A Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril) Movie Review

The S.B.I. Trilogy

(House of Gord)

Reviewed by Brutus

The SBI (Special Bureau of Investigation) Trilogy is a three-chapter story with a simple plot and some rather complicated tortures devised by the devious mind of Jeff Gord. Although the movie represents just a fraction of all the equipment seen on his website, it gives an indication of what this man is all about, how far he will go, and perhaps most importantly, what he is capable of.


We learn that SBI agents have long been trying to smash the diabolical sex slave ring run by the evil Gord. At the House of Gord, the master and Lady Serena are on a couch watching the tube, just like any middle-aged couple. But this is no ordinary house. One damsel in black rubber is a lamp post, secured with red straps. Another, also in rubber, is on her back, legs strapped pretty much behind her ears. Her purpose is to be a foot rest.

Gord and Serena reminisce about how Serena became the part of Gord's sex slave ring. She used to be an SBI agent who was a mole for Gord's operation. In a flashback, Serena and two other agents think they're close to capturing Gord, and celebrate with wine that Serena has spiked. They pass out. Serena also ends up getting drugged herself by one of Gord's henchmen.

The three are hogtied and brought to a warehouse, One by one, the unconscious agents are stripped, put in tight corsets, collared, cuffed in leather-metal cuffs and ballgagged. (Why is it that women always come to just after the gag is put in?) The women are chained to the ceiling by their collars and "mmmmphing" a lot through their gags while they receive a few spanks and a tiny bit of whipping. Again, one by one, they are led to their cages.

The next scene, although a bit long, underscores why Gord's inescapable bondage techniques are second to none. The women are bent over on their knees, and their handcuffs, collars and ankle-cuffs are secured to the bars in the cages. Now, the girls are trapped, and Gord could've stopped there, but he doesn't. A bar is placed on their backs and under their arms and locked into position to further restrict movement. Gord then he tops off the scene by lubricating two metal dildos for each girl, inserting them through strategically placed rings on the cages, and literally screwing them into the already helpless victims.

The women are not drop-dead gorgeous, but they do a great job of fighting and struggling in vain. They are left overnight in that position.

The next day, the cages are fork lifted onto the back of a truck, and driven through the suburbs to Gord's place.

Back to the present. In the basement of Gord's house is the security guard Karl Kessler, a menacing bald guy who reminded me for some reason of a smaller version of that Baron Von Raschke wrestler. Karl has a babe in a leopard shirt, blindfolded, ballgagged and secured with yellow straps on an elevated chair. He uses a crank to hoist up her legs via her ankle-cuffs, cuts off her black panties with a knife and rapes her. I really wished this scene was longer and, well, meaner. Karl is way too tender with her.

We see more of the goodies at Gord's house, including a slave in a mask who serves drinks and a woman in a mask trapped in his liquor cabinet. And two more lamp posts in the bedroom.

Karl's rape is interrupted by an intruder seen on a video camera. He catches and fondles the intruder, and Gord and Serena decide to make her a slave. Gord checks her ID and discovers she's secret agent Celia (Lydia McLane), who is cute as hell with a sort of girl-next-door look and has a fantastic, natural body.

We get to see more of Gord's house, including two mummified chicks with their tits exposed who are later strapped on their backs to a giant wheel, and a female strapped up tight and used as a chair.

Karl forces Celia to stick a vibrator and butt plug in herself, but the insertions are not shown. Then she must put on a black rubber outfit, mask and high heels. She's securely strapped to a gurney face down, collared and trapped in a leather arm binder.

Karl puts a ball in her mouth attached to a chain. The entire contraption is hooked up to a large bottle. I wasn't sure exactly what the device does, but it seems that if the chain attached to the ball moves too much, Celia gets a shock via the butt plug and vibrator. So she's forced to keep the ball in her mouth. The bottle slowly fills up with water and we learn that it is part of a timer.

End of Part 1.

