A Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril) Movie Review

Lie Detector 1 - Tippy

Reviewed by Thomas Chaser

When I first heard the concept for Lie Detector, I wasn't sure what to expect. Shot as a partnership between the maniacal auspices of Max Lomp and the creative talent of “Pedro” from Mood Pictures, and marketed under the ElitePain banner, Lie Detector 1 - Tippy is a balance between the two artists. The influence of Mood Pictures is evident in the lighting, staging, and editing of the film while Max Lomp contributes his creepiness to the role as the interrogator. This film confirms my belief that Max’s place is in front of the camera, taking direction from Pedro. Nobody plays the domineering, heartless, perverted doctor better than Max Lomp.

The film opens with a montage that explains the set-up. We see an unidentified female victim strapped down to a table resembling the table used for giving condemned prisoners lethal injections. In fact, the victim is even impaled with a needle in her arm, as if to start an IV. Max then asks the subject a few innocuous questions, testing the machine and, when he is satisfied that everything is working properly, he begins his questioning.

If the subject tells the truth, there is no pain. If she tells a lie, she receives an electric shock. The more shocks she receives, the greater her punishment will be after the interrogation phase is over. What this means is that there is no way for the victim to escape her punishment. She will be shocked during her questioning and she will be punished afterwards; somewhat brutally.

In this film, the unfortunate victim is Tippy, an attractive 22-year-old woman with flawless skin, pretty eyes, and a cute little figure. In this first round of questions, her punishment for lying will be a line of clothespins pulled from her body. This sounds pretty harmless… to those who have never experienced it. For a first-timer, which Tippy appears to be, it is extremely painful. She earns two rows of it, and we get to watch every painful second of her punishment. Apparently she cheated on her boyfriend, and then spied on him to make sure he wasn't cheating on her. Who knew? It’s a good thing we have Max Lomp to help ferret out these immoral women.

Next up is bastinado. The questions become more sexual. Apparently Tippy masturbates, stimulates her clit, kisses girls, was raped at fifteen, and generally treats her body like an amusement park. Then she lies about it all. That earns her 32 cracks against the sole of her right foot.

The next category is called “Decisions”. Tippy is presented with hypothetical situations designed to test her moral judgment. Naturally, since she is immoral, she lies about what she would do and earns four needles through her pussy lips. She is bound on her back, legs apart, and Max sticks four hypodermic needles through her genitalia. We see the needles being inserted through her labia minor, but I won't show it here. Instead, you get to see her reaction.

The next round of questions is about health and life, and at risk is electric shocks to her clit. You can imagine how sensitive her pussy would be after having needles shoved down there, and her reaction is very expressive. Apparently she smokes pot at parties, drank wine at a young age, contemplates suicide, would abort a deformed fetus, and generally tries to tell Max what she thinks he wants to hear. That earns her five increments of 5-second shocks to her clit. That’s 25 seconds. That’s long enough for John Elway to lead the Denver Broncos down the field for at least two touchdowns, if John Elway still played in the NFL. Unfortunately for Tippy, that’s also plenty of time to suffer horribly as her pussy is electrocuted.

The fifth and final round of questions deals with religion, and if Tippy hasn't found God yet, she’s about to. At risk are ten strokes of the cane to her ass for every lie she tells. Fortunately for her, she’s found God. Unfortunately for her, her God doesn't approve of her being stripped naked, interrogated, and telling lies. She gets 50 strokes on her ass for it.

Those of you who have seen the fantastic “Milgram Experiment” films will remember that it only took five strokes for little Suzy to begin to hyperventilate and need medical attention. Tippy has to suffer through ten times that many. By the tenth stroke, she’s crying so hard that snot is running out of her nose. Max is relentless. No mercy. This is what her bottom looks like after the 15th stroke. You can imagine what it looks like when the 50th one is delivered.

After the movie proper is finished, we're treated to a couple of interviews with Tippy; the first after her needle torture and the second after her caning. I always enjoy these segments because it allows the actress to step out of her role and be herself. This allows us to see what she is really like, and helps her seem more human. It certainly confirms the realism of the scenes and realism is what the Elite Pain/Mood Pictures film success is based upon. We can certainly see the fear in Tippy’s eyes when Max explains to her that very few women can take all 50 strokes and that she will be bound in place with no safeword.

Overall, this film will appeal to fans of bastinado, ass caning, and electrocution. Fans of the interrogation fantasy will enjoy the electro-shocks during the questioning phase. The poor girl is crying by the time Max gets to the fifth category of questions, and to be honest, some of the questions and her forced answers were a little disturbing. I won't spoil that fun for you, but suffice to say that Max’s reputation as a creepy perverted fucker is well-earned and very much on display here.

If you're expecting a “Milgram Experiment” level of realism and psychological horror, this film will come up short. If you're just looking for an action-oriented storyline that’s well-paced and tantalizing, this film will serve you well. It’s not the best film to come out of the ElitePain/Mood Pictures partnership (that honor goes to the entire Milgram series) nor is it the worst (the terrible “Rome” series has that distinction), but it does find a happy medium in the spectrum. Tippy is certainly pleasing to the eyes and the staging is very well done. I have to give the poor girl credit for riding the entire sequence out, as painful as the whole thing must've been. I was hoping there would be an “Arms Overhead” suspension scene, but that may have to wait for the next one. Pedro has already hinted at a sequel featuring footage of the model before Tippy (the last girl whipped in Milgram Experiment 4) who ended up quitting because she couldn't handle it psychologically and physically. I have to admit, even in the comfort of my home, some of the questions were very, very difficult and I almost – almost – started to feel sorry for her.

There aren't many interrogation films out there that feature this level of realism, a hot model, and extremely painful situations. In fact, I can't think of any. If you're into interrogation scenes, you'll want this film. If you aren't, you can hope for another “Milgram” film, maybe, hopefully, someday, next year perhaps.

My Grade: B+


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