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Cards of Pain 1

Reviewed by Thomas Chser

Cards of Pain 1 by ElitePain

Lucy is no stranger to ElitePain's games. When she made her debut in Wheel of Pain 24, she was an instant hit with the fans. Blessed with a tight, toned body from time spent in the gym, Lucy is certainly a jewel for the camera, and for fans of severe bondage films. She didn't fare too well playing the Wheel of Pain game, and proved herself to be a reluctant participant in other Elite Pain offerings, but the planets finally aligned and here she is, ready to face a new game, with new tortures.

In Cards of Pain, the rules are pretty simple. There are five "zones" to be tortured. The contestant has to divide 100 strokes amongst those five zones. The zones include the feet, pussy, back, breasts, and ass. How many strokes she gets where, and in what order they are delivered, is up to the contestant. What makes this interesting for us, the viewers, is that for each zone there is a "wild card" submitted by fans of ElitePain. A card could half the number of strokes, for example, or allow the contestant to skip the trial altogether. It could also double the number of strokes, or cause an additional level of pain for the trial. This is what makes this game so devilish. Anonymous people can suggest different things they would want to see done to a defenseless woman, and there's a chance it could happen.

Is your mind racing with possibilities?

Mine was.

Poor Lucy has no idea what's she's gotten herself into.

After dividing up her 100 strokes, it's time for her to draw her Cards of Pain.

After a card is placed under each torture zone, Lucy chooses which zone she wants to have abused. Since she's only getting 10 strokes to her feet, she chooses that one first. She turns the wild card over for that zone to reveal its value.

She's a little concerned.

She's placed on the punishment bench, on her back, with her feet bound to a metal crossbar, leaving them exposed to the machinations of a new dominatrix, Lady Jenny, who looks like she could push a Harley Davidson up a tow truck ramp every night, all night, and enjoy it. If you want a dom that looks like she fucking wants to dominate Lucy, the show host, the camera guy, the other camera guy, and you, all at the same time, then Lady Jenny is the dom you want. She's not there to fuck around with any of your namby-pamby bullshit. She's there to get her pound of flesh. She wants to break some skin, and then break some bones! As Ivan Drago said in Rocky III, "I will buh-drake you…".

And poor petite Lucy is bound to the bench, her tender, delicate feet exposed to Lady Jenny's cruel whip.

Lucy screams in protest, each blow drawing more volume from the delicate throat. For such a tiny girl, she can really howl, and Lady Jenny takes full advantage of her exposed body. With a hottie like Lucy under her domination, who can blame her? Blow after blow lands against Lucy's tender soles, and each strike brings a new scream of pain. Lady Jenny is very good at what she does; the first strikes being "attention getters", concentrating the first 10 blows on one foot and then the other foot facing its share, increasing the strength of her blow with each strike as Lucy screams louder and louder. Lucy, stunned by the attack on her feet, miscounts several times, giving Lady Jenny a few extra shots at punishing the girl for her lack of concentration. Yet, Lucy finds the will to continue until she completes the challenge.

Good for her. Great for us.

Next up is 25 shots on her ass. Lucy figures it'll be a good break from the pain she just endured on her feet. She figures wrong. She turns the card over to reveal that she won't be struck by a whip, but by a candle dripping hot wax. That doesn't sound so bad, does it?

Or does it?

Lucy dutifully assumes the position, bent over the punishment bench and forced to hold her own ass cheeks apart. Lady Jenny lights the candle and positions it over the puckered hole of the nubile girl.

Lucy screams deliciously.

Each drop of tiny fire trickles over the sensitive tissue surrounding her exit hole, burning intensely. Each drop adds more pain, the flesh scorched by the liquid lava. And with each drop of burning fury, Lucy screams. And screams. And screams.

Still, she persists. No matter how much it hurts, Lucy maintains her position and accepts the hot wax onto her body. And then, the challenge is completed and it is time to move on.

Three challenges left. Breasts, back, or pussy. What will it be? Lucy has an appreciation for the power of the wild card. The mystery modifier could be anything; anything that a perverted mind can imagine. Still, she can control the location. Of the three options, she chooses her breasts. For once, she gets lucky with the Cards of Pain. The fans have been kind to her. Instead of adding to her misery, the fans have permitted her to wear a ballgag.

Lucy is bound to the punishment bench, her arms apart and lashed to the metal supports, a thick black ballgag strapped between her lips. Then, it is time to begin.

