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Hardcore Abductions Videos

Reviewed by Mr. D

The Hardcore Abductions Vids/DVD's (available at Hardcore Abductions) are definitely a mixed bag, based on my watching a sampling of their stuff.

On one hand some of the girls are quite gorgeous like Brooke and Prom Queen. Moreover, some of the situations are the stuff of GIMP reader's best fantasies, like abusing a pair of Sisters, or violating a Kidnapped and bound lovely.

The technical production values are quite good compared to many other vids out there (like some of the ones available at Crusex and Stray Thoughts. The video is crisp and clear, and there's no obvious audio glitches or loud distracting music (like Forbidden Video's After School Surprise).

The sex is explicit; not simulated softcore or censored in any way, nor are the cum shots faked. Neither, however is any of the action particularly "hardcore," (in the sense of a mainstream gonzo gangbang porno).

If all of that sounds good to you it might be worth it to try ordering one with a girl that particularly appeals to you, but read on.

There are a number of downsides to these vids.

As hot as some of the women are, none are likely to become any GIMPer's favorite actresses. They don't really struggle, moan or scream much nor do they do it very loudly. The action that requires their participation (ie grabbing the guy's dick with one hand for a BJ or lying still while being tied) tends to be "submissive/threatened" rather than "violent/forced."

The men in the vids aren't particularly intimidating or violent, some light knife threads notwithstanding. None really quite fit the bill of a brutal rapist or even sadistic porn star.

Also disappointing to me is the lack of any real plot, setup or exposition. It would be much more exciting for example to immerse oneself in the fantasy of watching a haughty too-good-for-you prom queen getting a brutal fucking if we spent the first ten minutes of the video watching her act like a total bitch, instead of observing her simply shower and dress. Forced lesbianism would be that much hotter if one victim is repulsed by being forced into licking the other, who hates the her body for becoming sexually aroused. It's that sort of lack of attention to detail that prevents the vids from fulfilling their full potential; As one last example, why choose the bustiest model with the luscious globes of titflesh to be in the vid where she keeps her bra on the whole time? Breast men want to see nipples being squeezed, twisted and pinched. Tits should be fondled, mashed, slapped, sucked, fucked and covered in cum.

To summarize;

Good : Good technical production value. Some very hot women. Sex with light bondage

YMMV : No heavy bondage, S/M, serious peril or torture. More "coerced" rather than "forced."

Bad : Acting. Little plot, setup, characterization or exposition.

For fans of "lighter" fare, this series will come close to hitting the balance between sex and bondage. For more "hardcore" fans of rape and torture, this series will disappoint.

Hardcore Abductions

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