A Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril) Movie Review

Deadly Interrogation III

Reviewed by Howie

Review of: Deadly Interrogation III
Starring: Nicole Oring & Max Coxxx
Directed by: John Marshall
Price: $20.00
Runtime: 32 Minutes.
Commissioned by GIMP site regular: Fritz

Okay, right off the bat, this one is gonna be too brutal for some of you in here. That I PROMISE, but I fucking LOVED it! Just picked it up yesterday, and was so taken with it I had to do a review. So if it's not your thing, well then, I don't know what to tell ya... Skip past this post. Hard as that may be given the length...

The video opens with a voice over from Nicole talking about how she's been hired for $10,000.00 to steal some computer files from her work and she's there after hours to get the job done. She then saunters into frame wearing a SKIN TIGHT white dress. She's an incredible looking Asian woman with big beautiful tits practically bursting through her outfit and long luxurious black hair.

We get to watch as she sits down at a computer and intently starts looking for the files she needs.

Don't worry, this doesn't take long at all, because not more than 1 minute and ten seconds in our hero shows up, played by Max Coxxx, once again proving he has a WAY better life than any of us in here.

Max sneaks up, grabs her by the back of the neck, draws his gun, and demands to know why she's there and what her identification number is.

She gives him her ID number and he calls it in while keeping his gun trained on her pretty head. After a short phone conversation, he hangs up and tells her that the ID checked out, but her office is on another floor, so in his words: "What the FUCK are you doing here?!?" He then cracks her on the head with his gun to show he means business.

She instantly begins pleading with him that she was told to come here and get some files as a favor. Max isn't buying it and gives her another good crack to the skull, sending her careening to the floor.

He wastes no time, and cuffs both of her hands behind her back. All the while Nicole is pleading for him to stop.

On a side note, the acting from both Max and Nicole is FANTASTIC here and throughout the entire film. I'm not kidding. Max plays this with just the right amount of cold detachment, and Nicole is a good enough actress that she could probably be in actual films, because she sells all her emotions and dialog like it's really happening. There isn't a single sour note in either of their performances.

Anyhow, Nicole continues to plead that she's telling the truth and that she's done nothing wrong. Max is so frustrated by this, he actually moves the desk to give himself more room, and then begins kicking her in the stomach over and over while screaming: "You ready to tell the fucking truth?!?"

This is where John Marshall's finely honed directing skills come into play, because he expertly films this beating by not ever actually showing any contact between Max's military boots and Nicole's gorgeous stomach. As we all can attest, trying to show that RARELY comes off good, because 99 times out of 100 it's blatantly obvious how fake it is.

Not here because John uses angles and camera jerks at just the right moments, so between that and the sound of Nicole's pitch perfect grunting and crying with every foot fall, the scene comes off INCREDIBLY believable, and HOT AS FUCK!!!!

As Max continues to kick the Hell out of the exquisitely squirming a screaming Nicole, her dress begins to ride up revealing her perfect ass and MOUTHWATERING pussy. Max even stops the beating for a moment when this happens to admire how incredible it looks.

He's right back to it in moments though, as he begins kicking and stomping on her from the other side. All the while Nicole is grunting, screaming, and crying with every blow, and I gotta say, if you're into this type of material, and you don't have a raging hard on by this point from the sound of Nicole's screaming alone, well then, you're not really into this type of material, because I couldn't get enough of it!!!

Eventually Max picks her up off the floor, throws her against the wall, points his gun into her left tit, and screams: "TALK!!"

She cries back that she already told him everything and if he doesn't believe her, he can go to Hell... Well, as you can imagine, that doesn't go over well with Max, who begins beating her the good old fashioned way, with his fists. Ya gotta love a good old fashioned.

Once again, perfectly filmed by John Marshall with cuts, camera jumps, and Nicole's SMOKING hot yelling all edited together masterfully.

It's not long before Nicole can't take anymore of this, and slump to the floor, with her gorgeous snatch still tantalizingly exposed.

Max doesn't pause to admire this time though. He quickly puts his gun in her mouth and waits a few moments for the horror of the situation to wash over Nicole.

He then gives her one last good crack on the skull with the butt of his gun knocking her out cold to the floor.


Max then drags her off, and we fade to an exterior shot of a warehouse he's taken her to. The next shot is inside Max's personal torture lab, and he's already firmly tied the recently beaten unconscious Nicole's feet to a chair, and secured her hands to ropes attached to a frame above her designed for just this purpose.

Nicole is still out, and the camera admires her from various angles as we hear Max in the background on the phone telling someone he just caught her spying, and he doesn't know what she was looking for yet.

He then picks up one of two syringes containing adrenalin to wake her up and keep her alert, and delivers it into her left tit.

She's still so out of it that she barely responds to the needle. Max hangs back for a few moments while she becomes lucid.

The camera again shows the stunning Nicole from various angles as the haze in her head clears, and she eventually comes to and realizes the situation she's in.

She starts yelling at Max to let her go, and that she's gonna file a lawsuit against this place as soon as she gets out of here. (Ha ha, ya. Like that's gonna work)

Max calls her a cunt and tells her she's not going anywhere followed by some more good old fashioned fist work to the head and body, while asking her what she was looking for.

