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Domina Competition 2

Reviewed by Troicha

Domina Competition 2 Review

This film has the same rules and setup as Domina Competition 1 (DC1). Both Dominas, Mistress Ariel and Mistress Artemis (her first film) randomly alternate taking turns beating the submissive, who determines the punishment via dice roll.

The film has four rounds, for each round, the submissive is hit on a different body part, the number of strokes she receives is determined by her dice roll; she receives the same number of lashes from each domina. At the end of each round, the submissive must state whether the first or second set of strokes was worst…that is how the winner of each round is decided.

Round 1: 40 lashes on ass (20 from each domina) with a whip.

Round 2: 10-10 strokes on feet with a riding crop.

Round 3: 20-20 lashes on back with a whip. (Ariel yells at Vivien for "cheating" during this scene….subsequently, Ariel and the host argue).

Round 4: 25-25 lashes on back and ass, after this round is up the loser is disqualified for cheating….again. This round was the most intense Vivien had already been lashed on her back and ass, so her screams and moans were more intense and you get to watch a more brutal scene.

Pedro (long in advance) revealed the loser, but you must watch the film yourself to see exactly how and why she loses. Suffice to say it was a loss totally deserved and a punishment long in the coming!!

The Dominas:

Ariel, well she was clearly in a pissy mood before this as she had a totally bitchy look on her face for much of the film….when she wasn't smirking sadistically as Vivien's pain. She did a fine job with each of the various implements she used; she hit hard and never relented or showed any mercy….unquestionably the No 2 Dominatrix Pedro has. Mistress Artemis….well this was her first film and that showed. She did not hit softly but Ariel totally overshadowed her and triumphed over her in every round except one.

In the end, this film was a pale shadow of the first Domina Competition, completely and totally inferior! Do yourself a favor; watch THIS FILM BEFORE you watch DC1 so you appreciate just how excellent THAT film really is!

The only reasons to watch this film are as follows: Firstly, Lady Ariel and the host yelling at each other when Ariel majorly breaks a rule. Second, Ariel's clit piercing, the terror and dreadful anticipation on her face as well as the screams…...make for excellent viewing. If anyone here had any lingering sympathy for Ariel….watch the film and that will be erased.

The submissive Vivien is simply awful, cute, but terrible sound she makes. Imagine a cross between a cow mooing and a dog's death rattle. Not even remotely interesting to listen to, frankly we (as viewers) are being tortured worse by having to endure her horrific moans that she is by being whipped. As far as I am concerned, Pedro should have been paying us to watch this film, this is such garbage!

Although Pedro and Co do the usual excellent dark lighting and camera angles and the host does his job well….this is simply one of the worst films Pedro has ever made! The whippings themselves are not horrible to watch, both these ladies know how to wield one, it's just that the scratch-your-nails-on-a-chalkboard level irritating moans coming from the submissive absolutely ruin any chance of enjoying them (in my opinion at least). The first Domina Competition was excellent; this one is generously described as subpar.

The whole idea of a Domina completion is….to have an actual competition; two Dominas who are actually close in skill level. When you put your No.2 Domina against a rookie with limited experience….bad idea@!! There never was any sense of competition present in this film, Ariel's vastly superior skill level was totally apparent from the beginning. Artemis herself also did not appear to care in the least whether she lost a round or not. A very boring dominatrix!

The worst ElitePain film in recent memory, a pathetic departure from the normal great-quality films made by Pedro & co. Immensely boring, with a crappy submissive and one disinterested Domina.

My Grade: D


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