A Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril) Movie Review

Life in the EliteClub – Part 15

Reviewed by Thomas Chaser

Life in the EliteClub – Part 15 by ElitePain.Com

As most followers of the GIMP forum know, Nancy disappeared while shooting History of Pain: The Inquisition, a documentary detailing the various tortures Inquisitors would use on suspected heretics and witches. At the time of this writing, there still isn't any explanation for her failing to arrive for the filming of her whipping scenes, other than to assume that she had a moment of clarity and realized she didn't particularly want to get whipped that day. Or any day, for that matter. However, don't despair, because before she went AWOL she made the mistake of having an ugly tattoo printed on her left thigh, which Max Lomp caught and which resulted in her being punished. Severely. You could say she really suffered for her art, because Max decided she would be whipped in places she had never been whipped before, for a period of one hour.

She is told to strip, which she does, and then Giuletta, the blonde executioner from Milgram Experiment 2, blindfolds her, plugs her ears, and strings her up. First her breasts are slapped and her nipples are pinched, then a riding crop is used to torment her further. Blows to her breasts and pussy bring satisfying cries of pain as Max works over her most tender regions. He pauses only when the earplugs work their way out of her ear canals, allowing her to hear the swish of the crop and prepare herself for the sting that follows. As the plugs are put back in, he demands that she apologize to the viewers and beg for mercy from them (as if we would grant it to her. Ha!). Max then ups the ante by adding a crotch rope, nearly lifting poor Nancy off the floor. She’s whipped a few times, then given a chance to recover.

She’s released from the Arms-Over-Head position but told to hold her hands up on her own as Max strikes her with the dog whip, a whip that stings no matter how gentle the user tries to be. Forcing Nancy to hold her arms up now brings a psychological element into the punishment, and despite her crying and wailing, she manages to get through it. This brings us to the half-way point, and a new position.

Nancy is next bound on her back for her pussy whipping, leather bonds holding her wrists and ankles to a metal bar above the table. In this position, the most sensitive parts of her body are open and exposed to Max, and he takes full advantage of the situation by cropping her pussy thoroughly before turning her over so he can whip her ass with yet another sort of whip.

Now we're getting into the final stretch. Nancy is bound to an H-type frame where Max plays with her nudity a bit before instructing Giulietta to whip Nancy’s ass with a bullwhip. After Giulietta finishes, Max questions Giulietta’s dedication to her profession and forces her to remove her top and stand next to the prisoner. He then interrogates her as well and gets his answer at the business end of the whip before turning his attention back to Nancy.

A few more strikes of the whip, some breast slapping, and a nipple pinching, followed by the threat of electrocuting Nancy’s pussy, brings us the apology we so richly deserve.

As far as plot goes, this is a clip that could only be made by Nancy. There’s nothing particularly new here that we haven't seen in other ElitePain films, other than the storyline. And indeed, Nancy’s tattoo is ugly. What was she thinking? Apparently she wasn't. But not to worry. Max made her apologize to us and that makes things ok. Right? Well, at least he made her apologize in his own unique way.

Camerawork is good, resolution is good. There’s not much plot but what little there is very specific to the victim and the audience. Somewhere the BDSM god is smiling, giving the thumbs-up for us, and saying, “This is proof that I love you and I want you to be happy.”

My Grade: B


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