After various blows like above, she eventually spits out blood and a tooth.

At this point Max asks her again what she was up to, and when he gets no reply, he moves onto using pliers. First showing them to her, and then first on her right pinky then slowly moving onto her ring and middle fingers. All the while Nicole is SCREAMING LIKE BLOODY FUCKING MURDER as her fingers are broken and bloodied one at a time, and my erection is screaming almost as loud as she is!!

I just want to point out, as the above photos show, while this is graphic enough to get the point of what's happening across, it doesn't become so graphic as to seem totally real. Only real enough to pass the illusion to your head and penis that something EXTREMELY FUCKING WONDERFUL is happening in front of you, and how much you can't wait to see what comes next, and hot damn, what comes next is FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC!!!!

So after Max finishes taking time with her fingers, and she still hasn't told him anything other then to scream "STOP", he tells her she may be thinking her fingers will heal eventually. He says: "Maybe I need to inflict a little permanent damage. Something that's NEVER GONNA GROW BACK!"

She continues weeping as Max places the pliers on Nicole's gorgeous right nipple. He holds it there for a moment, and then begins to slowly SQUEEZE!

This is an INCREDBILE effect that John Marshall pulled off on this shot, because it looks fucking AMAZING. The camera stays on Nicole's tit and blood begins squirting through her shirt and over the pliers and down her chest. I only counted two quick camera cut always that you barely notice, one being to her face.

Of course the AMAZING music coming out of Nicole's mouth as this is happening has to be heard to be believed. As I said, she truly is a really good actress, and she sells this scene from the bottom of her soul, SCREAMING LIKE MAD!!! Good lord, I could listen to her scream for days!!!

So, right when you think the special effects couldn't get any better, YANK!!!! OFF COMES HER RIGHT NIPPLE!

Nicole continues with her WONDERFUL screaming, as Max shoves her Ex-Right-Nipple, still in the pliers, right in her face. I'll be honest. This scene was SO FUCKING HOT, that I had to come back later to finish the rest of the movie the first time I watched it.

So after my refractory period was over, I came back, and Max isn't done with the pliers yet. Nope, her left nipple is still awaiting its treatment, and what a wonderful rinse and repeat this was!

This one is just as, if not more impressive than the last one, because this time he doesn't just squeeze the pliers, he twists them as well, and it's really incredible to behold. Nicole's screaming gets even MORE shrill than before, and blood begins a slow trickle to a fast stream as the pliers do their wonderful work, and then, as the last time YANK! OFF COMES HER FUCKING NIPPLE!!!

Fuck, this is a wonderful movie. Any guess what my final score is gonna be? Ha ha.

So Max lets her sit and cry for a few moments as the camera allows us to admire his handy works. You gotta respect a guy who know how to use tools this well.

Then, right when Nicole thinks it can't get any worse, Max shows her yet another sensitive area the pliers are just itching to go, which of course is right between her legs, and HOT DAMN her reaction doesn't disappoint. The screams start coming, the blood begins flowing, and not just on screen if you know what I'm saying!

This is finally all Nicole can take, and she passes out from the ordeal.... But not for long. Ha ha..

After a quick fade to black, we come back and Max has FIRMLY secured the unconscious Nicole to an X-Frame. Her feet are held in place by metal rods placed around her ankles and her wrists are tightly tied to a cable that can be manually tightened behind her, but more on that in a moment.

Max has also thankfully taken the time to shred her dress even more so we can get a better look at what's still on offer from Nicole. Of course he left her sexy high heel shoes on because that's what anyone in their right mind would do.

Max then takes this quiet time to prove how absolutely right minded these PKF films are, because he use's a pair of scissors to cut away even more of Nicole's dress. As my motto says, "Get'em naked, or don't waste my time." Hat's off to you PKF.... Hat's off.... Brings a tear to my eye..... and other stuff as well.

So, remember how I said there were two syringes filled with adrenalin? Yup, the second one goes straight into Nicole's right tit. Wakey Wakey, Eggs and Bakey!

So this time rather than just wait for Nicole to come out of her daze, Max figures he'll speed up the process, and that cable that can be manually tightened behind Nicole's head is the perfect way to snap any sleeping princess back to reality, KICKING & SCREAMING!! As he tightens the cable, it stretches her arms farther back.

Kick & SCREAM she does. I swear, if PKF released an MP3 of just Nicole screaming, I'd buy it because she's so fucking AMAZING at it. She just keeps shrieking: "I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING! I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING!"

Eventually Max decides it's time to move on, and he hits a switch that slowly raises the X-Beam so Nicole is closer to standing than laying down. Time for the next round of fun!

As Max so eloquently puts it: "Time to cauterize those wounds. We wouldn't want you bleeding to death, now would we?" See? He really is a caring guy.

So HOT IRON time it is!

Again, the special effects here are OUT STANDING! From the orange glow of the metal, to the smoke rising off Nicole's cooking flesh, this is the cock throbbingly WONDERFUL stuff we all pay to see done SO well in PKF productions, and this scene doesn't fall short in the least.

