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Collector's Edition 2: Art of the Whip

Reviewed by YikYakker

Hey GIMPers, I finally finished my review of Collector's Edition 2: Art of the Whip. Before I get to that, I just want to mention that the Bound Heat series focuses on themes of captivity, forced labor and sexual slavery of women by women; punishment, torture, etc. is also female-on-female, and appears rarely in their films except as a response to disobedience. But when they came out with a compilation of whipping scenes, I thought I'd give it try and report back on my findings. So here's the review:

Collector’s Edition 2: The Art of the Whip

Opener: 5 sleeping girls are awakened, stripped, oiled and lightly thrashed (with what looks like rose stems) by two nuns. The girls are all lovely (and naked), they moan and grumble a bit, but put up no resistance and are not bound or restrained, so maybe it's some kind of ritual. The nuns move from one girl to another as the credits cut in intermittently. This is really a swishing, not a whipping. Not a great way to start this compilation.

At 7:20, a brunette in panties and tank top is kneeling on the floor while a blond nurse in white uniform beats her butt with a whip. Might be interesting for butt fans.

At 9:20, two female inmates pull another girl in prison is taken from a cage, hold her down on bed, and pull down her panties, exposing her ass. A female warden in black leather whips her hard 5 times. The girl cries out, and red stripes appear across her butt and lower back. This is a fairly effective scene, but short.

At 10:40, 3 topless girls in panties, tied together (lamely, I might add) are being taken through some sort of dungeon or cave. They're led past a blonde shackled to two posts, arms outstretched, naked, head bowed. We get views from front and behind as the blonde is whipped by a female slavemaster. The blonde yelps with each crack of the whip - 33 lashes in all - but doesn't squirm nearly enough for my liking. Some red marks appear on her butt, but nowhere else. The victim has a superb body that is glistening with sweat. The bitch leading the trio of lassoed girls past the whipping scene says "Don't worry, only the disobedient are punished", which pretty well sums up the Bound Heat philosophy.

At 12:50, the parade passes a naked girl straddling a wooden saw horse, wrists chained behind her, head bowed, hair covering her face. She bears some whip marks on her butt and thighs.

At 13:15 another girl, clad only in panties and boots is rope-tied (unconvincingly) in a spread-eagle position between two posts. Her naked female tormentor "whips like a girl." As the blows are being delivered, we get a lot of close-ups of both sets of very nice tits, but don't see the lashes land. The victim does a nice job of flinching, though. Exhausted (from her very brief whipping job!?) the naked whipper lies down on a nearby cot and appears to fall asleep. The whipped girl wriggles from her lame bonds (no surprise there) and ties the sleeping disciplinarian face down to the bed (just as lamely). "Where're my sisters?" she demands, and proceeds to thrash her naked butt. Red marks appear (a little overdone, IMO) but the groggy (drugged?) mistress won't talk. So the prisoner pours some liquid into Dopey’s mouth, saying, "This is for my sisters!" Drugs, poison? Don't know. Both these chicks are spectacular-looking, but I really didn't get this scene.

At 17:50, we're back to the sawhorse, and this time it's straddled by a naked, chained baby-faced brunette (think Misty Mundae with a bigger cup size). Nearby, a naked frazzle-haired blond is tied to the two posts awaiting a whipping. (Apparently, these are the aforementioned "sisters") A hot babe in black leather arrives, starts groping the blonde and then begins to whip Babyface front and back. This is a pretty realistic scene. Red marks appear, and Babyface flinches, the whip even catches her hair on occasion. (I know GIMPers like their victims vulnerable and helpless, but I gotta say that the glare of defiance in Babyface's eyes was a real turn-on for me.) Frazzle-hair gets it next, about two dozen lashes, some fake-looking, some realistic, on the back and butt (but the whip curls around and catches her front, which is the view we mostly get). But her yelping seems to be dubbed in, diminishing the scene a bit. Very nice, slender, moist body on display. Not a bad scene altogether.

At 22 minutes, we're in a different movie (Bound Cargo). Rena Riffel hides 3 fugitive girls as slaves in her cabin. A disobedient one is held down on a chair by the other two, butt exposed, while Rena delivers several lashes. (By the way, Riffel appears in so many of the Bound Heat films they should probably rename the site the Rena Riffel Film Festival). This scene didn't do much for me; I'm not that much of a butt man, but others might like it.

25:00 - different movie - slave babes are "pressed" into wine-making labor. First, a panty-clad blonde cranks a giant wheel while a bitch beats her naked back yelling "faster!" The slave is sweating like a pig and has red welts on her back. Next, she's joined by three others, two on each side of the winepress, sweating, wearing panties only, cranking away and being whipped. The girls’ cries seem to be dubbed and we don't see most of the lashes hit home. This scene is definitely more focused on bods than beatings. At 30:20, naked pony girls pull up, hauling a chariot with a female driver cracking a whip over their heads. They wear leather harnesses and have bells dangling from their pussy straps. The first blonde slave begs the chariot-driving "Ben-Her", "Please, let me die!" "Not yet!" says Ben-Her, who puts a collar around the slave's neck, with a chain that she fastens to the back of the vehicle. The ponies have electric wires attached to their pussies, and the driver shocks them to get moving. So I guess this scene has a little of something for everyone, but just a little. I'm really not a big pony-girl fan.

