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The Inquisitor 2

Reviewed by Troicha

The Inquisitor 2 Review

The storyline here is a noblewoman accused of witchcraft by the Church, naturally, she denies it and so she and her maids (one of them) are arrested and tortured into falsely confessing.

The first whipping is set up as the blonde maid is interrogated, shown the instruments of torture and then stripped naked and chained to the wall. As her torment progresses, she clings to those huge metal loops for dear life. She is first whipped on her thighs and then caned on them, afterward she beaten on her gynormous fat ass. Her pain tolerance is not so high as soon after the whipping begins she collapses and she slumps down, supported only be those huge metal hoops.

The torture of the noblewoman then begins as the maid is brought in and confesses against her. She is first subject to finger-pressing and then forced to strip naked and have her ankle crushed, then her whippings begin as she is chained to the wall. The noblewoman is a proud imperious bitch and will not go down without a fight! Before the whipping even starts, she is oiled up (offscreen) and those luscious abs are on full display. She is first beaten up and down on her front from breast to thighs and then turned around and caned on her ass.

Later, after the inquisitor loses patience with her stubbornness, she is chained to the floor and he whips her pussy with a crop, although she suffers greatly, she still refuses to confess. The hard fought battle between inquisitor and victim is over, she has won! But victory comes bittersweet as surely the inquisitors (with their vast knowledge) have other tricks up their sleeve in order to force her confession.

Overall, there was nothing present here that was "mind-blowing" or "incredible," especially the rather dull plotline. However said plotline is also straightforward, going from A to B with minimal "clutter." The film is largely carried by the performance of the noblewoman and also the maid. (Not their acting, but their reactions to their torture).

The second model (noblewoman) is a poor actress but has good reactions to the whip. She may not have been screaming and cursing, but she was verbally defiant and her facial expressions were versatile and entertaining. She tried to begin her punishment stony-silent and was imperious, acting every centi the arrogant noblewoman she was playing, her defiant bitch type of act was slowly worn down as the film progressed and by the end of her scene she was a sobbing wreck.

The film was let down a little by poor acting on the part of the noblewoman. Especially when she is first ordered to take off her clothes to be tortured further after she does so she has the over-the-top defiant look that is clearly faked…..almost comedic! Also, the giant ringbolts both women's arms were thrust through, they looked ridiculous and seemingly served little purpose. Furthermore, the maid in the first whipping was not subject to any torture implements, merely a brief burning with a candle and then only whipping and caning, rather irritating as the storyline would make you expect as much.

Something else not present in this film was the usual counting of the strokes. Perhaps this didn't fit in with the plot and context of the film, but it was sorely missing. Having the strokes counted is not only more interesting but also (obviously) allows us to keep track of how many lashes she suffered. This, in turn, allows a better judgment to be made about how high/low the victim's pain tolerance was and how severe their ordeal was. In general keeping track of the strokes is a much better option!

Another letdown for this film was the way it ended. After she refuses to break, the inquisitor simply tells her that her soul will be damned to wander in hell…..and then the screen turns black. That was stupid! What should have come after was one of two things, either a scene of her release after being found not guilty or a scene of the inquisitors discussing further ways to break her will. In addition to all of that, the……victim…won??? That is NOT how these films are supposed to end! The interrogator(s) are supposed to be victorious and the victim is supposed to be begging for mercy….which is, of course, denied, very, very disappointing!

Finally, the atmosphere (unlike a similar film) was too bright and the "dungeon" and scenery were unimpressive. This merely looked like someone's basement had been hastily refitted with chains and bars, unlike HoP: Inquisition, which was dark and soul-crushingly brutal! This film is not incredibly dull but the storyline and scenery simply provide very little excitement…this film is carried solely by the whipping(s) and the model's reactions to them.

In this film, several different torture devices were used, that is simply what BDSM is all about. Even the fake tortures (Spanish boot, thumb-crusher, etc) were realistic-looking and so were the model's reactions to them. To view various tortures inflicted and then proceed to the whippings/canings, that is preferable than to just observe whipping as the only punishment in a film.

The models present in the film had different body types than what we usually see nowadays in Pedro's films. The one playing the maid was chubby with a round rump and the one playing the noblewoman was athletic with chiseled abs. The positions both models were bound in were rather "loose-fitting" and thus allowed the both of them to wriggle around in and squirm under the lash and cane.

Is it a must buy? No! But there is still much enjoyment to be had in observing the suffering of the two models. They suffer well and are very entertaining, but a variety of other factors let this film down….majorly! A poor man's copy of HoP: Inquisition, this film was one of many subpar Lomp films.

My Grade: C+


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