A Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril) Movie Review

Cards of Pain 3

Reviewed by Troicha

Cards of Pain 3 Review

Round 1: 30 lashes on pussy. Lucky Card: "2x All." Lyen's punishment is doubled, and because she had drawn this card first, before taking on any other round, it means that the 4 remaining rounds also are doubled.

Luckily our brave siren still took it on.

Lyen mocked Tatjana before the round starts. This set off an amusing back and forth quarrel between the two ladies for the remainder of the film.

Round 2: Back. Lucky Card: "Full Body." Instead of taking the 50 lashes only on her back, she must suffer them all over her body. And yes folks, Tatjana actually knew how to perform a full-body whipping; she actually hit Lyen on her front and back.

Lyen begged Tatjana not to strike her on the same place over and over; of course, she gets shut down.

Towards the end of the round, Lyen was nearly hyperventilating. She was out of breath, not only from the pain but also from protesting so many times to Tajana, to no avail.

Round 3: 50 lashes on ass. Lucky Card: "Keep Position." Lyen had to keep her arms and knees in place the entire time or else the round would start over. The poor girl started sobbing as soon as she realized her already cruel fate got even worse. The "Keep Position" card was most unfair to our poor Lyen, and Tatjana was not idle, she immediately seized upon the opportunity to make her suffer even more.

She deliberately struck Lyen's pussy with the whip instead of her ass.

Tatjana was brutal in reminding Lyen of her place.

The excruciating pain forced Lyen to give up her position and thus the round was started over more than once.

After the round was up, an outraged Lyen complained about the unfairness, about how the rules were meant to be followed. Poor girl, she still didn't get it. She provoked Tatjana, who doesn't give a fuck about the rules, she brought this on herself.

A terrific CoP episode and an excellent start for Mistress Tatjana (this was her debut). So far all three episodes of this game have been superb.

Tatjana was a monster here; she embodied the term "vicious bitch." She blew Amanda and Ariel out of the water in terms of cruelty. When Lyen teased her in the first round, she had no idea just who she was messing with, what kind of beast she was going to unleash. Tatjana put the "D" in dominatrix; by the end of the film, she had utterly decimated Lyen after dominating her for the entirety of every round.

And incredibly, Pedro actually had her use the strap, at least at first, until the silly girl kept changing back to the whip. It seems my harassment of him over the constant use of only the single-tailed whip finally paid off.

The only criticism to be made of the film was that the lighting was off here. Especially in rounds two and three, there was always a shadow on Lyen's right side. Also annoying was round 1, where Tatjana's face and left side were frequently partially obscured.

Make sure you watch the last few minutes of the film.

My Grade: A-


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