This was the weakest of the chapters in my opinion. It seems this was used to create the mood, introduce the characters, and tease us into what tortures await Celia and the other girls.


Celia is whimpering through the ballgag and drooling. As 7 a.m. rolls around, the bottle is full, the weight is too much and the ball pops out of Celia's mouth. This activates the vibrator and butt plug. Celia screams and struggles mightily but to no avail.

In a bizarre scene, a rubber-clad woman who was trapped in the ceiling descends to the floor. She's in an arm-binder, corset, mask, hood and high-heel ballet boots. She was secured to a metal frame with a metal collar and leg cuffs. Gord says it's time to exercise, so he puts her on treadmill and chains her ankle cuffs to the arm-binder. Her upper body is in a harness-type thing attached to the ceiling with chains and wires, which prevents her from falling down. However, if she rests, she gets "electrified." Gord turns on the treadmill and she starts walking in those painful heels.

The treadmill speeds up, she trips, gets shocked while suspended, and moans in pain through the mask. She's up to a jog now. Seeing her running in those heels, unable to move any other part of her body, was rather comical. But her torment was clearly real. The pace of the treadmill gets even faster and she's nearing sprint speed. She stumbles again and gets shocked. She has to continue running to avoid that pain. Although not particularly erotic, this torture is deliciously sadistic. It later gets worse for her.

Gord decides to deal with the mummified chicks who are still spinning on the wheel. He fondles their tits, moves the wheel around and lets them continue to spin and scream through the tape.

Remember poor Celia? She's still strapped to the gurney. Karl ballgags her, turns on the vibrators and tells her they will continue running for a few hours until she passes out from all the orgasms she'll experience. Celia struggles and moans convincingly, but she can barely move. Karl gives her a swat and some fondling on her rubber-encased butt for good measure, and then taunts her by urging her to resist her orgasms. He turns her upside down on the rotating gurney and lets her writhe in pleasure.

Gord turns off the treadmill, but tells the babe her exercise is not complete. He removes a couple of links from the leg cuffs so she can only take baby steps on the treadmill, which is turned on again.

In an outdoor scene, Gord has Sugar Wilson in black rubber, arm-binder, hood and a metal sheet gag. She's seated on a unicycle attached to a two-wheeler carrying Gord. As Gord puts his foot on the gas pedal, Sugar screams through the gag and starts pedaling, moving the entire contraption down the driveway. It seems that the accelerator either operates or sends shocks to the metal dildo she's sitting on. They drive around through Gord's vast property with Sugar screaming through the metal gag.

Celia is topless wearing a thong and metal cuffs attached to a waist belt, and has a collar filled with C-4 that Karl says will blow up if she leaves the perimeter. Annabelle, a heavy Asian, makes Celia her maid.

Gord returns to the treadmill, uncuffs the exhausted damsel's legs, but then tapes them tightly together. The treadmill is turned on and she has to do two-footed hops in those heels to keep from getting shocked. She is obviously tired and very uncomfortable. Finally, she's put back on that metal frame and stored in the ceiling.

Gord and Karl have to leave, giving Celia the chance to break into Gord's safe, steal his gun and the keys to unlock herself from the collar bomb. Clad in black rubber, Celia pistol whips Annabelle, strips her to her panties and garter belt, hogties her with rope, rope gags her and puts her in the freezer.

Now it's Serena's turn. At gunpoint, Celia forces Serena to put on a pink rubber outfit, unzip the crotch and insert a butt plug and vibrator. She forces Serena to put panties in her mouth, which are kept in place with a hood/mask. Serena is secured to a different treadmill and forced to walk at a brisk pace. She continually receives shocks. Celia jumps in a car and escapes from the House of Gord.

This was my favorite chapter of the three. We get to see more of the devices that have made Gord famous.


Gord and Karl return at night and find and release Serena and a frozen Annabelle. The mummified babes on the wheel have also escaped. Gord is clearly pissed off.

