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The Execution of the Unrepented

Reviewed by Sardu

Hello all, it's been a while since I contributed a review, so I thought I would come back with something good that I could recommend for once.

Red Feline's The Execution of the Unrepented: This is the last of a series of medieval torture videos starring the lovely Camille as Red Feline and Melissa as the Nun. At the point the video starts at they have both been almost tortured to death but are "unrepentant" and thus the name of the video.

The setting here is poorly lit, but convincing as a torture chamber. JJ, as usual, is characterless, but the focus is nicely put towards the women's suffering who are both kept completely naked for the entire movie. Even the long shots are enjoyable, and the video starts off with the fairly convincing nailing of Red Feline's hands to a board, and freely suspended by them! She convulses nicely and screams during the nailing, and moans while she's hung. The slow pacing that the Red Feline series is known for, really works for me here.

Long shots of Red Feline's lovely naked body hanging by her nailed palms, bloody and in agony. Wow! The naked Nun is bald, but she has a great body. Soon, she is also nailed and hung, her feet also nailed. Both women bleed from their wounds, and moan and convulse from their crucifixions. The camera freely pans over their bodies, especially on Camille's perfect ass... a prelude of what's to come.

At this point the video is half over. The Nun Melissa is fully crucified hands and feet, and Red Feline is crucified by her hands, hanging freely from a large plank. Now the torturer grabs a long steel shaft with a vicious point on one end. It is in multiple parts that fit together. Red is hanging limply, her head well below the plank (this is important as we see later) and helpless as he takes the point of the shaft and forces it up, into her crotch. Its hard to tell whether its anal or vaginal, as the shaft's position changes depending on whether the camera is in the front or back. A little nit of the video special effects... which doesn't actually show the penetration. Its still a nice illusion.

The torturer forces the shaft into her rather violently, lifting her up into the air. She's lifted very high as the shaft's insertion forces her up and her head is actually now above the plank that her hands are nailed to. This lifting is shown several times, from different angles so it is made clear how high she is lifted. The second part of the shaft is connected, and it is firmly planted to a base that has been screwed into the floor. She isn't going anywhere! All that is left now is for the shaft to do its grisly work.

There are lots of long shots of both women suffering. Blood runs down Red Feline's legs from her impalement. Unfortunately, the bicycle seat that Camille is sitting on is sometimes shown... but the lighting is dim enough that is doesn't pull you out of the illusion.

The lighting in this video is poor throughout, and the music frequently overpowers the sounds of the moans from the two women. The music is, however, very haunting and appropriate to what is being seen on screen. It reminds me of the old sword and sandal movies.

From this point on, the camera pans back and forth between the two women as they slowly die. The impalement isn't a perfect illusion, but how many times do you see a slow, full impalement of a beautiful naked woman portrayed on screen? Um.. Never? Well, folks, here it is.

At one point the shaft slides at least two feet into her. Remember, I told you her head was above the plank after the insertion. As her body slides down into the shaft, her head sinks... her arms become taunt, giving you a guideline as to how deep the penetration has gone. There is a nice sequence shown from multiple angles as she sinks onto it, her head moving downwards from the plank, her convulsing feet and legs shown moving downwards, blood flowing down her legs. Gruesome and somehow sexy.

The torturer comes back and forces the shaft further between her legs... her head goes back, and just the hint of the shaft's point appears from her open mouth!!! She's still alive... her legs convulse, her eyes plead for it to end.

For several minutes more and more of the shaft appears out of her mouth, till the full width of the large shaft emerges...a nice full body shot of the complete impalement is shown from a variety of angles. Some very convincing, others not so much. This position must have been very difficult for Camille to maintain, but it is beautiful. There is an overhead shot of the shaft a full foot out of her gaping mouth... her eyes move side to side, as her lips move around the shaft... raspy breathing is heard. Nice!

If you've seen the stills from Cannibal Holocaust, than you have an idea of what this looks like... except the victim is still alive, and grotesquely suffering from her full impalement.

The camera pans between Camille and Melissa for several more minutes and ends on a wide pan showing Red's full impalement and then fades to black.

All in all, I would have to say I LOVED this vid. The lighting, though too dim at points added to the mystery by not revealing "too much." The music is haunting and sets the mood. I would have loved to hear more moans and screams from the victims, but I will live with it. I have watched this thing several times, which is the highest compliment I can give it...I hardly ever do that...only the old HOM Pervert series gains repeat viewing from me, so this is a rarity.

This vid is bloody and the camera never flinches. Both suffer horribly, and Red Feline is nude throughout, and graphically and fully impaled alive. What more could a pervert GIMPER ask for?

My grade: A- even with the imperfections, this one is a must view!!

My Grade: A-

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