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Laura on the Cross #1

Reviewed by Frog

Dungeon witches (dungeonwitches.com):
of "Laura on the Cross / Laura am Kreuz"
Episode 1 (13:33)

Laura is back! On my first review, she was riding the Spanish Horse; this time, her gorgeous body is displayed on the cross. In my opinion, the cross surpasses the horse and competes with the rack as a method of inflicting pain and anguish. There is something about a woman's body suspended on the cross that is very exciting, particularly when one comes from a background suffused with Christian iconography and the woman has a body like Laura's.

I will review the two episodes of Laura on the Cross that Dungeon Witches has released so far. In both, Laura proves her exceptional talents as an emoter (as A Canadian would say) and also her capacity to withstand pain. Both clips have material for those who like to flirt with blasphemy and sacrilege, for example: Laura carrying the cross and falling on the Via Dolorosa and her tormentors mockingly offering her a sponge to quench her thirst as she hangs from the cross. Episode 2 also has plenty of action for those who are into frontal whipping, particularly of the breasts.

Episode 1 Laura carries the cross and is flogged

I will not devote much time to this, the longer of the two episodes, because it was not as exciting as episode 2. The episode starts with a short introduction during which the actors are seen approaching from a distance; Laura is covered by a tattered garment and walks in front carrying a heavy T-shaped cross while a small contingent trails behind her. Every so often she is whipped to goad her on. The scene occurs outdoors on a desolate field in a late summer or autumn afternoon.

Laura falls three times on her Via Dolorosa and each time she is whipped and forced to take up the load again. Every so often we get a glimpse of her luscious breast and thighs through the holes in her torn garment. An inexplicable anachronism occurs during this introduction. A blonde girl in contemporary dress walks along with the small group. This kills the medieval atmosphere of the scene. Luckily she will not be present during the rest of the episode.

After the introduction we see the upright cross tied to a tree while Laura is brought in from the right edge of the frame, her executioner dragging her by a chain that is fastened to an iron collar around her neck. Her wrists will be tied to the vertical beam of the cross and her garment torn so as to reveal her lovely back and buttocks.

At about 4:05 the flogging begins. She will receive 23 strokes delivered at a fast clip, after which she is allowed a very short respite. 12 more strokes will be administered after which the executioner pauses to squeeze her buttocks. The flogging is renewed with 14 more strokes, the executioner pausing only to spread her legs, followed by 9 more strokes. At this point (6:37) she has suffered through 58 strokes and one of the Inquisitors orders a halt. Since the dialogue is in German, the only phrases I can make out are "So, you know nothing…." and "Great whore of Babylon…" Laura's responses are adequately desperate and pitiful. At 8:02 the whipping recommences with 12 more strokes as she tries to address her interrogators.

The flogging will take a turn for the worse at around 9:41, when the executioner decides to dip the whip's wide leather strands in water to produce a heavier impact. After 10 strokes, the executioner pauses to soak the whip again and immediately applies 4 strokes and pauses briefly to get her hair out of the way for the next 15 strokes. There is then a pause for prayer as Laura pants and moans. Once this is over, it is time for 15 more strokes of the lash. So in this second round Laura has withstood 44 strokes of the wet whip.

The Inquisitor then approaches and yanks her head back by her hair (always a plus), shouting out what I take to be accusations and the responses he expects from her. Laura finally blurts out something to which the Inquisitor replies: "Say it again, louder," or something to that effect. He then releases her hair and makes an exultant expression and I gather orders her crucified.

My grade: B-

Here's a preview of Part 2.

My Grade: B-

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