I love this position. It looks good on Lucy. She writhes deliciously with each crack of the whip across her chest, the leather leaving an ugly red line from her neck to her sternum. Lady Jenny knows where to extract the maximum pain from her victims, and Lucy is no exception. Several of the blows lift her completely off the bench.

And then it is over. Twenty red stripes adorn the poor girl's body, showing the path of the whip across her nipples. She hangs limply from the apparatus, trying to recover from her ordeal.

After recovering from her abuse, Lucy returns to the game board. Lucy, who has taunted Lady Jenny in just about every trial, would like to lodge a complaint with Management. One of their staff is exceptionally mean and cruel.

Management takes it under advisement. Customer Service is very important, right? Lucy had indicated that she would be interested in becoming a dominatrix someday. What better way to learn than from one so cruel as Lady Jenny? Management considers it to be On-The-Job training.

Lucy, begrudgingly, moves on.

Only two choices are left: 35 on her back, or 10 on her pussy. She endured 50 on her back in a previous film, so 35 should be a piece of cake. Right? Oh wait. We forgot about the Card of Pain.

The air escapes her lungs. She looks at the card, then at the number of strokes she had wagered. She has effectively gone from an endurable 35 strokes, to 70 strokes. On her back. By a very cruel dom.

This scene was everything I thought it would be. From start to finish, the intensity builds with each stroke. Lucy is left panting and sweating profusely, her lungs gulping air. If there's one thing that ElitePain knows how to do, and do well, it's how to whip a girl and get it on film. Lucy is extravagantly abused on the whipping post. Lady Jenny knows her business. She makes sure that the stripes go vertically as well as horizontally. That's a sign of an experienced professional. She knows how to make a body hurt, and hurt a lot. The pain is so intense that Lucy is lifted off the platform by the ferocity of her whipping. To be honest, I thought Lucy would quit. I didn't think she could take that level of abuse. But, she does. She fights to the end and finishes the challenge.

One challenge is left on the board. Ten strokes on her pussy. Lucy, still wiped from her experience on the whipping post, decides to press on. Her pussy is her most sensitive region, and she's dreaded this challenge since the game started. Now, she must face it.

She turns the card over.

If you have any sense of moral decency, you'll turn back now.

You've been warned.

Lucy can't believe what she's being told. There's no way a person could be that cruel to another person. There must be some sort of mistake.

In case you were wondering where the clitoris is, she points right at it, to verify that we're talking about the right body part.

There's no mistake.

Ten pussy strikes.

With a needle in her clit.

Lucy weighs her options. The host reminds her that she doesn't have to do it. She can quit. But, if she quits, she won't get the prize money. Lucy lets out an expletive. Did she come all this way to quit? Twenty strokes on her feet. Seventy strokes on her back. Hot wax on her bung hole. Twenty times her breasts felt the kiss of the whip licking at her nipples. And for what? To go home a loser? No. Reluctantly, she agrees to accept the challenge.

She's bound on her back, her legs spread and lashed to the metal beams of the punishment bench. She's told to spread her labia so that Lady Jenny can push a needle through the most sensitive part of a woman's body.

Lucy's reaction to the needle pressing against her nub is instantaneous and instinctive.

There are parts of the human body that just aren't meant to be pierced, and Lucy has just found one of them.

Lady Jenny waits for her subject to calm, then she goes back in, needle in hand, ready to do her job.

Friends, at this point, if you're still reading this, you're probably both fascinated and horrified by what you're seeing. I know I was. You know Lucy is going to scream, and scream hard, and that's just the start of this challenge. How much more can she take? How far will she go to win? Even if the needle goes in, can she really handle having her clit beaten with a whip while the needle pierces her nub? Pain is the body's way of saying that something is wrong, and intense pain means that something is really, really, really wrong. That's the message that Lucy's bundle of densely-packed nerve endings tells her.

I won't tell you how it ends. It breaks my heart just to think of it. This poor girl, this lovely young thing with the tight, well-toned body, has her most sensitive region abused by a cold, unforgiving needle. What manner of cruelty is this? The sick perverted kind. From a sick perverted mind. No civilized nation could possibly allow this to be done to an innocent girl. There ought to be a law!

Get it while you can. Because a movie this suspenseful, with a contestant this hot, with challenges this cruel, are an abomination against human decency. Stay for the behind-the-scenes footage, and keep a vomit bucket handy.

My Grade: A


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