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The Milgram Experiment 4

Reviewed by Thomas Chaser

By now I shouldn't have to tell you the premise behind Mood Pictures’ version of Professor Milgram’s famous experiment because I know you've gone right out and bought the previous three films, right? Right? Of course you have. And you've loved every single one of them because of their groundbreaking advancement of science. Right? Of course, because we're all giant science nerds only interested in the developments of the human psyche. The fact that a beautiful woman is whipped and caned in the interest of scientific theory is completely beside the point.

Usually, eventually, every series becomes stale; just the same thing over and over and over. It becomes boring. Things get old, they wither, and they die. After Milgram Experiment 3, I thought Mood Pictures had done everything with the Milgram format that could be done. It was time for the series to die, but leave it up to Mood Pictures to change their hypothesis and run the experiment again.

Just when I thought the series had flatlined, its heart beats stronger, pumping fresh blood and rising like a phoenix from the ashes.

What attracted me to the Milgram series in the first place was the psychological aspect of the thing – that a common girl answering a common advertisement would subject another girl to a severe beating simply because an authority figure told her to. It was a test of the Eichmann defense; that a person should not be blamed for the horrors of war if he (or she) were simply following lawful orders from a higher-ranking person. Unlike the earlier films, however, in Milgram Experiment 4, the roles of the model as the student and the mark as the teacher are reversed, and the results are startling, even to a jaded bondage reviewer like me.

We are presented with two trials. The first goes along as we would expect it to go along, based on what we've seen in the previous three Milgram Experiment films. The second is completely unexpected.

In the first trial, “Suzanne” (seen here in the #48 jersey) and “Anna” draw lots to see who will be in what role. Once again Dr. Lomp pulls the old switcheroo, guaranteeing that Anna draws the “STUDENT” card. Once in the experimentation room, however, things take a turn for the worst and Anna refuses to cooperate. This is a good thing, because it’s bad enough that the film tests a Nazi’s legal theory without having to test it on a woman with a haircut straight out of a concentration camp. So Suzanne, who is much more fetching in my opinion, offers to swap roles with her. Anna quickly agrees and the game is on.

What I like about Suzanne is her aura. She has a very sweet face, breasts made for squeezing, and a strong, healthy body perfect for baby-making. In my opinion, she’s going to be a very good wife to a very lucky man someday. Let’s just hope he appreciates the gift from the BDSM gods. But you know what else makes her so appealing? She looks just like Wonder Woman.

And just like Wonder Woman, she is strong and stoic during her torture. She winces and cries out and sweats from the abuse, of course, but you can tell this is no ordinary woman. She’s a strong one.

As you might expect, the teacher begins to realize that, no matter how many whip-strokes the poor student receives, she won't know any more than she knows. So what’s the solution? The lab assistant knows. You do, too, if you've watched the previous three Milgram Experiment films. The teacher hasn't, though. She asks if the punishment will hurt less if the student is caned on the ass. The assistant tells her that it will hurt more. The teacher sits quietly as the student is stripped and prepared for the next level of punishment.

The assistant knows how this will end. I know how this will end. You know how this will end. Wonder Woman knows how this will end. There’s no reason for me to go into graphic detail (and believe me, it is graphic), so let me skip ahead to the next trial because it is amazingly phenomenal. I'd even say it’s what some of you have been wishing for since the first Milgram film, you bloodthirsty bastards.

What if the unsuspecting girl was the one strapped to the frame?

That is exactly the question that is answered in what I consider to be a trial just as psychologically terrifying as anything ever offered up in the previous Milgram films.

Gigi Weiss makes her return to Mood Pictures, which is good because she’s been one of my favorite models since her turn in Fear, as the girl that gets electro-tortured in History of Pain: Military Interrogation, and as the fourth trial student who gets whipped so much that she faints in The Milgram Experiment (the first film in the series). Partnered with her is “Anne”, a common girl simply answering an advertisement for a psychology experiment. Here she is answering Gigi's question about whether or not she’s seen Fifty Shades of Grey instead of reading the contract that surrenders her body to science.

What Anne doesn't know is that this isn't a fantasy. This is science and things are about to become very, very real. Gigi, having already been through the process on the receiving end, knows exactly what will happen to the student. She, along with the lab assistant, is stunned when Anne gives her consent to suffer corporal punishment as part of the experiment. Even Dr. Lomp has to come in to confirm what is going on. Fortunately for us, Anne’s ignorance is our reward.

What I like about Anne is her innocent cuteness. To her, this is a mix of a game and her latent curiosity about what it feels like to be whipped. When she gets the first few words correct, she actually manages to smile. But don't worry. She doesn't smile for long. This is the Milgram Experiment. There’s no laughing when pain is at stake, and sure enough, she feels the bite of the whip. Mya, whom we saw suffer horribly at the hands of a true sadist at the end of Milgram Experiment 3, does a thorough job of giving our girl her first taste of the whip by wrapping the evil tail around the girl’s torso and popping her right on her nipple.

Her reaction is exactly what you would expect it to be. But there is no place for sympathy in the lab. This is the Milgram Experiment after all, and science demands dedication. The experiment proceeds. Anne misses a few, gets one right, then misses another one. By the time the stroke count reaches five (fifteen cumulative for you math geniuses), Anne is fairly alarmed at the progression of her punishment.

Gigi isn't sympathetic to the girl’s plight. She’s been on the receiving end of what Anne is experiencing. She knows exactly the pace at which the strokes should be administered, and by the time the count reaches ten, the poor student is begging not to be whipped. Unfortunately for her, but fortunate for us, her plea falls on deaf ears.

But something wonderful happens half-way through her whipping. It’s as if an internal calm falls over her. She still jumps at the kiss of the whip, but she’s not the frightened, panicky girl that she was when the session first started. Maybe its those wonderful endorphins that women have. Maybe it’s the surrendering of herself to her fate as a subject to be whipped. Science can answer that later. Right now, the Milgram Experiment must continue with all of the dedication that science requires, and science requires that the executor whip the girl on nice, fresh skin. Anne’s skirt and hose leaving her naked and bound to the punishment frame. She is told the pronounced number of strokes she is to receive, and her caning begins. Between blows, Gigi has a revelation.

What makes this so poignant is that Gigi did not expect to be in the role of the teacher; she knew it was a set-up from the get-go. That this girl should volunteer to be beaten was something none of them - Gigi, the lab assistant, nor Max – expected. Gigi becomes uncomfortable in her role but she knows that, even from the first blow, the student has had the power to stop her abuse. The only thing keeping that girl bound to that frame is her own fear of not finishing the experiment. And now, with her endorphins flowing, it looks like this common girl might be the first to make it all the way to the prescribed punishment of 50 whip-strokes. Even Gigi has to look away as the girl screams and pulls at her bonds with each stroke of the cane.

I won't tell you how this ends. I believe you should get a good surprise for your money. Suffice to say that I never saw it coming. As for its rating, well, the women are hot, the cries are plentiful, and the torture is absolutely medieval.

Will there be a “Milgram Experiment 5”? I hope so, particularly if they can find at least two more pretty girls willing to sacrifice their bodies in the name of science, particularly if they aren't aware that the selection of “Student” and “Teacher” was rigged against them.

My rating: A, on the strength of the final trial.

My Grade: A

Mood Pictures

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