt.... Just fucking wonderful.

HLW then really goes to town shocking her gash, as Luna screams with her tits seductively swaying back and forth, and at this point the camera goes to outside the shack, and we just hear the sounds of electric and of course the wonderful music of Luna screaming, then the camera again fades to black.

When we come back, HLW is now holding a very large butcher knife in front of Luna's gorgeous terrified face, asking her: "You wanna get cut? I'm gonna start down here and work my way up. What'choo think of that, little girl?" As he traces a line from her cunt to her chest with the knife.

"I wanna see blood," says HLW. "My little brother wanna see blood too. We both like blood".

Luna continues screaming and pleading.

HLW then holds the knife over her right tit and says: "Cut them nipples off." Which then goes to a quick edit of him making a slice under her nipple with the knife, simulated of course. Not a completely convincing effect, but good enough. HLW then deviously picks the jumper cable back up, attaches it to Luna's right nipple that now has a cut under it, and uses the clamped down cable to yank it off.

The effect is pulled off well with a combination of quick camera cuts, fake blood being liberally applied to Luna's nipple area, and of course Luna's hot reaction to this violence being so wonderfully wrought down upon her hot and helpless form.

HLW then holds the jumper cable with her nipple still in it in front of Luna's face, and tells her: "I'm gonna make you eat it."

For some strange reason, Luna complies and opens her mouth. Whatever, it's hot. She only leaves it in there a few moments before she spits it out onto her now discarded clothes strewn out on the floor.

Right when Luna probably thinks it can't get any worse, SMB comes in with a big electric drill and starts digging into her left side with it. This is actually a pretty good special effect. Luna has an appropriate horrified reaction, but it's about to get MUCH worse.

HLW decides it's now REALLY time to go to work with the Butcher Knife, and stabs her right in the cunt with it. Then begins repeatedly working the knife in and out of her.

This is obviously where the people really bugged buy gore are gonna check out, because Luna gets progressively more covered in blood as the knife keeps doing its work, all with the squishy sound of blood, knife, and flesh being cut going on, while Luna cries and moans.

Eventually, HLW decides it's time to finish the job, and does exactly what he told her he would earlier. He guts her from her cunt to her chest, and we even get a shot of her organs falling to the floor.

Luna is now absolutely dead, but HLW isn't done with her yet, he uses the new opening he just created to unload his balls into her, and the film fades out with Luna's dead face rolled back as it's swaying back and forth to the rhythm of HLW fucking her dead corpse.

As I said, this one is gonna be FAR too brutal for a good deal of you in here, but don't say I didn't warn you at the beginning of this review. Twice as a matter of fact.

But there are others in here, and I know you're out there, who fucking love what you just read, and you should be going over to DeathTrap Films and buying this fucking movie IMMEDIATELY!

Hats off to Deathtrap. Your films are getting better and better. Keep up the amazing work, sir!

My Grade: A


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