A Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril) Movie Review

Betrayed Into Bondage

Reviewed by DHT

Betrayed Into Bondage is a fantastic video, well worth the money. It features Natalie Ashe, an unusual looking but hot blonde or fake blonde in leotards, put into about three different tie ups.

The next woman is Katie Jordan, a hot brunette with short hair. She is surprised in her bedroom and put through about 5 tie-ups.

The third and last woman on the tape is Jewel, a neat little blonde who looks a little like both Drew Barrymore and Gillian Anderson. Jewel plays a jogging lawyer who is abducted by a disgruntled opponent, and taken home for about three lengthy tie-ups and left spreadeagled to a bed with a lit stick of dynamite taped between her legs.

Jewel, who is featured in several bindher videos, gets her best treatment in this one. HELD is another good Jewel/Bindher video.


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