But later, Serena gets a phone call from someone in Gord's network saying he's caught Celia, who is shown suspended upside down, naked (yay!) except for her panties, and ballgagged. Her long hair is tied to big cement block. Gord here uses some Japanese-style rope work.

The next morning, Cody, another bald guy, mummifies Celia and applies a mask gag with breathing tube. A big butt plug is inserted (not shown) and more tape is applied until Celia is balancing on her knees.

Celia is hoisted up, placed in a round container with her head above rim. Cody mixes some liquid and pours it into the container. Turns out this liquid morphs into packing foam. This scene, unfortunately, took way too long. And besides, we could only see Celia's head, not her luscious body.

She's returned to Gord in that container, and kept in it as she becomes a water tank for the house. I couldn't really figure this one out. Apparently, whenever the water, filter or garbage disposal are used, the pressure increases in the container. Whatever the case, this was not one of Gord's better torture devices. Again we could only see Celia's head, and the actual torture was nowhere in sight.

Two weeks later, Celia's male SBI partner is snooping around. Gord catches him at gunpoint and learns that Agent Ryan actually wants to take over Gord's business. After some negotiations, Ryan agrees to join Gord's organization, but on one condition: He gets to "train" Celia for a life of sexual slavery.

Jewell Marceau, clad head to toe in rubber, an arm-binder, and metal gag with a duster attached enters the room. A box with an antenna is on her back and she is operated by remote control. She dusts dutifully in ballet boots. Jewell then gets put in auto-walk mode, which, IMHO, was a compete waste of her talents.

Celia is ballgagged and strapped on her stomach to a sort of horse-gurney table thing, that has holes for her tits. She is stuck in an arm-binder and collar. Most importantly, she's naked!

Agent Ryan comes in, fondles her and removes the gag. She pleads, "They said some guy is gonna come down here and fuck me! Get me outta here!" When Ryan informs Celia that the "fucker" is him, she threatens to slit his throat, so he regags her, fastens her ponytail to a winch, tightens it and puts her in a hood. He mechanically adjusts her into position, and then rapes his helpless former partner from behind in another tame and too short scene. This scene was my favorite of the bunch, but it could have been so much better with a bit more roughness.

The trilogy ends with Jewell still walking around in circles.

The final chapter was a bit of a letdown from No. 2.

Overall, I must say that Gord's stuff is definitely not for all tastes. I don't mind rubber and leather, but there was so much of it in the three chapters that the viewer was often denied a chance to see the victims' bodies and their full expressions of pain and pleasure. If you are looking for the brutality of ZFX, it's not here. Strict breast bondage? Crotch ropes? Endless whipping? Ruthless violence? Not here either.

But if you are looking for inescapable bondage and women so sexually tortured that they become dehumanized sex toys, then Gord's stuff is definitely worth a look. The man's imagination and creativity seem to know no bounds, and his engineering background is certainly put into great use.

What also impressed me was the professionalism in the production. It seemed he used three or four cameras for all the scenes and the editing was terrific. Gord does a great job bridging the different scenes, usually by using brief shots of other babes left in their torture devices. I have no idea what the budget was, but a shitload of money must have gone into his machines.

Celia was good looking, but the other models' faces could not be seen well through their hoods. On a negative note, Serena and Anabelle were much too heavy for my liking and should always play doms IMO.

Some suggestions, I would have continued with the human furniture motif, which disappeared after the first chapter. Just a few shots here and there would have shown that this house is the ultimate GIMP place. Also, when physical contact is used, such as in the rape scenes, more violence would have been nice, as would more skin, and maybe some of those robot dildo devices from the website.

Each chapter was about an hour long. Might have been nice and less expensive if they were all on one disc for a marathon session :-)

Bottom line: I am not a Gordy but I was impressed and pleased with this movie. He definitely enjoys what he is doing and puts in a 100% effort. Jeff Gord definitely gives the phrase "cruel and unusual punishment" a good name.

My Grade: B+

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