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Martial Law 4

Reviewed by Jlive99

Mood-Pictures Martial Law IV is an excellent woman- in-prison themed whipping film. It is a continuation of Martial Law III that includes the punishment of Lady Ariel for losing the Domina Competition to Lady Amanda. It features three attractive models who are subjected to humiliating stripping, bondage and harsh whippings. Like Martial Law III, much of the action takes place in a dark prison. Mood-Pictures attempts to tell a story of corruption within the prison that leads to the continuation of the whipping of Lyen Parker from Martial Law III and the whipping punishments of Lady Ariel and another blonde model. I liked the way that they used dialogue from guards featured in Martial Law III to piece together a tale of prison corruption. Perhaps, due to editing, the full story or detail of what crime Lady Ariel committed did not fully come out. That's not a problem since we're buying these films for the punishment. Things are a bit asynchronous as we see Lyen Parker being prepared for the final 50 lashes of her 150 lash sentence mixed between the interrogation of Lady Ariel. Both scenes are beautifully done. We see Lyen's clothing being ripped from her and her wrists bound with ropes. Then viewers see Lady Ariel strip out of her clothing in preparation for further interrogation. Lady Ariel is suspended naked in the parrot's perch position and subjected to electrotorture. Her cries and convulsions are great as electricity is sent to her breasts. Although we do not get to Lady Ariel's confession, it's a great scene!

The whipping starts in the next scene. Lady Ariel savages Lyen Parker again with the whip. Lyen is an excellent victim and she gives out a full- throated scream with each lash of the whip. She starts to cry after the first stroke. Her mascara starts to run by the 4th lash. The camera does a great job of capturing her reaction to the lashes and some of her crying in anticipation of the next lash. Lady Ariel alternates from sneering to smirking in delight. Lyen's back and ass are marked nicely with welts before Lady Ariel delivers the final 50th stroke. Lyen's collapse after being released is a nice touch to the scene.

The next scene features Lady Ariel and a female accomplice. Both are forced to strip and are cuffed to the jail cells in anticipation of their respective whippings. I love the humiliating nude display prior to the punishment. The blonde accomplice receives her whipping first. Lady Amanda and Lyen Parker take turns whipping her. This victim's response to the whip is more subdued when compared to Lady Ariel. Her cries are much shorter and quieter. However, you can see moisture under her eyes by the 10th lash. Despite not crying out as much, her body trembles and quivers with each last. She buckles at the knees and bounces just a little with each stroke. It's a nice reaction. By the 12th stroke, she cries between each lash. By the 40th lash, she is screaming loudly and crying. She suffers quite nicely during her 50 lash punishment.

Finally, Lyen gets to whip Lady Ariel. Lyen has Lady Ariel crying by the seventh stroke. Lyen smiles at times as she lashes Lady Ariel. Lady shifts her weight from her left foot to the right foot constantly causing a subtle dance. She suffers beautifully. Lady Amanda takes over after 25 strokes and administers the next 25 strokes. They seem to be even more savage than Lyen. Lady Ariel cries and hollers as she is whipped. Lyen resumes whipping her at stroke 51. Her face and eyes suggest even more intensity as punishes Lady Ariel. She receives 10 more lashes and collapses. Lady Amanda and continues the whipping. The whipping continues until Lady Ariel appears to pass out. A fantastic ending to a great whipping film.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the whippings that each model received. The story of corruption could have been a little bit more complete. Otherwise, I did not see any other shortcomings in this whipping film. I'm glad that they used the parrot's perch for the interrogation scene. Future films should include this bondage position for bastinado, ass whippings or beatings, pussy whippings and electrotorture of genitals. I loved the humiliating stripping and bondage displays prior to the last two whippings. It would be nice to see future women in prison themed movies in which one nude bound or caged prisoner watches the whipping of another prisoner while they wait for their punishment. I would enjoy watching these three models punished again in future films. Lady Amanda is fantastic with the whip and it is enjoyable to watch her execute the punishments. Overall this movie gets an A+

My Grade: A+

Mood Pictures

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