A Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril) Movie Review

An Introduction to Pain Pt II

Reviewed by Renzo Novatore

I watched two clips from a recent "Strict Restraint" shoot called An Introduction to Pain Pt II. Not much GIMP stuff in this, it's pretty much just straightforward bondage pornography, featuring a very stereotypically dressed mistress.

The mistress, one "Holly Wood" (can you get any more of a porn-sounding name than that) isn't really that exciting as a dominant, but (on the good side) she's pretty hot and she doesn't overplay her hand with excessive use of the word "fuck" and general fakery. I can't stand that in this kind of video. The other woman, Cherie Deville, actually does a pretty good job, though, frantically struggling and protesting her imprisonment. An actress who actually tries during one of these scenes is always commendable in my opinion. At one point her captor threatens to kill her, which I thought was kind of amusing and different from Dungeon Corp's usual (mostly boring) fare, which very rarely ventures into "consensual non-consensual" territory.

There's some strap-on sex and (lame, like most scenes of this type) whipping at the beginning, and some electrical stimulation. I like the second scene better, though, just because I like scenes featuring upside-down models. The model is strapped up, hanging and has pads applied to her.

There's also some oral sex involved, but it's also kind of lame because the recipient hasn't quite mastered the art of faking pleasure yet. The scene finishes with an upside down vibing.

All in all it's just bondage porn, not really any storyline or anything, but it's better than most of the similar stuff that Dungeon Corp has released.

My Grade: B-

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