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The Maid

Reviewed by Troicha

The Maid by Mood Pictures Review

A wealthy man is no longer so after his luck runs out and he loses his fortune gambling, he is so destitute he even has to sell off his wife (Victoria Young) as a servant to the imperious bitch (Kyra Lee).

Her new mistress is a cruel and demanding one, never satisfied and always looking for a reason to have her girls stripped and striped. She has the girls tormented and living in total fear of her every whim.

The first girl, even though she's scary-skinny, making Victoria Young look chubby by comparison, is simply outstanding. She screams at the top of her lungs, moving every which way, stomping her feet as the pain increases, truly a delight to watch!

She got 100 whiplashes, Victoria Young got 100, and the other girl got 100 cane strokes, but the former girl had by far the most extreme reactions as compared to the latter two. Watching her whipping was like watching the best film of your life, one you never want to end. I didn't want her whipping to ever stop, she was so good!

The second girl's punishment comes next. She is a chubby blonde with a very strange expression as she gets caned.

Simply put, this scene wasn't nearly as good as the two whippings.

But still, it's nice to see that Pedro was willing to feature girls of different body types…..back in his younger days.

Victoria Young's whipping concludes the film. While not quite as loud as the first girl, nor as free with her body movements, she was no disappointment. The first girl was more a screamer, Victoria more of a crier, not begging, but sobbing in pain as the whiplashes went on and on.

Towards the end of her whipping, she really can't stand it anymore, bending her knees and thrusting her torso about, she looked about to faint.

Indeed, as soon as she was untied, she fell to her knees.

And then collapsed to the floor, exhausted and broken.

If there's one major letdown for this film it's that not all of the maids were whipped, one of them in particular. Especially irritating as during the caning scene it was hinted that she might be whipped next. The girl in question, who was in the final scene, stripping and then masturbating, was the most attractive by far and had the nicest body as opposed to the two out of three girls who were stick-skinny. The former girl was just likely there for show, perhaps not even willing to take a whipping, but I kept wondering when it would be her turn, pity.

Two whippings and one caning, all of them with 100 strokes each; combine that with the solid plotline and scenery and the result is a decent-quality Mood Pictures film. 

My Grade: B+

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