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The Prison Punishment Show

Reviewed by Thomas Chaser

Mood Pictures’ film The Prison Punishment Show tells a tale where, in the near future, women who are convicted of crimes and thrown in the slammer, can serve their sentence in a windowless cell or they can earn early release by agreeing to be whipped viciously in front of a paying audience and on live video-streaming, with the number of lashes determined by the votes of the audience. If a woman is attractive, there is a chance that the audience will be lenient on her, or that’s what the female convicts who are recruited for the PPS (“Prison Punishment Show”) program are told.

The movie opens with a pair of sadistic female guards (aren't they always sadistic?) doing a surprise inspection of a cell occupied by two women, Tippi (a sleek-bodied woman with gentle eyes) and Nicole (an exotic beauty with golden skin and the longest nipples I've ever seen on a woman). Tippi makes the mistake of lipping off to the guard and is immediately ordered to remain leaning against the wall for the rest of the day, naked and vulnerable. Tippi tries to dodge the punishment and replies that she is to appear on the Prison Punishment Show, seeing that girls that volunteer for the show are given special treatment. The guard relents and orders her to prepare for her punishment. What Tippi doesn’t know is that the guard sees through her charade and has special plans for her, including a wet-towel whipping in the prison showers.

The show itself is a sadist’s dream. The first convict, an attractive brown-haired beauty with dark, clear eyes, is presented to the audience for secret voting. Afterwards, she is told her punishment and given a chance to speak a few last words. Then, she is stretched out and securely bound to an intimidating apparatus, hands wide apart, leaving her open and vulnerable to the kiss of the whip.

Then her punishment begins.

This first convict is very brave, but even she is unable to resist the sting of the whip against her naked flesh. With each stroke, she jumps and yells, but she does not beg for mercy. She is too proud for that. But with each stroke, her resolve weakens and by the time the last blow of the whip falls, she is crying with pain.

The next convict, Bonnie, young and pretty with soft curves and a gentle demeanor, is presented to the audience. She is also told her sentence and given an opportunity to speak. Then, she is stretched out and bound to the frame. Soon after, she is broken and crying on the stage as the whip does its work on her tender body. The audience applauds. She was very entertaining for them, and for me.

Meanwhile, Tippi, the convict who had lipped off to the guard earlier, is about to experience a new torture. Huddled fearfully in a corner of a shower stall, she is stretched arms overhead for a very special prison shower. The sadistic guard spins the knob, sending scalding hot water spraying onto Tippi’s skin, causing the helpless woman to scream and yell as she is burned alive.

In the prison holding area, Nicole with the long nipples is told that she is next. She looks at the guards, shocked, because she isn't supposed to be on the show. There must be a mistake. Still, the guards, wanting to keep Tippi for themselves, grab a random inmate instead to be punished in her place. Nicole is hauled out onto the stage, presented to the audience for voting, and given a chance for last words. She tries to convince the audience that there has been a mistake, but it is no use. There is no sympathy for convicts. She is bound to the frame and lashed with the whip. Her golden breasts shake and tremble beautifully with every blow, her dark, soulful eyes crying with pain. She receives the punishment that had been intended for Tippi, harsh as it is.

But the audience knows Nicole is not the right inmate. Tippi, found in the showers, her skin still red from the scalding, is brought to the stage. The live audience is given an apology for the mistake (shades of Steve Harvey and the recent Miss Universe pageant) and Tippi is offered as a bonus (must keep those ratings up, right?). She is told her sentence and then bound, trembling with fear, to the apparatus. Each stroke is called out before it falls against her body, concentrated on the smooth globes of her ass. The stroke count climbs above twenty, then twenty-five, then thirty. She is crying and pulling desperately at the bonds around her wrists. Thirty-five, forty, forty-five. The count climbs higher, far higher than any of the other girls. She gives a panicked glance at the executioner. Fifty, fifty-five, sixty. How much more can she take before she passes out? Sixty-four. Sixty-five.

Then, mercifully, the whipping stops.

Tippi, crying, bawling, broken and defeated, hangs from the apparatus. Her whipping has ended. She is free.

Overall, I liked this movie. It doesn't have the psychological horror that Mood Pictures’ Milgram Experiment series has, but the concept of The Prison Punishment Show is simple enough that it can be turned into a series with different background stories for each prisoner. All four of the women are attractive and each one suffers beautifully for the camera. There wasn't a single weak performance amongst any of them. But what really struck me was Tippi’s acting ability in the plot scenes. She is a natural actor, with a talent not normally seen in these types of films. During her various torments, it was hard to tell how much was her acting a role and how much was her really suffering. Her whipping sequence was exceptionally brutal, bawling tearfully and frightfully, with snot running out of her nose almost immediately. That’s brutality at its worst (or best, depending on your perspective of things) and most authentic. If Pedro decides to make a “Prison Punishment Show” sequel (and I hope he does), he should definitely give Tippi's character more backstory and plot. She’s a good actress and deserves better than just a few scenes; maybe even make her the central character in the whole series. I'll go so far as to say her whipping scene is one of the best of the year. It’s so strong that some people might blanch and look away. It is that gut-wrenching, and that’s what this film is all about.

It’s also good to see Little Suzy back in a Mood Pictures film after her frightening panic attack while being caned in The Milgram Experiment III. This time, though, she’s in a smaller role as a guard and has few speaking lines. She does, though, make a very sexy guard. What she lacks in velocity in her whipping stroke she makes up for in power of her presence on camera. Strong and sexy, she makes a great tough-girl image. Sometimes the most memorable characters are the ones who don't say a thing, and this time she is one of those.

If I have one complaint, it’s that there is almost too much whipping, but then that’s the whole purpose of the film so I can't really fault Mood Pictures for that. Each girl gets a large amount of screen time under the lash. There is just enough cut-away to a plot between whipping scenes to call this a movie and not a series of whipping clips. It’s not a complex story, but it could be so if Mood Pictures decides to expand on this New World Order they've created. There have always been public executions, so this idea of a Pay-Per-View punishment show isn't that far-fetched. Just look at the growth of MMA where women slam their opponents’ heads against the mat in the name of sport. To legalize a show where women are beaten in the name of criminal justice could be the next big thing in television entertainment.

My initial reaction was to score this movie a B due to the brief plot segments and lengthy whippings, but the more I watched Tippi’s scenes, the more I felt that her performance elevated this movie to an A. She not only is a talented actress, she endured an extremely brutal whipping. I'm hoping that, now that Mood Pictures has proof-tested the concept and found its leading actress, the sequel will be even better. I'm also hoping that Little Suzy gets a turn on the whipping stage as a victim to be voted upon and punished. She was dynamite in The Milgram Experiment, after all. I'd also like to see Nicole’s long nipples get some attention from a whip. Now that would be quality entertainment!

Bonus footage: Each of the actresses who endured whippings were interviewed afterwards, in the order in which they appeared in the movie. You could tell by looking at Tippi that her body was in a state of shock from her abuse. That’s frightening, and proves the legitimacy of her performance. If you don't have the constitution for seeing a woman suffering after a whipping, just stick with the fantasy of the story and stop the film after Nicole’s interview ends.

My Grade: A

Mood Pictures

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