A Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril) Movie Review

Red Feline on the Cross

Reviewed by BlueDog

OK I bought the Red Feline DVD from our man Larry.

On the subject of bootlegs, it is kind of silly to give the man a hard time about the Red Feline series because I suspect a lot has been lost in the quality from the original. Frankly if the originals are of decent quality, Larry is helping them. I would never shell out $70 without a good idea of what I am buying.

And I would almost be willing to shell out the $70 if I could get a high quality version of this flick. I like it that much. It's dark and grainy but Camile Duka does a great acting job. So what happens in the movie?

We open with a redhead in dark sunglasses going into a warehouse and masturbating. She gets clopped on the head by a hooded man, dragged into a warehouse and strung up wearing a tank top, panties and one stocking. She also has a mask on. He proceeds to whip the tank top off her back. The music is dark and foreboding. She moans piteously. They do a very good job of slowly adding bloody whip marks as the whipping goes on. She passes out. He takes a long nail and pushes it into her back. He lowers her and unties her. Then a good 3-4 minutes of her trying to crawl away. He drags her back and strings her up by her wrists this time facing forward to whip off the rest of her tank top. Like ZFX the whipping sounds are fake but well done. But the makeup and whip marks are well done. She passes out again. He yanks her panties up hoping for a reaction. Getting none, he grabs another nail and pushes it in just below her left breast. He shoves her panties aside and rapes her.

I don't know that rape fans will get a lot out of this. Seems simulated and you don't get to see much. He lets her down, ties her hands behind her and pulls her up into a strappado. He then whips and rapes her ass. He then cuts her down and reties her hands to a spreader bar. Then she is hauled up and lowered onto a sawhorse and whipped some more. He removes the sawhorse and whips the panties all the way off until she passes out. He revives her by pushing yet another nail into her hip. This one must hurt as her eyes bug out and she really flails about in pain. He gets behind here and rapes her ass again. It's a better rape scene this time.

He lets her down and ties her hands together to a winch also tying her feet wide apart. He whips her some more but she is barely conscious so he uses the winch and stretches her in probably one of the best simulated stretching scenes that I have ever seen. She grunts in pain and the nails (which have been sticking out all this time) quiver. He lets her down and begins the crucifixion, nailing her hands to a spreader bar. He hauls her up and nails her feet. She twitches and cries the whole time. Finally she shakes and dies. The last scene is her dressed as she was in the beginning, walking away as if nothing happened. A dream?

Not a single word is said in the whole flick. The actress does a great job. No whining or annoying pleading. I wouldn't mind her being more animated, maybe a bit of screaming but she sells the torture better than just about anyone I've seen.

Well there ya have it.


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