A Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril) Movie Review

Elite Club: 15th Case

Reviewed by Thomas Chaser

I recently took a stroll through the ElitePain film library, scouring older titles for anything of interest. Recently, ElitePain has been remastering their older titles to modern standards, updating the old SD files to improve image clarity, and the effort is definitely providing positive results.

One of the films I selected for watching was Elite Club: 15th Case, starring Mya Orlavskaya (a Hungarian model with amazing… talents) and the standard stars back in the day, Maximilian Lomp and Jessica Lee. The movie opens with Jessica Lee on the telephone giving a run-down on the day's activities – only 3 slaves had been beaten that day but she has hopes of beating two more before the day is through, one of whom made filthy pornographic films while she had lied to her mother about being on a field trip. Both the mother and daughter are brought in and the truth is revealed to both of them; they're shocked, embarrassed, the usual. Jessica Lee offers that the Elite Club can make the footage of the films disappear, and in exchange, both the mother and the daughter must become slaves of the Club. Also, to discourage such embarrassing behavior that casts dishonor on the daughter, the family, and the entire town, the daughter will be subjected to brutal torture at once. If both the mother and the daughter can survive the tortures, the daughter can be sent to one of the strictest boarding schools available in the post-Soviet Union. Hey, if it's good enough for Communists, it's good enough for wayward daughters, right? Right!

Jessica Lee, with her trusty assistant Lady Larissa, stand before the seated Monk as the mother, stripped naked and collared, listens to the Monk's proclamation that if the two mistresses can't find the man that produced the pornographic film before the police do, then they will have to face his own personal interrogation. As Kyra stands in nude witness, the two ladies accept his warning and walk off. Kyra is then made to kneel in front of the Monk and give him a blow job (implied). She does a bad job, sputtering that it's been too long since she's touched a man and apparently has lost her skills. The Monk decides that corporal punishment is the only solution to her unsatisfactory performance. She's forced into "the spider position", which is on her hands and feet, face-up, so that the Monk can whip her tits, belly, and pelvis with a multi-tailed whip to warm her up, followed by his favorite riding crop to teach her a lesson. The daughter, her major talents bared to the world, is forced to watch.

I will say that, despite the Eastern Bloc look of the mother, she's a pretty hot MILF. For an opening scene, this film delivers. It packs a punch, it gets our attention, and it prepares us for the next act. We get to see the daughter, the real star of this show, naked and afraid as her mother is beaten until the welts decorate most of the poor woman's body. If you're into pussy whipping, humiliation, and dominance, this scene is for you. The sight of the mother's pussy, red and swollen, is glorious.

The next scene brings the pain to the daughter. After all, she's the cause of all of this (and the star). She's brought into the punishment room and cuffed to an overhead bar suspended by chains. The chains are attached to a winch, which Lady Larissa uses to stretch our poor victim up a bit and expose her body a bit more.

And what a body it is.

It's scenes like this that the remastering really pays off. The image clarity is very much improved. There are still some limitations from the source technology when the movie was originally made, such as objects in motion becoming blurry on freeze-frame, but with the remastering of the movie, the welts from the whip, the goosebumps on the skin, and the glistening of sweat from the body's exertion are more apparent. Gone is the "staircasing" of objects depicted at an angle, such as upraised arms or the curve of a breast. For example, in this still-frame, the whip is a blur, but the silhouette angle of the arms and curves of her body are smooth.

As Pedro of Mood Pictures explained to me, back when these films were originally released, the Internet technology that was available placed limitations on the download speed and file size, inasmuch that a full SD film was a big file size, which took a long time to download. So, to reduce the file size and speed up the download, the quality of the image was reduced. Now, however, everybody has very fast Internet speeds and these films can be downloaded at full SD.

But enough of the layman technical talk. Let's move on with our story.

In the next scene, the mother is brought in, her body still covered in welts, to witness the daughter's punishment of her pussy. Since the breasts have paid the price of fornication, it's time to tax the genitals, right? The daughter is placed in a harness that reminds me of the industrial straps Air America used to haul cows around Vietnam in 1971. The intent is to lift her up and expose her pussy to a thorough cropping. Her wrists are snap-clipped onto cables hanging from the ceiling as the mother, her hands clasped behind her head in submission, watches fearfully.

I get what the filmmakers were going for here. They wanted some sort of suspension scene and a pussy whip scene, but it had to be something safe that the model could handle for an extended period of time. It was an experiment that didn't quite work, and they probably realized this after the film was in final production but by then it was too late to replace it with something else, so they kept it in but never repeated it again (at least from what I can tell). Another thing that didn't quite work was what I'm guessing was an improvised scene of Monk Lomp ordering guards to take the mother away; for a brief instant, we see what looks like a muscular production assistant grab the mother by the neck and drag her off-set. Some guys get all the luck. I also noticed that the harness has instructions stitched onto it in English; I'm guessing even the Hungarians knew their industrial stuff was shit. Yay, Communism!

I'm skipping ahead here because the next scene is absolute dynamite.

Following her delivery by Air America/beating by Monk Lomp, the daughter - her arms spread wide and once again cuffed to cables hanging from the ceiling - is told that her final punishment is a severe, brutal whipping by their Lord. I love this scene because her body position is fantastic. The standing spreadeagle is a great pose for opening up the body and emphasizes the musculature and vulnerability of the victim. Mya Orlavskaya has a body that loves this position, and I love that she's put in this position for what is a jaw-dropping scene.

The journey we've been on through two pussy whippings and a breast whipping has brought us to this point, and it is definitely worth the trip. This scene really pays off. A picture is worth a thousand words, so here are two thousand words.

Here are two thousand more. The brown line on the left is the bullwhip flying out to meet its target.

You don't see many scenes like this nowadays. The industry – and the producers – has evolved to the point where some things just can't be done to a girl, even if she agrees to it. You'll never see a bullwhipping scene like this on a professional bondage model on an ElitePain film nowadays, at least not on one that's registered with an agency, and certainly not a scene as intense as this one. What's great about the remastering is that you can really see the fear in her eyes, the terror as the whip is drawn back, and her bracing for the pain as it flies forward towards her bare skin. That's the real value of this movie. You can see how rough things used to be, but now you get modern quality. You'll get so immersed in the bullwhipping action that you won't even notice that the watermark is misspelled "elitepain.cpm". Forget the rest of the movie. Forget the red swollen pussies and the English on the suspension harness. The bullwhipping scene is worthy of a Tarantino mention. If you've seen other early ElitePain films, you know that Lomp didn't spare a girl just because she screamed and shouted. I think he thrived on it. I think he bathed himself in the tears of beautiful women crying out in pain. That makes the bullwhipping scene that much more powerful; you just know things are going to go bad for Orlavskaya during this production.

Overall, the film wavers between a "C" and a "B" because of the shoestring budget the producers were hamstrung with… except for that final bullwhip scene. That scene alone is worth an "A", and since the rest of the movie builds up to it, I guess I have to give the whole thing an "A".

My Grade: A


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