In the next scene, two slave girls hold another's arms up over her head while she is whipped (not a credible technique, IMO). There are a few close-ups of the whip realistically landing on her ass (or maybe it’s a double's ass). The girl's reactions are not very animated. A weak scene.

At 36:13 we revisit the ponies, who are being strapped to the front of the chariot, and given an electric jolt to start moving. Then we rejoin the winemaking babes for another brief round of whipping and sweating. Nothing new here.

At 39:00, we're down in some mine where slavebabes toil while wearing loose, revealing shirts and panties. Two plan an escape but need money, so one hides an emerald in her briefs. When they return to their room with three cellmates, a suspicious taskmistress inspects everyone’s pussies for hidden gems (not explicitly shown). Upon finding hidden treasure, she orders the other three girls to strip and tie the two thieves, facing each other, AOH to a ceiling beam. (These girls know nothing about tying ropes.) The two are both whipped on their backs and butts. Red marks appear but the reactions aren't convincing. At 47:00 a prisoner, with her clothes pulled down exposing her panties, is being held down on a bed by two slavers and whipped by a nearly naked female interrogator. It's a brief scene, but fairly effective.

At 48 minutes, a naked slave is tied to two posts, arms outstretched and is butt-whipped. She passes out, water is thrown on her face and the whipping resumes. Afterwards, we get a nice long look at her wet bod on display from behind, but no marks are shown. This activity is interspersed with scenes of a man being executed by strangling. Why didn't they edit that out?

We're now 50 minutes in, it's a different movie, and uh-oh...someone has escaped! The negligent female guard strips herself for punishment and kneels with her butt exposed for whipping. A queen delivers a few lashes energetically, but no marks appear and the scene is brief. The sawhorse makes an appearance again at 51:45, this time straddled by a brunette in a nightshirt. She is shackled with her wrists behind her, and her ankles are chained to a large weight that pulls her legs down. A slaver pulls off the girl’s shirt and begins whipping. Unfortunately, the scene is interrupted by views of men being whipped. A throwaway scene.

Next, three slaves are seated on a floor, naked, chained to a wall. Two slavers beat on one of them with whips as she crawls on all fours. Very brief.

At 54 minutes, a group of girls are having their prison uniforms pulled down to expose their backs for whipping. One is taken out, stripped, tied arms outstretched and whipped on the back about five times. Another very brief scene with wasted potential. Next, a maid is spanked, not whipped, for disappointing her mistress. Wrong movie.

At 1:01:00 a girl chained (loosely) to a dungeon cot is stripped by two hot babes in leather and vinyl outfits. They remove her from the cot and hold her down across a type of bench. After a lengthy whipping, she is taken back to the cot and chained. The whipping motions are girlish and slow, and the prisoner’s cries are dubbed. The scene would have been more credible if she was tied or chained down instead. But at 1:08, they are back for "lesson two". This time she is whipped on the front while chained to the cot Red marks appear on her belly and thighs, and she is sweating. She passes out.

Next is a scene with Rena Riffel delivering a slo-mo whipping to a naked figure on the floor. This is intercut with scenes of a woman being pursued through dark woods by some hooded figures. But wait...the person being whipped is - a man! The woman is caught, but not whipped. WTF? At 1:13:00 two slaves lift the kimono worn by a third girl to expose her ass for whipping. The two slaves hold her arms, while a fourth slave is compelled to whip her. This scene could use more menace.

At 1:15:00, we have two girls in a pastoral setting, one whips the butt of the other, both are clothed, nothing is seen. Another useless scene.

Another kimono scene follows, different girl. But the ass-whipping is more realistic this time. Then, as a prelude to some lez action, the boss-bitch rubs kimono-girl's butt to make it feel better. Awww.

Plusses: Abundant nudity, lots of gorgeous, glistening babes in forced labor or sexual slavery conditions undergoing punishment. The production values are great, the settings and build-ups are well-done, and the lighting techniques enhance the overall effect.

Minuses: Some scenes are hot, some are not. The guards and slavemasters could be more menacing and energetic; better whipping and restraint techniques are needed; and dubbing in screams and moans is not a good idea. The girls should either let it all out, or wear gags. (In the credits, when they say “Completely Remastered” they may have meant “Completely Dubbed-in”. Overall, I give it a grade of C-. I would like to have seen more whippings on the back or front. I'm really not into ass-whipping unless the babe is completely naked and is getting it elsewhere as well. Also, there are a few scenes from Caligula’s Spawn that were not included in this compilation. I might have given it a higher score if they had been.

End of review.

Comment: It seems that Bound Heat might have been reaching for a different audience with this compilation, figuring that they had enough punishment scenes to put a package together and market it to those with a taste for such things. But if they want to appeal to true GIMPers (and it's speculation as to whether they really want to) they'll need to remember the MP in GIMP. Merciless Peril is what makes the scenes we like work, and there isn't enough of that in their films or punishment scenes to truly satisfy. But if they add a bit more mean-spiritedness to the villain(esse)s, and let the victims put up more of a fight (futile though it may be), they might have something for the rest of us.

My Grade: C-

Bound Heat

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