Now, I know I've gone on AT LENGTH about what an AMAZING screamer Nicole is, but I'm not kidding here, she actually cranks it up EVEN FURTHER in this scene. I'm betting she had a sore throat for weeks after this because, fucking CHRIST, can that girl SSSSSSCCCCCRRRRREEEEEEAAAAMMMMMMM, and that sound goes RIGHT to your penis!!

Hell, I wish I could take her scream and manifest it into raw material and make my bed out of it so I curl up and sleep in it every night....... Okay, that didn't make any sense, but YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!!

And the SCREAMING and burning continues!!

Fuck, If you're still reading this, and you haven't stopped to go buy this flick yet, what the Hell are you waiting for?!? THE SEARING FLESH & EROTIC SCREAMS KEEP GOING!!!

So, as always, all good things must come to an end. Nicole once again passes out from all the fun Max was having. Kind of inconsiderate of her, huh?

But what to do now? Max already used both the adrenaline shots.... How do we continue this wonderful show and make sure Nicole is awake to YELL HER FUCKING HEAD OFF and GET OUR DICKS HARD? Well, remember Max is a guy who's prepared for any situation. So if you don't have any spare adrenaline, just beat the fuck out of her with a pipe! See, how easy and fun that problem was to solve?!?

Okay, so now Nicole is up and screaming again, but Max has WAY more tools than just a pipe.

How about a hammer to the legs? What fun!! Especially when poor Nicole can't move to stop the blows reining down and breaking her legs. It's the small pleasures in life I always say.

Of course we can't have her limping away on one leg, so Max makes sure to take the other one out as well, and then begins flailing away with the hammer on her torso as well, leaving bloody marks all across this amazing canvas! WHAT AN ARTIST THIS FUCKING GUY IS!!

Again, this is ALL done with very clever editing and camera work by John Marshall. You never see a single blow land, but with the hammer on flesh sound and the way the camera moves, coupled with the ever present wailing of Nicole, perfectly timed to each hammer fall, the scene is WONDERFULLY fun and SMOKING FUCKING HOT!!!

Eventually, Max gives her a crack on the head, and then reigns down a few more blows on her torso with the hammer.

That quiets her down a little, but Max has another tool sure to illicit more of those cock hardening screams from Nicole. Sure, anyone can stab someone with a knife, but why be so clean about it when you can be like Max and use a long blunt Phillips head screwdriver instead?

Like the old saying goes, "There's nothing like showing a girl her own blood on the screwdriver you just jammed into her side and rubbing it on her face to keep'em laughing..." Wait, I don't think that's actually a saying, but it sure is fun to watch!!

So Max then makes one last stab with the screwdriver right through Nicole's right tit, and has some fun shaking it around while it's still in there. When he's finished with that, he goes back yet again to one of the old stand by's, and strangles her with his bare hands.

That's just fun good for everyone!

Now that Nicole has departed Max gets on his phone and tells the Clean-up Crew they have a job to do. He hangs up and begins to untie her, but it turns out she's playing possum, because every now and then, she keeps opening her eyes when she doesn't think Max is looking.

Max lifts her off the X-Frame and places what he thinks is her lifeless corpse on the ground and leaves the room.

Nicole had seen Max put his cell phone on the table across the room and wastes no time pulling her naked battered body across the room to get to it, leaving a big trail of blood in her wake, and yes, that's just as amazing to watch as it sounds.

After flailing away with her broken fingers, she finally manages to pull herself up to the phone, dials a number, and starts begging the person on the other end for help.

Little did she realize that Max had crept back into the room, and he'll now have the phone number of the person who hired Nicole on his phone, so she truly has outlived her usefulness to Max at this point, but not for us, because Max is gonna make sure she goes out in proper PKF style. So first he cracks her on the skull with a wooden club to end her phone call.

After Nicole crumbles to the ground, Max gives a few more kicks to those huge funbags on her chest for good measure, and then proceeds to strangle her to death. Not with his hands or even a rope, but with barbed fucking wire!!

This time, he makes sure the job is REALLY done.

As he strangles her and the wire is digging into her beautiful throat, all that can be herd are her muffled gasps, and her sexy high heels still clicking away on the cement floor as her legs convulse uncontrollably.

Nicole is FABULIOUS in her death throws. Gasping, choking, spitting blood, and flailing to the delight of hard cocks everywhere.

With his work truly done, Max leave the room and the camera then graces us with extended shots of Nicole's now lifeless form in a beautiful bloody heap.

This movie gets a fucking A+ from me. Hell, if there was a higher score than that, I'd give it. Everything about this flick is a home run. From John Marshall's directing and editing skills, to Max Coxxx's unwavering bad guy we all wish we were, to the fucking ASTOUNDING Nicole Oring! What a find she was for this film! She's strikingly gorgeous, actually has REAL acting ability, can and will SCREAM like no one's business, and on top of all that is willing to make fucked up movies like this one to satisfy perverted fucks like us. WHAT A WOMAN!! :-)

My Grade: A+


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