A Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril) Movie Review

Buzzsaw Butchers 2 Part 1

Reviewed by Mark Evans

Since there seems to be an interest in Luna Vega, here’s my next review.

Review: Buzzsaw Butchers 2 Part 1

The flick starts off with a preview for another Deathtrap Films movie called You Can't Have Her, Bitch!, where two girls are caught cheating in the act. This leads to one of them tied to a chair for a cutting scene. Things get really bad for this girl.

This is followed by a dark and slightly blurry buzzsaw scene that turns bloody. No view of the cutting, just her body as blood is sprayed.

Enter Luna. She is wandering around, and ends up sleeping in a park. There are nice views of her so far.

The torturer ends up picking her up, and convincing her to come back to her place. This is where things go wrong for Luna.

She wakes up tied to a chair. Nothing is spared for views of Luna’s body. From here on, the camera gets her from many angles and distances.

The torturer then begins her “experiment”, and goes to town on her with jumper cables until she is passed out. She is then fondled a bit before the movie ends.

Overall, the acting isn't bad. The electro scene is probably the best acted, with Luna’s reactions, and the torturer’s enjoyment. Most of the dialog is not so great.

The camera work and quality is good, except for a couple of shots. The audio quality is not very good at some points. The effects are mediocre. There is a mild flashing and spark effect when she gets shocked, and good struggling. The bloody scenes are ok too, but not as realistic as they could have been.

There's also some sort of plot with a girl looking for her twin sister while all of this is going on. I guess we'll find out what happens in Part 2.

Overall, I give this movie a B for the casting, acting when it mattered most, and generous views of Luna. The whole movie is about 26 minutes, and well worth the purchase I think.

My Grade: B


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