A Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril) Movie Review

The Milgram Experiment 3

Reviewed by Thomas Chaser

When Mood Pictures released its ground-breaking The Milgram Experiment, they released a film that was revolutionary in its approach to bondage and sadism. Common, yet attractive, women were recruited for a psychology experiment through advertisements. They were told they would be testing to see if a stimulus (pain) would improve performance. What was really being tested was how much pain a person would inflict on a stranger if they were told by an authority figure to do so.

In the first film, four women were tested. One, seeing what she had done, volunteered to be whipped to absolve herself of her guilt. Another stopped after just a few strokes. The other two whipped their students until their backs bled. Then they stripped their victims completely and caned fresh skin. One model was beaten until she passed out.

The horror that I witnessed shocked me. Mood Pictures didn't shy away from the welts or the pain. They didn't shy away from the demons each woman struggled with as she ordered her victim to be whipped. There was horror on both sides of the wall.

Not surprisingly, it became one of Mood Pictures’ best sellers.

Success breeds sequels and so Mood Pictures made Milgram Experiment 2, polishing away production blemishes that had marred the first film. The torture lab was better lit. The victims were more attractive. The translations from Hungarian to English were more accurate. It was like the first movie, but more. One thing that wasn't changed: the unapologetic depiction of the brutality of one woman upon another. Again I was horrified, and again I gave the film my highest rating.

Now comes Milgram Experiment 3, a further study a woman’s inhumanity to another woman.

In this film, the women are hotter. The torture room is more sinister. The medical outfit the assistant wears is tighter. Instead of one dominatrix, there are two. Things happen in the torture lab that elevate this film to a whole new level in human cruelty.

The rules haven't changed. Two women are paired up; one is an ordinary woman responding to an advertisement while the other (unbeknownst to the first woman) is a Mood Pictures model pretending to also be responding to the advertisement. They are told it is a memory experiment to see if pain can improve performance. One woman will be the “Teacher” and the other will be the “Student” who must give the correct matching answer to a word-pair test. If she gives the correct match, there is no pain. Otherwise, punishment.

Each woman is asked to choose an envelope to determine who will play what role. Both envelopes contain a slip of paper reading “Teacher” inside but the Mood model pretends that hers reads “Student”. With the roles defined, the teacher is led to the questioning room while the student, stripped to the waist for her impending punishment, is secured to a large metal frame by her wrists and ankles in the torture room. Two dominas – Lady Jenny and Lady Mya – stand at the ready, whips in hand. The teacher can see the student through a glass window and communicates with her via a press-to-talk microphone. It’s the only way the student can hear the teacher. On the other hand, the teacher can hear everything that goes on in the torture room; every strike, every cry. The teacher will read off ten word pairs, then probe the student. Incorrect responses will result in a whipping, with the strokes increasing as the experiment goes along. The experiment ends when the student has recited all ten pairs correctly.

Or so the teacher is told.

The first experiment brings a real-life French Language Arts teacher named Anita. The French teacher looks at the dark complexion and velvet skin of her partner and remarks that she looks familiar; that maybe she was one of her students who sat next to a tall fair-skinned fellow in one of her classes. The Mood model quickly brushes it off as a case of mistaken identity, though, in fact, she really is who the French teacher thinks she is. One bullet dodged, the ever-alert French teacher notices something else odd.

Before she can investigate, the professor (played wonderfully by Max Lomp) enters the office to collect the contracts the two women were asked to sign. They are then taken to their respective rooms, where the teacher is given her instructions by the assistant professor (played by the same Wednesday Addams-looking girl as in the two previous Milgram films, though now with her hair dyed blonde). The French teacher asks how the experiment might end if the student can't remember all of the questions. Dr. Addams deflects the teacher’s inquiry and the experiment begins.

First off, I have a thing for dark-haired, dark-eyed girls and the Mood model fits that bill perfectly. She’s soft, but not unduly so; wonderfully feminine in her curves and proportions. She also has nipples that are begging to be sucked and stroked. Instead, they'll be thrust up against the rough metal grate of the frame as she’s whipped, and it doesn't take long for her to feel the kiss of the whip against her bare back. Secondly, she begins to sweat almost immediately and cries out beautifully as one stripe crosses another. Eventually the French teacher becomes concerned, but Dr. Addams assures her that there is no danger. Please continue whipping the student. Supported by authority, she does.

As the whipping approaches twenty strokes in a row(!), both the student and the French teacher are in distress; so much so that the French teacher can't even recite the punishment, the words getting caught in her throat. Dr. Addams suggests changing to a different whipping spot to access fresh skin. Instead of whipping the student’s back, the punishment executors will cane the student’s ass. The student is stripped completely naked, her wrists and ankles bound to the frame, leaving her helplessly exposed. The teacher then begins her count for the cane strikes.

