A Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril) Movie Review

Cards of Pain 2

Reviewed by Darkseid


With this second movie, I think the new Card of Pain game should be promoted with full marks. The combination of (few) lucky cards with (more) unlucky cards makes the challenge harsh but interesting, until now we had two failures but only for "mental break" of the models, because either Lucy or Linda could win (especially Linda, she was in total mental mess because she could quit AFTER turning the card, quitting before knowing the last challenge was not very clever) and both the films were plenty of lovely moments.

In particular, this CoP2 is very harsh, brutal and cruel. We see a beautiful blonde in devastating pain, crying, trembling and sobbing, who often can't even speak to count with her voice broken by cough and choked cries. After two very lucky cards (a save for the feet and the candle for the pussy, that I consider a lucky card even if her cries made us understand she suffered a lot making the round quite interesting) she picked the most feared card: 3x all remaining round.

First, she had 30 strokes on her boobs, the part she considers the most sensitive (cause of her implants), and on her belly. Ariel and Tatjana made their best to make this round the most painful possible and they did a very good job. The wooden cross on which Linda was tied made the situation even more interesting. Really, this was a very cruel and nice round, and her weeping made this scene really worthy.

But the best part is the 4th round with 90 full body whipping. I think it is one of the most brutal and cruel scenes of EP history. Rarely I've seen a model (or at least a nice model like her) in this level of suffering, and Ariel and Tatjana seemed to become even more sadist at every scream of suffering from Linda, alternating with real cruelty the back whipping with some painful frontal whipping. The way Linda is "hanged" by the wrists adds a spicy taste to the whipping, at the end the blonde beauty seemed at the edge of falling in her knees, remaining hanged without any strength.

And then a scene that will please every cruel, heartless and devilish people (I was pleased…). Linda in her knees, crying, trembling, really broken and devastated in pain and unable to speak. It reminded me of Lucy's crying scene, or Lyen's one after the pussy whipping in WOP Special Rules (or the ML3 one). I find these are very wonderful scenes, scenes like this should be more frequent and I dream of Zazie in a similar situation (Pedro, do something for that, please!!).

A++ for the dominas couple. The team-up between Ariel and Tatjana is one of the best things ever seen in EP movies. Their complicity and their cruel sadism is something beautiful. And yes, I would like to see the cruel Tatjana in pain in a sub role, one day…

A final observation. Now that I've seen it I understand how I missed a cruel punishment with 90/100 lashes all together in one round, like it happened some years ago in some EP and MP movies. I think Pedro should "offer" us something like that more often: a harsh full body 100 (or even 120, or more if the model could bare it) whip lashes all at once in one round, with two dominas alternated (because only one could lose her strength after too much "work"). I think Blue Angel and Zazie should take it… maybe in some Mood Picture movie, in which Pedro shouldn't think too much about a sophisticated plot (I don't think viewers are interested in that) but more about cruel punishments that are difficult to see in random and luck-based games.

P.S: I like Julienne's Wheel of Pain idea but I think Pedro should mind about some basic rules change.

My Grade: A


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