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The Inquisitor 2

Reviewed by Thomas Chaser

The Inquisitor 2 by ElitePain

After watching ElitePain's wonderful documentary History of Pain: Inquisition and writing a review about it, I watched ElitePain’s follow-on movie that used the same set: The Inquisitor 1 and wrote a review of that film as well. Now that ElitePain has released its second movie in the Inquisitor series, I figured I might as well do a review of it to keep things current.

First off, let me say that the one of the major shortcoming of the first Inquisitor film is addressed in this second film – the plot. This film has a longer introductory scene to it that lays out a more complicated plotline that requires the lead actress to actually act, and she does a very decent job of it. The main character is a noblewoman whose husband is away with his forces on a campaign. As she prepares for her day, there is a clattering of hooves outside her chamber and the Inquisitor enters the scene. Nobody expects the Inquisition! He immediately seizes the noblewoman’s handmaid and arrests the noblewoman on a charge of witchcraft, throwing them both in his dungeon unless she confesses, in which case the Church will seize the assets of her castle and implicate her husband. That sets up the film to be a test of wills, which gives the tortures a nice psychological peril.

Second, the actresses in this film are much more camera-friendly than the ones in the first Inquisitor film (not to take anything away from Wendy Getig, who also starred in The Milgram Experiment and FEAR). The actress playing the noblewoman Lady Ayleen is extremely fetching, with perfect breasts and washboard abs. She can also act the haughty aristocrat very well. You'll love her. You'll hate her. You'll love to hate her. She does “bitchy pretty” better than any other Elite Pain actress yet. The actress playing the handmaid (“Catherine”) is no slouch either. She can hold her own in her scenes, and is lovely to watch writhing under the whip.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

As I said, the movie opens with the noblewoman being attended to by two of her maids – Giuletta (the guard in History of Pain: Military Interrogation and a victim in History of Pain: Inquisition) and Catherine – when the Inquisitor arrives and arrests them all. To protect her estate, Lady Ayleen agrees to go with the Inquisitor to address the charges while the two maids are thrown into the cell together. This is the last we see of Giuletta.

In the next scene, Catherine is shown the instruments to be used against her: the Spanish Boot for crushing her leg bones and drilling screws into the marrow, a vice for crushing fingers and ripping fingernails off, assorted whips, and a candle for burning her skin. She’s quickly stripped and chained to the wall, given a quick examination to find the devil’s mark, and then subjected to the first instrument of torture – fire. This goes quickly with some scorching under her right arm and breast before the candle is extinguished against her Mound of Venus, which brings a yelp of agony from the helpless girl.

Next comes a whipping across her hips and thighs. This instrument is vicious! It leaves welts almost instantly and Catherine is obviously in a lot of pain. Yet, the actress stays in character during this scene, which goes on for quite a long time. If I have one complaint, though, it’s that her legs aren't restrained. Shortly after I made that realization, she got a pop across her vagina and yanked her hand loose from the wrist shackle as well. That could've been corrected with creative editing (or better cuffs). Still, the actress is fetching to look at and reacts well to the whip. Her whipping ends when she passes out.

When she wakes up, they give her a chance to admit that her mistress Lady Ayleen is in league with the devil, but Catherine refuses so her whipping continues. When this doesn't work, the Inquisitor breaks out the cane and goes to work on her legs until, once again, she passes out.

They revive her by wetting her wounds with salt water, then they turn her around and cane her ass. This final torture breaks her spirit and she confesses against her mistress. Lady Ayleen is promptly arrested and subjected to her first torture: the finger press. Afterwards, she’s forced to strip. Proud and defiant, she complies rather than have her clothes cut away like a commoner.

She’s then subjected to the Spanish Boot. The actress does an excellent job selling the scene and has a great “agony scream” as she’s subjected to the torture. It’s a good scene and not one you see very often. After being subjected to the thumb press and the Spanish Boot, Lady Ayleen is chained to the wall. She’s shown the collection of whips and given the opportunity to confess, but her will is strong. She won't confess. Her whipping begins.

