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Olalla (Pachamama Films, 2014) is based on a vampire story of the same name written by Robert Louis Stevenson. The movie was written, directed, and starring Amy Hesketh.

Our story opens with our main character Olalla (Amy Hesketh) in her own apartment watching the old vampire movie Nosferatu with her boyfriend. When the movie shows a woman cutting her finger with a knife, the blood stirs Olalla’s vampire heart. She starts kissing her boyfriend initially, but then starts to bite the boyfriend’s neck. After we see the boyfriend’s dead body lying on the floor, Olalla is scared of what she has just done. She starts to call someone on the phone saying, “It’s me. I did something.”

Our story then moves to the house of Olalla’s family. We meet a few of her vampire relatives, notably her sister Ofelia (Mila Joya). Ofelia slaps her sister for endangering their family. Olalla then takes a bath trying to wash all the blood off her body. While showering, Olalla starts to cry, fully realizing the horrible thing she has done.

Our story then moves to the past where we meet Olalla, Ofelia, the mother also named Olalla (Amy Hesketh), and uncle Felipe. A priest walks along with a man named Roberto that is to stay with Olalla’s family on his doctor’s orders. The priest warns the man about rumors he had heard about the family and warns him to keep to himself. The guest greets Felipe, then introduces himself to the rest of the family.

Back to the present, we meet an American man that is the new guest of the family. Our guest sees Olalla walking down the hall naked. He takes notice of her great beauty. As Olalla comes back into the living room to greet the rest of her family, the American guest enters as well. Ofelia introduces the guest Nathan to Olalla. We find out that Nathan is a photographer who is staying on behalf of a doctor, a family friend and the same doctor that referred the guest in the past.

We learn that to help Olalla of her problem, Ofelia has called up uncle Felipe (Jac Avila) to deal with the problem. Olalla is not happy to hear of this. As we see Ofelia waiting for her uncle, she is seen holding a flexible riding crop. As Ofelia hands the riding crop to Felipe, we see that he has an incestuous relationship with both of his nieces. We learn that Ofelia is consensual with the relationship, but Olalla is not too happy of the relationship.

The movie finally shows its first Gimp scene. As Felipe walks into Olalla’s room, she is seen only wearing a tight fitting tank top. When he sees Olalla’s face, he slaps her once before tying her arms and legs spread eagled to the bed with the help of Ofelia. He then rips off Olalla’s top, revealing her beautiful breasts. He then asks Ofelia to leave so that he can discipline Olalla for her stupid actions. Felipe then starts whipping her with the riding crop. Meanwhile Nathan overhears Olalla’s screams and worries about her. Ofelia tells Nathan that everything is alright.

At the end of the first whipping scene, we see Felipe raping Olalla. Olalla is then left alone on her bed.

Throughout the next few scenes, we see some more discipline of Olalla. We see a scene where Ofelia teases her with food while tied AOH to the bed followed by another whipping with the riding crop from Felipe. While all this punishment is going on, we see a genuine concern from Nathan who worries about Olalla’s constant screaming. He is told that she is upset about her past boyfriend. We even see a scene where Ofelia unsuccessfully flirts for Nathan’s attention.

Through all this punishment, we learn from Felipe that Olalla is very similar to her mother. Just like her mother, she only understands violence. Because of this, Felipe punishes her with violence as well. He also refers to both of them as monsters. He tries to teach Olalla that their family can not fit in with this world. After a little more punishment, Olalla agrees to behave and lets her go to join everyone for dinner.

Throughout the rest of the movie, we see a relationship blooming between both the old and young Olalla and their respective house guests. Young Olalla feels a connection with Nathan after hearing about his health issues and finds that he finds her beautiful even after knowing about her issues of trying to be more normal. We learn that Olalla has serious identity issues as she longs to fit in and be normal. But being a monster makes things difficult for her. After hearing how Nathan sees Olalla, she starts to feel a stronger connection with him.

Eventually, Olalla tells Nathan that she wants to go back to her apartment and wants him to join her. Nathan agrees and is given the keys and heads off to the apartment. Olalla promises to meet him later.

Like her daughter, the older Olalla has an identity issue and wants to be loved by the normal people. The older Olalla, who loves books, feels a connection to Roberto after reading many of the books he lends her. She tries to model herself after the saints she reads about, but says she has a long road ahead.

In the evening, Roberto is seen cutting some fruit while Olalla is reading a book and Felipe is observing. When Roberto accidentally cut his finger with the knife, Olalla unexpectedly strikes Roberto biting and sucking his blood from his hand. Felipe pulls her back while Roberto realizes the rumors he heard were true. He calls Olalla a monster before he leaves to escape. When the priest finds Roberto lying half dead on the ground, he goes to confront Olalla. When they meet, Olalla strikes the priest. The priest escapes while Olalla ponders the situation.

What follows is the big Gimp scene in the movie. This scene was funded by an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to make this awesome gimp scene the best it can be given the funds it was able to collect.

After the priest escapes back into town, many of the townsfolk form an angry mob so they can whip her and burn her at the stake. Olalla is found at the church with her family waiting to be found by the townsfolk. Before being captured, she gets Felipe to promise her that the girls stay safe and that this doesn't happen to the two girls. He agrees and escapes with the two children before the mob is able to capture Olalla.

The mob grabs and strips Olalla before tying her arms to a wooden cross. Olalla is then whipped publicly on the cross. The screaming and crying were very convincing as they whipped her for a few minutes.

Later that night, they begin to burn her at the stake. Her screams and cries of pain were realistic here as well. Eventually her pubic hairs and ropes around her arms catch fire. This causes here to faint afterwards. She is eventually consumed by the flames. I really enjoyed the BATS scene here and is a huge improvement from the one in Maleficarum.

We return to the present where Olalla confesses to her family that he has told Nathan everything before leaving. This prompts Ofelia to hand Felipe a gun. I will stop here to not give away the ending, but just know that everything comes back full circle back to Olalla.

Even though I am not a huge fan of vampire movies, I really enjoyed the story. It tells a great love story where a vampire strives to be different and strives to find her own unique identity. But even when finding someone that cares for her, she discovers that she cannot fight who she is. Amy did a great job with the script and really directed the movie well. Amy wrote a good mainstream script that appeals to a broader audience while adding a great GIMP scene for her true audience. I give this great story a strong B.

We also get to see Mila act in a more dominant role instead of her usual role as the victim. I really like how she acted in this role as well.

The BATS scene at the end was the only really good GIMP content in the movie. Amy did really well acting out the pain that her character goes through. The crop whipping scenes however were very short and would benefit from being a little longer.

Overall I would give this movie a B-. As for the Gimp scenes, I would give the BATS scene an A-, but the others scenes a C. I recommend this movie for the story and the great BATS scene.

My Grade: B-


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