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Cards of Pain 3

Reviewed by Steeltoiz

Cards of Pain 3 Review:

Lyen Parker was confident. Why not? She survived 100 strokes from Ariel in Martial Law 3. Then another 50 in ML4.

She prevailed over Ariel in WOP20 and WOP Special Rules. In WOP The Duel, Lyen proudly proclaimed Ariel was correct for giving up and not continuing into the "face slap" round because she valued her teeth.

Then came Mistress Tatjana with the face of an angel and the heart of a demon.


Her evil smile is the envy of Lucifer himself. Tatjana's power stroke with the whip can tame a lion. Can she tame Lyen?

In round one, the fireworks began. The first lesson of being a sub is to never tell a dom to "chill" with a wise-ass smirk on your face. Tatjana's hair-trigger temper was evident when she exchanged the pussy whipping strap in her hand for the big whip upon being told to "chill" by Lyen. When Tatjana emerged from the darkness with the whip, Lyen looked helplessly to Pedro behind the camera to call a foul or for help but none was on the way. Lyen would have to lay in the bed she made. It was the use of the big whip on the small surface area of Lyen's pussy that had her begging for mercy just a few strokes into the round.

Round 2 was Lyen's lucky round as she avoided a breast whipping with the flip of a coin. Lucky for her. Unlucky for us. Perhaps she thought it would be easy from here.

The tension between dom and sub continued in round 3. Tatjana probed the more sensitive areas of Lyen's back and bottom with the first few of 50 Full Body strokes. She then pounded that area upon finding it and Lyen quickly complained about the same spot being struck over and over.

In this round, Lyen could not control her anger and shouted at Tatjana. The break in protocol would not go unpunished as Tatjana turned Lyen a number of times to punish Lyen's sensitive lower belly and hips.

Round 4 was among the most savage ever committed to a digital hard drive by ElitePain. Lyen chose to have her bottom whipped next and the card she picked was "Hold Position". She was forced while on her hands and knees to keep her hands to not move off her contact points with the platform or be forced to start the count again at one. Unfortunately for Lyen, being on all fours exposed her already damaged pussy to additional strokes.

Tatjana started the round with the strap and Lyen moved off her spots and collapsed at stroke 7. When Lyen returned to position, Tatjana walked around the platform to look into Lyen's eyes and reminded her in a sense of all her previous breaks in protocol and excessive pride.

Tatjana sought to make up for the mercy she showed earlier in the game for which Lyen showed ingratitude. Seemingly unprovoked, Tatjana reached again for the big whip. The cries from Lyen reached a new level of intensity and she again collapsed off her spots. Tatjana, perhaps hopeful to inflict more punishment, encouraged Lyen back in position. It was not long again before Tatjana delivered paralyzing pain to move Lyen off her contact points and she was down a third time. Can she rise again?

How can she survive restarting the count yet another time and complete the round? A tolerable 30 strokes to the soles would remain after this round for the big prize but the journey to get there is through hell.

In COP3, Mistress Tatjana is fierce and as a newcomer, looking to leave her mark...and she left many. Lyen Parker is stubborn and resilient as always.

My Grade: A


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