As the blows land against the poor girl’s body, the French teacher begins to realize that, no matter how much she beats the girl, the student isn't going to remember the word matches, so why keep going? Dr. Addams, of course, tells the teacher to please continue the experiment, which leads to a more vociferous discussion between the two women. Finally, the French teacher cracks. She’s had enough. She won't continue the experiment and Dr. Addams orders the student released.

At the infirmary, the French teacher sees her handiwork and makes a very curious comment.

Well, shit! Of course it’s harder to be the student! The teacher is the one with all of the power!

Not unlike a military order, right? Discuss amongst yourselves.

Next up is my new favorite Mood Pictures model, Suzy, a short, tight-bodied girl with dark eyes, dark hair, and boobs you just want to squeeze and hold and squeeze again. She’s paired up with Katalin, a master manipulator who thinks she has convinced Suzy to be the student, since obviously Suzy would make an unconvincing teacher (like what, short girls can't teach?). When Dr. Lomp enters to collect the contracts and present the two women with the Teacher/Student envelopes, Katalin tells him that they've already decided amongst themselves that Suzy will be the student. Max, surprised at this change in routine, goes along with the decision. Katalin is led to the teaching room and Suzy is stripped to the waist and secured to the frame. Suzy can only watch as Katalin receives her instructions.

God I love Suzy. I love the way she flexes nervously in anticipation. I love the way she reacts to the sting of the whip. I love the way her ass looks in those jeans. But mostly, I love the way her boobs look when they're pressed up against the unforgiving chain-link fence when she cries out in agony. I just want to take her nipples and make sweet, sweet love to them. I'm pretty sure she would enjoy that. She'd certainly enjoy it a lot more than getting her back laid open by a sadist commanding two professional dominas.

Did I say “sadist”? Yes I did. There’s a difference between being sadistic and being a sadist. The French teacher was sadistic, but she showed remorse for her action. This teacher, the one ordering poor Suzy to suffer horribly, is an unapologetic sadist. The teacher is enjoying watching Suzy suffer just as much as we are. She’s enjoying it so much that she asks Dr. Addams if she can switch to the cane after just a few strikes of the whip. Dr. Addams explains that the cane is more painful and refuses to permit it. So, the teacher continues to whip poor Suzy, drawing long, evil welts across her back. Eventually, though, the maximum number of strikes to her back is reached and Dr. Addams permits Katalin to use the cane. Suzy is stripped naked; her legs spread wide and bound. Every part of her body is exposed to the teacher. She will receive fifteen blows of the cane on her ass.

She is helpless to resist.

The teacher begins to count off the strokes. One… two… three…

Suzy, unfortunately, can't handle the abuse. She begins to hyperventilate, the first sign of a panic attack. Sensing a medical emergency, Dr. Addams stops the experiment and orders Suzy to be taken to the infirmary for treatment. As the suffering girl is led away, crying and gasping, Katalin raises an objection. She’s not finished with the girl yet. Dr. Addams explains to her that the experiment is over.

Later, as Suzy is having her wounds tended to by Lady Mya, the teacher accuses Mya of being a sadist, and Mya counters that she was only an instrument of the true sadist (the classic Eichmann defense). Katalin then storms out of the room. Later, Giuletta, who had been the punishment executor in the second Milgram Experiment film and is now the assistant director, comes in, upset at Mya because now Katalin is refusing to permit her face to be shown in the film, ruining the footage that had just been shot. Giuletta demands to know what Mya said. Mya feigns ignorance. Giuletta then says the teacher will only sign the contract if Mya agrees to be the student in the next experiment. Mya refuses. She didn't sign up for that. Giuletta then says everyone is stressing about this. Mya, pressured, reluctantly agrees.

Boys and girls, Mya’s turn as the student is dynamite.

I loved the interplay between the two women; one stripped naked and bound to the frame, the other seeking to break her will. The battleground has been drawn and the armies have taken the field. On one side is Mya, proud, haughty, strong… but naked and helpless. On the other is Katalin, counting out the whip strokes. After a few word tests and accompanying whipping, Katalin becomes impatient. She wants to use the cane almost immediately. Dr. Addams won't permit it. Katalin, frustrated by this, orders Mya to be whipped more. Mya, strong and defiant, cries out. She bends but she does not break. Katalin reads a word. Mya guesses its correct match. Katalin says it is wrong and orders punishment. Dr. Addams catches her cheating and stops her. Katalin becomes more frustrated. Mya steadies her emotions and prepares herself for the next word. Come at me, bitch.

Pure gold.

I won't tell you how the rest of this portion of the film plays out. I believe you should get something of a surprise for your money and this scene is definitely worth your money. Something happens that has never happened in a Milgram Experiment film before; something totally unexpected. Mya’s punishment might possibly be the highlight of the entire Milgram Experiment film franchise. I was blown away. You will be, too.

Is the film perfect? No, but it’s engrossing as it is. And if there’s a sequel, maybe Mood will introduce new tortures; such as whipping the students’ front and back next time. Or engaging in bastinado. Who knows? But for now, this is as close to perfection as you're going to get.

My Grade: A+

Mood Pictures

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