A Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril) Movie Review

Education Part 2

Reviewed by Thomas Chaser

Recap: Three new recruits are being put through a training program in which they learn to whip a human being to see if they have the strength to be mistresses. If they fail, they will be used as slaves, to be used and abused as the masters see fit. This is the second half of their training.

Nice assets.

As Education – Part 2 from ElitePain.com begins, a new slave stands in the classroom, facing the St. Andrews Cross, awaiting her fate. This one is very attractive, with dark curls of raven hair and coal-black eyes and a fit figure that reminds me of the soccer girls I used to date. Dollar Sign (as I'll call her due to the tattoo on her ass) is already naked, her pussy shaved raw and vulnerable. As she stands there, fearfully holding onto the frame, the trainees are told that the day’s lesson will involve a single-tail whip. They will strike the slave’s buttocks, and only her buttocks, as hard as they can. This is to test their strength and accuracy while handling larger instruments of torture. As in the other exercises, mistakes are punished by stripping the offending trainee and then having her hands snapped with a riding crop or, if she fails to learn, being whipped by the same flogger the trainee failed to use correctly on the slave. Each of the trainees takes a turn giving the slave a whack with the single-tailed whip, and each makes a mistake by missing the target zone or not striking hard enough. Eventually, the trainees are completely nude.

Dollar Sign bears up nicely under the lash and shows a lot of personal strength in her ability to hold her position against the cross. After each trainee has had a turn, the slave is turned around and bound to the cross so that the trainees can see the fear in the slave’s eyes, to see her anticipation of the pain she is about to receive, as a way to test the trainee’s resolve.

After Mannish Haunches has secured the slave to the cross, Max instructs the trainees to only strike the slave across her hips, between the tops of her thighs and the rim of her belly, centered over the cleft of her pussy. This is to determine how accurate each of them can be with such a long instrument. If they miss, both the trainee and the slave will be whipped by Max himself. Each trainee is permitted a couple of warm-up swings to measure the distance and float of the whip, then she must swing as hard as she can and correctly hit the strike zone. Dollar Sign’s trepidation is very apparent as each trainee takes the whip and tests it against her body before delivering a sharp, stinging pain, followed by angry red welts across her hips and thighs. Dollar Sign cries out, but she is a slave and her cries are for naught.

However, her pain is not unnoticed by Svelte Bronco, who begins to break down emotionally as she sees the slave being whipped. As the exercise goes on, it becomes apparent that Svelte is not cut out to be a mistress. She is physically weak, lacks hand-eye coordination, and is not emotionally strong enough to inflict pain on another girl. Mannish Haunches also makes mistakes, though not as egregious as Svelte, and she is also subjected to whippings. By the end of the lesson, only Voluptuous Exotic has avoided being whipped.

So concludes the first and second exercises of Part 2.

For the next lesson, Dollar Sign is the test bed again, her thighs still bearing the marks from her previous ordeal. Fortunately for her, she still has plenty of fresh skin to strike, and the instructor plans to take advantage of that. She is already tied to the horizontal St. Andrew’s Cross with the trainees lined up behind her. One thing I noticed is that she’s obviously aroused by this position, or perhaps by the anticipation of the pain she is about to receive. That makes this scene that much hotter, because the lesson for the day is the use of the looped telephone wire. I could explain it, but Max does a much better job so let’s listen in as the instructor says a few words about its use.

“Hold this. This is a telephone wire. Don't think it’s as benign as it looks. It can cause terrible pain, and it leaves ugly marks.”

“Thus, I love to use it for interrogating slaves, or when we torture the slaves for our own pleasure. Now you're going to practice how to use it.” (Voluptuous Exotic moves beside the slave and taps the slave’s hip, preparing to strike.) “Wait. I'll show you where I want to you to strike.”

“Here”. (Voluptuous Exotic whips the slave) “And here now.” (Voluptuous Exotic whips the slave again and the slave screams loudly.) “Wait.” (To the slave) “What’s the slave’s task?” (Slave gasps and moans.) “To remain silent and bear the pain!” (Max crops the slave right on her pussy as punishment for screaming, causing her to scream even louder.)

And so begins one extremely hot scene. So hot, in fact, that I won't spoil it for you with any more vidcaps. I will, however, tell you that the sub-plot to the story is brought out nicely, so I'll skip ahead to the end of this scene, where the slave has been rendered mute by her pain and Svelt Bronco is on the verge of cracking from the stress of seeing the slave being beaten.

“Shall we continue with her or do you want to lie in her place instead?” (Svelt Bronco fights back her tears) “Would you lie in her place instead?” (Svelt Bronco starts to cry) “You like her, don't you? Confess it to me.” (Svelt Bronco breaks down and confesses that, yes, she is sympathetic to the slave) “It was a very bad mistake. You'll be punished for that later.”

That, boys and girls, is how you set up a great scene, carry it out dramatically, and then end it with even more drama. This scene is, in my opinion, one of the hottest scenes ElitePain has ever done, made even more so by the plotline surrounding it. What exactly is the relationship between Svelt Bronco and the slaves Twist and Dollar Sign? Does she know them personally, or is she just sympathizing with their condition? If the beating of Twist and Dollar Sign cracked Svelt Bronco’s resolve, what would further abuse to them reveal? What if Svelt Bronco were placed on the cross and whipped? What would she reveal? Therein lies a mystery. The game is afoot!

