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Cards of Pain 1

Reviewed by Troicha

Cards of Pain 1 Review

Lucy returns in her third film with Elitepain, she plays the brand new card game. With the MILF-Esque brute Lady Jenna as her domina.

The rules are simple. Lucy must suffer 100 strokes altogether, she must divide them on 5 body parts. Ass, pussy, soles, back and breasts, she gets to choose the # of strokes each body part will suffer, she may select whichever body part she wants at the beginning of each round in whatever order. For each body part, she must select a "lucky" card that will in some way enhance the punishment she will receive.

Round 1: 10 strokes on soles, Lucky card: +10. Lucy suffers 20 strokes altogether. Lady Jenna, in her cruelty, deliberately strikes one of Lucy's feet repeatedly instead of striking them both, causing Lucy to beg for mercy.

Round 2: 25 wax drops on anus (WTF thinks this shit up), Lucky card: candle. So Instead of the 25 lashes, Lucy suffers 25 drops of hot wax on her anus. Hot wax droplets on her most intimate areas; this is much harder for Lucy to endure than one would think.

Round 3: 20 lashes on breasts, Lucky card: ballgag. Lucy received her 20 breast lashes with a ballgag in her mouth. If rounds 2&3 were comparatively tame, this is the round where the action really heated up and never slowed down. Her breast whipping was so intense that afterwards, she wanted to postpone the other rounds until the next day.

Round 4: 70 lashes on back, Lucky card: doubler. 35+35=70. After pissing off Lady Jenna again one too many times, Lucy begins to really suffer the consequences, Lady Jenna criticizes her and lashes her even harsher than before. From the very first stroke on her virgin back Lucy rears up and starts panting like she just jogged 5 miles, she clutches that post she is tied to like a damned life raft and you get a delicious sense of how brutal this is going to be for her.

IF you have any humanity left in your soul, don't go any further, just stop watching right now.

Round 5: This scene is what truly crossed the line. I mean she gets her pussy pierced then she was supposed to get 10 lashes on top of that; with a damn needle in her clit????? Lucy is terrified and lets out a gasp even before Jenna touches her clit with the needle, and when she finally pierces her, Lucy screams at the top of her lungs. I won't spoil the rest, but fuck, the most intense reactions from any submissive in any whipping film for sure. Her screams were so loud that they echoed off the walls.

For Round 2, Lucy's hands were totally unbound nor was she restrained in any way. It made sense that she would have had to spread her own cheeks so Jenna could pour the wax, however, this ruined the sense of helplessness that we viewers want to observe. She should at least have had ropes wrapped around her wrists, loosely tied to the frame; this simply looks better and keeps with the fantasy of her being the powerless submissive. Even though this film in no way implies non-consent, the victim of the torture aiding her torturer…in torturing her does rather ruin our fun.

This film marked the debut of Lady Jenna, who has prior experience as a domina on the femdom side. Right from the getgo in round 1, she was merciless and seemed determined to cause Lucy as much pain and suffering as possible. This was even before the later rounds when Lucy goaded her on. It's quite clear that she (like all dominas) has some psychological issues as she tried to dictate even the way Lucy counted the strokes and made her repeatedly say them several times over the course of the film. Her combination of verbally tormenting the victim and striking her harshly was indeed different than what we usually see from Amanda and Ariel and quite a pleasure to watch! Because of the savagery of her ordeal, Lucy's reactions were indeed different in this film. Whereas in WoP 24 and Escape Room, she was merely screaming in pain, here she was doing that but also crying and pleading for mercy! Lady Jenna simply must make a return as a dominatrix in future films.

One thing that sets this film apart from most others (aside from its ruleset and plot) is its intensity. There are plenty of other films where the dominatrix is a beast with the whip and the sub howls in pain even louder than you'd expect, but this film was on another level. In Every single round, Lucy was made to scream profusely, with the fifth and final round being the most intense for obvious reasons. Lady Jenna seemed to dislike Lucy from the start and struck quite hard even from the first round. This was a great film, with little to criticize other than a few of Jenna's strokes seeming sloppy and the watermark occasionally blocking Lucy's face in the 3rd round.

Vicious Domina, passionately sobbing submissive, a multitude of tortures that will keep on changing each time a new game is played. Well worth your $40, ...if you have a heart of stone.

My Grade: A-


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