A Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril) Movie Review

Elite Club: 19th Case

Reviewed by Sardu

Elite Pain Review - Elite Club: 19th Case

The women in EP aren't always very pretty, but the tortures are always brutal, and the pain and tears very real. The scenarios are frequently funny, and the costumes silly, but for some reason I like their stuff most of the time... even though my tastes are bondage, torture, etc in mainstream movies... EP is a decent amalgam of the two.

The two women who are the subjects in this latest venture are both pretty attractive, and have great bodies, and shaved pussies. Not too skinny, or chubby, but voluptuous... all the better for the skin to react to the cruel bite of the whip.

The scenario is stupid as usual. The 1st girl has stolen a horse which belongs to one of the EP members... a very powerful one (aren't they all), and he's pissed. Since the normal avenues of justice haven't resulted in the recovery of the horse, the girl (the missing horse's former caretaker) has been brought to the club to tell where the horse is. Of course she'll be tortured until she talks.

The whole problem here is that the girls don't fight too much when being stripped and tied down. If it where me I be punching, kicking, scratching, etc. Here, they talk back a bit, and make a half-hearted attempt at fighting back before they are bound and secured to various torture devices.

That said, there's no fucking around here. The hot chicks are stripped completely naked... no shoes, jewelry... nothing, and the bondage is convincing as they are tied down to be tortured.

For the first torture, the mistress (Kyra) ties the girl in a standing full spreadeagle by leather straps. Pliers are applied to her nipples... but not all that hard. She's threatened with needles, and then single tail whipped. Its pretty good, and some nice whip marks appear on her stomach and breasts.

Since she still won't talk, she's tied down, lying on her back, arms out to her sides, but legs tied closed, but secured to a bar near the floor. She's semi-standing, lying down. She's single tailed whipped again, more forcefully, but she still don't talk.

Next, her legs are tied up and spread wide, and the mistress brings out a riding crop, and brutally whips her thighs and pussy the screaming and crying girl. She still won't talk, so the mistress says, "All right, now you're in trouble. 'The Master' will torture you now."


Anyway, some guy in a robed inquisition outfit has the girl tied in a standing X-frame. She's tied full spread, and her tits are bound... but not tightly as during the whipping the ropes fall off... really annoying as it pulled me out of it a bit.

The whip the master uses is pretty brutal though. A 12 inch board with what looks like speaker wire looped about 16" to form the whip part... nasty.

He's pretty forceful with the whip, and 12 good strokes across her soft titties later she's singing the name of her horse thief partner like a canary... which fortunately for us is a hot blond chick. Yeah!

So... now they get the other chick and bring her to the club...Blah, blah, blah, dialogue..."tell me where the horse is or else..." yadda, yadda. Just strip the bitch and beat the shit out her already, will ya?

The master has the girls legs tied, bent face up over an exercise ball (WTF?), while the mistress hold her hands. He uses hot candle wax (yawn), and then whips her tits and stomach (yawn), she screams (yawn).

Next the mistress goes at her tits with that board/ wire whip from the previous torture session... and she's brutal with it... dark blue/ black welts spring up on her tits... she screams and bucks appropriately. This is a nice long scene. Nice... but she still won't talk (yeah!), so they get tougher!

Next, she's tied down on her back in a spread eagle missionary position, and her thighs and pussy get it good with a riding crop... but this chick is tough and doesn't break yet.

Now, the master is involved again (good for us, bad for her), and the bitch is now chained in a standing spreadeagle. The master tells her that she will not endure the next torture... no one ever has and all her bravery from the previous tortures was for naught... she will talk now.

He now produces a CURLING IRON and asks her, "Guess where this goes?" (Oooo... I bet I know! :) )

She doesn't break yet, so he plugs it in... waits a couple seconds and touches it... bringing his finger back quick. Hmmm, is it hot so soon?

He then takes position under her, lying on his back and jams the hot curling iron into her pussy and holds it there! (Did he really do that? Get the fuck out of here!) The girl screams, cries, and bucks appropriately, but as predicted, doesn't last long with a hot curling iron jammed into her pussy. "The horse is at my grandmothers!" she screams.

The movie ends not too long after that, following more inane dialogue.

Overall, I'll give this a B+... which for me is a high mark for a porn clip. The girls are hot, have nicely shaved pussies, get the shit beat out of them, scream and cry convincingly, and at least there is a scenario here.

It's still porn though. They don't put up a good fight before the bondage starts, the dialogue in stupid, etc.

One thing about EP though, they know what their viewers want to see. The extras include a straight, face only, shot of the girl as the curling iron is shoved into her pussy.

Either she's the best actress, and deserves an Oscar, or that curling iron had a decent amount of heat to it. I choose the latter... :)

My Grade: B+


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