But just when I thought I'd hit the winning scene that would make this film a cult classic, along comes one even hotter.

Remember Sideways? The girl from the very first lesson in Part 1 who tried to suppress the pain and hold back her cries of anguish as the cane lashed her ass? Well, she’s the next test bed for the trainees, and to be honest, she’s the perfect slave for the job.

The scene opens with Sideways laying on her back, bound to the horizontal St. Andrews Cross, the spotlight beaming down on her nude body. With her long legs and taut torso, this position is very flattering for her. Max leads the procession of trainees into the room as Sideways stares up into the light, trying to suppress her fear. What I like about this scene is the anticipation of the action. The camera alternates between a distance-shot of the slave’s body spread and tied to the frame, and a close-up of her face as she stares up into the lights, awaiting her fate as Max explains the day’s lesson. He tells the trainees that their performance with the riding crop was not satisfactory, so they will practice its use again. He wants them to learn how to hit a precise spot – a woman’s most sensitive region – with a riding crop, and they must strike hard and quick. As he explains this, Sideways puts on a brave face, knowing that soon they will be cropping her pussy, but her rapid eye-blinks reveal her nervousness and fear. For me, this adds to the anticipation – and the enjoyment – of the scene.

The dramatic build-up is further heightened as Max guides each trainee to a position directly between Sideways’ wide-spread thighs so that the trainee can closely examine the slave’s pussy. Max even takes the tip of the crop and taps it where he wants the slave to be struck. For the first trainee – Voluptuous Exotic – her back obscures Max’s tapping so the target is left to our imagination. The next trainee – Mannish Haunches – shows us a bit more of the tapping. Then, finally, like a burlesque dancer slowly revealing more and more, Svelt Bronco takes her position and we can see quite clearly that Max is tapping the end of the crop lightly against the slave’s pussy. The camera alternates between the trainees’ perspective and a close-up of the slave’s face, so we can see her reaction to the light tapping as her sex is brought to attention.

Max then smacks the tip of the crop against the slave’s pubis, showing the trainees how hard to strike, causing Sideways to yelp and gasp as she tries to absorb the pain.

Very delicious.

And totally hot.

This scene totally eclipses anything else in the film. You'll want to watch it over and over again. Trust me on that.

Now, I know what you're thinking. Why should you buy both Part 1 and Part 2 when all the good parts seem to be in Part 2? Well, if you're cheap, then yes, you can buy Part 2 for just one or two of the good scenes. But, if you really want to appreciate those scenes, you'll want to buy the whole movie. The largest sex organ is the brain, and the brain gets more satisfaction by watching the story unfold to explain the particular scene. That’s what made the Barbarian Queen’s dungeon scene so great – we knew Lana Clarkson was supposed to be this big, strong, healthy blonde warrior, now reduced to a chained slave. That was the attraction. Otherwise, there’s no real dramatic passion to the thing.

And here’s another reason to buy this film: I didn't tell you everything that’s in it. There’s a scene at the beginning that sets the oppressive nature of slave life that I left out, and a scene at the end that resolves one of the plot points that’s pretty hot. Why did I leave these out? Because I believe a good review of a movie should give you enough honest information as to whether it’s worth buying or not, and when you buy it, the final product should have enough value to it to be worth your money, and part of that is having scenes and extras that you didn't know about. So, when you buy the movie, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

As I mentioned earlier, this film isn't nearly as bloody and gory as most of the earlier pieces from ElitePain.Com, but the drama is much more improved and the actresses are much more attractive. Less blood actually results in a better film, in my opinion. I never really got into the whole “whip’em ‘til they bleed” mentality. A beautiful naked woman twisting at the end of the rope and suffering was good enough. The way ElitePain does things to a woman in some of their films (particularly the “Battling Duels” series) makes me think “what a waste of a beautiful body”. And that was for the few times they actually got a beautiful woman onto their set. Let’s face it – some of the models in their early films were amateurs and it showed. But that’s not the case here. We see welts, we see pain, we see the beautiful woman twisting at the end of the rope, but we don't see open gashes and bleeding lacerations that used to be so prevalent in ElitePain films. We know that, in a week or so, Twist and Dollar Sign and Svelt Bronco will be good as new and ready for another round at the whipping post. And because of that, I believe ElitePain has managed to get a much higher caliber of woman to participate in their films.

Is the movie perfect? No. It is a low-budget operation, after all. The sets are minimal, sometimes you can hear background noises on the soundtrack, the voices echo, the camera framing can be inaccurate, and poor Max is so poor he can't even afford a pair of sandals. And, every piece of dialogue is in Hungarian, which means subtitles, which means you actually have to read stuff if you want to follow the plot. So there’s that.

So, bottom line, should you buy this film? Yes. I know it’s not cheap, but it is a good value for the money. If you've enjoyed any of the pictures I've included in this review, then you'll really enjoy watching the scenes in real-time. Take it for what it is – a low-budget nudie torture-porn film with a super-sadistic plot and beautiful slave girls in truly merciless peril – and enjoy it, because it doesn't get much better than this. And know in your heart that your money will be put to good use, helping women achieve their dreams of royal salaries by getting their pussies smacked with a riding crop.

My Grade: A+


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