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Pussy Burn

Reviewed by Ralphus

Our friend Max Coxxx told me about a new release he just debuted at his Dirty Deeds site called Pussy Burn. What's it about? Pussy roasting, of course! So how could a pyro like me possibly say no?

Well, actually, I have to admit I was a bit leery when I discovered this was shot by John Marshall of PKF years ago but he didn't want to edit it. I normally love Marshall's work, but he did a similar pussy roasting vid 3 years ago called Tortured Soldier that I reviewed and was very disappointed in it. The flame effect looked fake, he didn't add any smoke and I wasn't buying the illusion. I publicly told John on the forum that his movie was no good. Who knows, maybe I was the reason he never got around to editing this one. That's what I get for being honest. Way to crush his spirit, huh?

But Max told me he had a new editor now for the footage and to give this one a try. And he was right. This time they really pull it off.

This is a pretty simple storyline. Max hires a new bondage model, Cheyenne Jewel, to come in and act in a scene where she's to be suspended over a fire that will burn her pussy. But it's all play-acting, he assures her. The fire will be added digitally later; she just has to act like she's really burning. "Sure, sounds easy," she tells him.

The first 2/3 of the 21 minute video involves Max preparing Cheyenne for the big payoff. I hadn't really seen Cheyenne Jewel before but she's a slim, pretty model with a small, perky titties. She does have a nasty back tattoo but thankfully it's only glimpsed for about 5 seconds while she's undressing. Otherwise, her body is pristine and she projects a pleasant, girl next door quality.

Max hoists her off the ground, puts in her in a tight suspended spread-eagle and starts up the camera, pretending to light the fire between her legs. Cheyenne gives a half-hearted acting effort while her pussy is supposed to be burning, saying things like "Oh. Oh help me. This is burning my pussy. Oh, this sucks." Meanwhile, Max is going crazy over her bad acting. It's laugh-out loud hilarious comedy.

Exasperated, Max tells her he knows a way to really make her act. He leaves and comes back with a huge-ass propane tank, which he mounts between her legs and ignites. Immediately, violent blue flames shoot from the tank, and Cheyenne screams her head off as her pussy gets roasted. She whips her body violently as plumes of smoke shoot from her pussy and inner thighs. It's a wonderfully effective illusion, totally believable and a big turn-on. Max just laughs while Cheyenne writhes in pain and her pussy and upper legs are reddened by the fire.

After a couple minutes of agonizing suffering, the gas runs out and the flames stop. But she's still screaming from the pain afterward. "Now, that's some fucking good acting!" Max shouts at her. "That's what I wanted!" And he takes out a gun and shoots her through the head.

The death fetish crowd is then treated to a couple minutes of her lifeless body with blood dripping down from it. Me, I would preferred a burning to death, but these death fetish movies all seemingly end with either a shooting or a strangling. Oh well.

The reason this video works is twofold: the first being the fine performance by the very appealing Cheyenne Jewel. Her rapport with Max is very natural, and she pulls off both the "bad actress" and the "screaming victim" parts with a flair.

The second reason this works is because the special digital effects look real. Whereas the phony Tortured Soldier decided not to add any smoke and ruined the fantasy, this time I could believe what I was watching. It's exactly what I wanted to see in the other film and didn't.

Burning fetish fans will likely be pleased by Max's effort here. It's a lot of fun and a nice little piece of entertainment.

My Grade: B+

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