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Escape Room

Reviewed by Troicha

Escape Room Review

The premise here was that Lyen's character was tricked into entering the Escape Room itself by one of her friends, who was desperate for her freedom. Lyen was chained to the wall and must pick either a card (with both a punishment and reward on it) or phone a friend in order to convince them to replace her. This choice happened every "hour" in the film. Lucy's character was already playing the Escape Room game herself (one of several fictional players). The game was live-streamed over the dark web for viewer's enjoyment.

Lyen drew the following punishments:

First, three cuts to her arm, with her mouth gagged. Her reactions after she is un-gagged are convincing.

Second, a short dose of electricity.

And thirdly, 71 lashes of the whip on her back and ass, facedown on a bench.

Lucy (the secondary player) was also subject to a severe whipping, a very solid AOH scene.

Eventually, Lyen earns the key to her chains (but not to her freedom) and she sets off looking for a way out. She and Lucy have to duke it out in order to decide who the winner is. This sets the stage for a one-of-a-kind double whipping with both ladies bound together at the waist. You'll have to watch the film for yourself in order to learn who ultimately wins the Escape Room, unfortunately, it doesn't take long.

As far as Mood Pictures films go, this one could have been better; but still had plenty of physical and psychological terror to enjoy.

The atmosphere in this film was realistic and intensely degrading. Both Lyen and Lucy (who was never shown with clothes on) were dirty and sweaty after their various punishments. While Lyen was (unfortunately) allowed to get dressed after her first whipping, she was given her old worn, tattered & ripped dress that she first started the game with, she was not allowed to wash herself or get a clean outfit. The rooms they were in were absolutely decrepit, holes in the walls, flaky chipped paint, etc, all of that combined with Lyen and Lucy's nudity made for very a humiliating ordeal for both the girls and excellent viewing for us.

Both models (Lucy and Lyen), suffered some very harsh whippings, and both had great reactions to their punishments. Lucy, especially in her first whipping, was out of breath and panicky from even before the first 10 lashes were over and she suffered over forty then, a real treat to watch. Lucy has some of the most powerful reactions to the whip ever. She was screaming full-blast almost from the beginning and thrusting her chest out after every lash….Excellent! Lyen, well this chick didn't cry so much as she had in other films, but vocally, she held nothing back. She was an absolute mess by the time it was over, coughing and hacking left and right, barely able to breathe.

Arguably the most entertaining part about the plot and storyline here was that the two characters ordeals were live-streamed over the dark web. Imagine the terror of both characters (Lyen and Lucy's) as not only are they kept waiting hour after hour with nothing else to occupy their minds and nothing to focus on other than their unknown impending punishment(s); then add to that the fact that their ordeals would be live-streamed for the pleasure of innumerable viewers and you can really begin to understand their ordeals. Knowing that their suffering was trivialized to become mere entertainment for some sick fuck on a computer screen prob with his hands down his pants must have been extremely humiliating for both characters. The film with its realistic depiction of such a dark fantasy did a good enough job of taking its actual viewers out of reality and immersing us into the miserable and unforgiving world that is the Escape Room.

Funny that Lucy was also present in this film because this movie has the same issue with Ariel as WoP 24 did. For each of the whipping scenes, Ariel (before landing each stroke) was looking over at Pedro, awaiting his signal as the domme always does…..here it was too obvious, and it killed the fantasy aspect of the film. This was especially prevalent in the third whipping (the double whipping), where regardless of whether the camera angle was directly in front of her face or showing a side face-view, literally, before every single stroke, she was glancing over to him in such an overt way that she may as well have been shouting out "PERMISSION TO STRIKE, SIR?". She wasn't doing it out of the corner of her eye like normal; it doesn't matter as much in an EP film, but it's highly problematic for a scripted Mood Pictures film.

The major letdown for this film was that the double whipping scene (the third and final punishment) was way too short….in comparison to the whipping that immediately preceded it. This scene was heavily hyped in the trailer, yet lasts for just over 5 min. This scene is what most viewers will be looking forward to when they watch this film. Especially when you consider its uniqueness, when have we ever seen two submissives tied together like that, it should have been longer? The fact that Lyen's first whipping was so long and that it took place before the final double whipping further undermined that whipping.

Certainly less boring than Prisoner's Dilemma, but not quite what it could have been. Three well-executed whippings combined with excellent scenery and an engaging plot make it worth your money!

My Grade: B+

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