The actress does a great job with this scene, starting out as defiant and strong, then slowly breaking down as she succumbs to the pain. I must admit that she has a great body for this position, too. Firm, natural breasts and flat, tight tummy. Her abs are excellent! This screenshot is from early in her mistreatment, before things got really gory. It seems almost a shame to destroy such a beautiful body, don't you think?

The tears are real, and as the scene goes on, she works up a really nice glistening sweat. It’s a long scene and she endures a lot of abuse, but the actress never breaks character and stays in her role. It’s a very powerful scene and definitely worth the price of the movie.

After what seems like an eternity of whips and screams, she’s turned around so that the Inquisitor can go to work on a nice fresh side. She’s whipped thoroughly across her back; with each blow her resistance weakens but she does not break.

Finally, the Inquisitor grows impatient and pulls out another instrument of terror.

The cane.

The work with this instrument is brief but effective, and she’s reduced to hanging limply from the iron hoops binding her arms, but her ordeal isn't over. She’s released from the wall and placed on her back, her hands cuffed underneath her as her legs are spread wide and tied apart, exposing her tender vagina. You know where this is going. The Inquisitor toys with her body with the business end of a riding crop, probing her with questions, giving her opportunities to avoid this final humiliation, but she refuses to speak. Then he begins.

Fresh sweat forms on her skin as she endures her abuse. She’s strong but still she screams out with each blow to her pussy. Her sex twitches with each gasp and her mound turns an angry red, yet she still does not surrender. Finally, the Inquisitor stops. She’s won.

End of movie.

As a bonus, there are two “behind the scenes” features. The first is the maid being whipped across her hips. The actress suddenly screams and pulls her hand out of the shackles and asks for a brief break. Giuletta (I think) comes over to check on her, concerned that maybe she hit something she shouldn't have. Catherine says she'll be alright; just needs a second to cool off.

The second “behind the scenes” clip is of Lady Ayleen being whipped on her back. Apparently the actress got caught between a cough, a scream, and a gasp and started to breathe too quickly, causing the risk of hyperventilation. Max tells her to slow down, breathe deep, and he confers with her to make sure she’s ok. She’s a trooper and explains that it hurt, but she’s ok and ready to continue. What I like about this is that it shows that, no matter how brutal it looks in the story, there are safeguards in place and that it is all (sort of) pretend. You don't get that feeling when you watch the film, so it’s good to see it in these out-takes.

My deepest respect goes to the two actresses cast in this film, but more goes to “Lady Ayleen” who suffered more tortures, longer and harder. She has a fantastic body and is a decent actress. Her casting as the lead character is well-deserved. If there’s one thing I wish had been done differently with her was that she had been mounted on the rack (which is absent in this film). She has a body that would have looked wonderful stretched out between the windlasses. Hopefully she'll be cast in another Inquisitor film and this omission can be corrected.

Another shortcoming to the film was that both the maid and the noblewoman were mounted to the wall with half-assed metal hoops around their legs. The wrist cuffs and chains around their arms were fine, but the ankle hoops were useless. The Inquisitor couldn't afford a set of leg cuffs and another length of chain for the prisoners’ ankles?

As with most ElitePain films, this one is subtitled and some of the subtitles are misspelled or structured with poor grammar. I would be more than happy to proof-read future movies. You listenin’, Max?

For fans of the genre looking for a typical Inquisition-exploitation film, this is a good one. Lady Ayleen’s frontal whipping alone is worth the cash just for its re-watchability. There are some shortcomings, as I've noted above, so the film isn't perfect, but it is better than The Inquisitor 1 in casting, plot, and drama. A perfect score for Lady Ayleen’s scenes, but a sine wave for everything else. Therefore, even though I'm giving the film a B+, Lady Ayleen commands that you add it to your Inquisition film collection.

My Grade: B+


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