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Cards of Pain 1

Reviewed by Darkseid

Damn, I was so excited to see Lucy's Cards of Pain 1 that I forgot to review it...

Well, I think it is a superb movie. The new game is very intriguing. The fact that all body parts have to be whipped (or involved in some way) is the real improvement of the game. Lucky Cards add a lot of spice. At least, they added spice in this game. I received from @Pedro the entire list of cards and I am a little bit worried because there is the possibility that the girl could pick a very lucky set of cards (in some case too lucky, and it would be a real shame if it happens to one of our favourite cutest gamers) but also a set of too harsh cards that could discourage the girl already in the earlier rounds. But I think @Pedro, who surely has more experience in these games that all of us, knows his stuff and has already calculated all the possible combinations with all their percentages.

Talking of this particular movie, the lucky cards set was quite perfect. But as usual, the real value is the girl. Lucy is just perfect. Not only for her body (that is really perfect) or her face (damn she is cute!) but above all for how she reacts to the whip and to pain in general. I already noticed it during her WOP (her gasps and wheezes especially while Ariel whipped her breasts were wonderful) but now her reactions have been even better (or worst, for her...). But let's go in order.

As you know I'm a lover of bastinado. And let me say it, that was the best feet whipping scene of all EP. It overcomes Nancy's one and Lyen's on in their WOP. Lucy has perfect feet and Lady Jennifer is a cold machine in giving pain with her precise hits. And finally, we have more than usual 10 lashes (if you remember I asked to increase the number of lashes in WOP). 20 and more, as Lucy missed in counting two or three times. Result: Lucy cries and screams loud, but the most important thing she shakes her feet and curls her toes in a very sexy way. Question for @Pedro: after such severe bastinado, did she walk well just after the round or she was in pain when she placed her sole in the ground? In that case, it would be interesting to see her immediate reaction trying to walk... maybe scenes like this could be placed in the "after credits" part.

Very lucky card as the 25 lashes have been transformed in 25 hot drops of wax. I don't know if you use special wax for these games. I had experienced only of normal candles when some wax dropped on my hands (not in BDSM games...) but it doesn't hurt very much (Once I burned myself with sealing wax and it hurts like hell, but also leave burning marks for weeks...). Ok, in this case, the wax is dropped directly on the butthole or poor Lucy but the way she screams and cries shows that she was in a very painful session. More and more than I expected. Even the host seemed astonished for her pain. Her reaction was so pleasant (to the viewer, not to her) that this round has to be considered not "wasted" at all despite the lucky card.

Another "lucky" card but that was "my card": the ballgag. Hate me but I find it very sexy... especially if put in the mouth of sexy cute and innocent-looking girls, like Lucy. And let's say that Lucy's boobs whippings are among the best boobs whipping of EP history. Remember her WOP? She has two of the most beautiful tits in the world, it must be said. And even if she tries it is evident that she can't bear the pain while they are whipped. The way she arches her body launching desperate cries as if she was the victim of the most brutal and painful torture is something ecstatic. @Pedro: if in the PD between Lucy and Zazie there isn't a boob whipping duel, you have to realize that you committed one of the most serious crimes against humanity. In this case, you have to repair it in some way...

Unlucky card... the way she stares at the card when she realizes that it is a doubler, that the number to be doubled is 35 and that the result is 70 is something fantastic. But the whipping scene is even better, of course. 70 lashes after three very painful rounds are something very delightful for the viewers. And as usual she cries and screams like an innocent damsel tortured by a brutal executioner, making it even more delightful. And in this case, the domina adds something with her skills, hitting her neck and her armpit and her boob size causing her even more pain. Excellent round.

And finally the notorious round with clit needling. Seeing her in desperation until she breaks is not bad at all. In the same way the after-credits scene with her breaking in tears is very very pleasant (I'm a bad person, I loved the Lyen's crying scene after the pussy whipping too). Sorry for those people who said they can't stand it, maybe you should change typologies of movies... A question to @Pedro: why you didn't tie or cuff her hands? I think in that way she would have been the same reactions but she wouldn't have given up, letting us see her subsequent whipping...

I think Lady Jennifer is now my favourite domina... Ariel is the cutest, obviously, and also the cruelest and crazy, the classical sadistic domina who smiles while she whips her victims. But Jennifer is a damn cold-blooded whipping machine. No reactions, neither sympathetic nor sadistic. She only focuses on her work. And this brings to wonderful results: she is the only one who alternates horizontal and diagonal strokes so that there is more overlapping of whipping wounds making it more painful. She has an excellent aim, she often hits the same spot (Lucy complained for this lots of time) and she hits lots of parts that usually are not hit, like the neck, the armpit, the side boobs etcetera. A very good acquisition for the stable, bravo @Pedro.

Basing of this first movie, the new game is totally approved A++.

Hope to see soon Angel's and Lyens' one... and maybe others. Like Zazie (discarding in advantage all Lucy card, of course.

My Grade: A+


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