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The Experiment

Reviewed by JLive99

Mood Pictures' latest release The Experiment is pretty close to perfection in my opinion. I fantasize about corporal punishment for women in prison especially in heinous cases like women who embezzle from companies or adult teachers who sleep with their middle school or high school students. This film was like a dream brought to life. I thought that the bondage device was creative. The camera angles that they used to capture the impact of the whip, the reaction of the women and the discomfort of the audience enhanced the film.

The whippings were harsh but the actresses seemed to bear the punishment well. The actresses yelped, cried, screamed, and quivered but their reactions never reached the point of excess for me. The use of the audience to determine the fate of the prisoners added some suspense to the film and I actually liked not knowing how many lashes each prisoner would receive.

I liked the cold and uncaring nature of the actress keeping count of the lashes and the nurse doing the brief medical examinations. The aftermath scene with the women laying on the beds for medical care was a nice touch as well. I give The Experiment an A+ and I hope that there are additional installments or sequels. In future installments, I would like to see the bondage device that was used in ElitePain's Lomp's Court Case 9 and the Single Tail for the back and Texas Prison Strap for the ass.

Lastly, thank you, Pedro, for this movie and thank you to the actresses for bearing the whip so well (especially the stunningly beautiful Nicole). Those lashes were wicked especially the ones that got the upper back and the upper arm.

My Grade: A+

Mood Pictures

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