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Agent X

Reviewed by Falstaff

Okay, a first time review. First, a disclaimer, I am a big fan of Red Feline in general and Jane in particular. The productions at Red Feline are still a work in progress, but with tremendous potential. I just viewed Agent X; some general observations, I have seen Aristo Crux, Jane in Peril #3, and 7 Days #3, I am a big fan of the outdoor epics, but Agent X is still my favorite of the ones I have viewed.

The movie begins with Jane entering the warehouse where she is quickly (and not very realistically) overpowered. She is rendered unconscious through use of a choke hold and is transported to another room. Still fully clothed, she is handcuffed and then pulled off the floor and placed in a chair. (A side note, Jane spends a lot of time losing consciousness in the movie, through beating, choking, whipping, etc. If an Academy Award was given to best unconscious performance, she would get my vote hands down - she just looks great while laying there, provocatively posed and helpless - as I said earlier, I am a big fan of Jane's) Jane is tied to the chair, the ropes rather loosely applied, some slapping occurs, to bring her to consciousness, and then just to torment her. Our villain (hero?) then begins to cut off her clothing, her dress ending up around her waist. There is some dialogue, then Jan leaves Jane to struggle futilely in the chair. To this point the movie has been fairly slow moving, but the pace begins to quicken as Jan returns. Some more slapping and then a couple of punches, the last of which renders our heroine unconscious. She is untied and lowered to the floor and a table is brought in.

Breaking the flow of the plot for a moment, after all, it is my review, once Jane's clothing starts to come off, the movie automatically improves. She quite simply has a killer body, and as far as I can tell, everything about her is real and unenhanced - a plus as far as I am concerned. I think she has looked good in her other movies, but here, she is at another level.

Anyway, she is tied to the table, legs extending over the end, and the legs still nylon clad. The rope is looped up to the head of the table, looped once around her neck, fairly tightly, secured to the other side and then looped again over her, this time more loosely. Once secured, her panties are cut off, and used to gag her, the loose rope tightens over her mouth to hold in the gag. Then comes an electrocution scene. Wires are attached with tape to her temples, her breasts and the inside of her thighs. Interesting to note, by this time, Jane's nipples have become more aroused, an apparent involuntary reaction to what is happening. It's a small thing, but I found it interesting.

Anyway, Jan begins to shock Jane and you are treated to repeated scenes of her arching her body in response to the torture, an act which increases the pressure on the rope wrapped around her neck. Eventually, Jan removes the gag from Jan's mouth, repositions her on the table and begins to rape her. You don't see any actual penetration, but it looked real enough to fool me, if it wasn't actually happening. While he is raping her, he is using the remains of the dress, which is still wrapped around her waist to pull her toward him. During the rape, pressure is increased on the rope still wrapped around her neck, and, surprise - she passes out again. Let me be clear, that is not a complaint, she passes out a lot in this movie, and I enjoyed each and every time.

Once Jan is done raping the poor Jane, he removes her nylons, exposing even more of her lovely body. She is lowered to the floor, still unconscious and he removes the remainder of her clothing. For the remainder of the movie we get to see Jane is all her natural glory.

Next, we see the first protracted whipping scene, as Jane has restraints applied to her wrists and is hung with her arms apart and over her head. The whipping is confined to her back, and she ends up suitably marked. My only complaint about the scene is I enjoy looking at her breasts more than her back. Finally, Jane - yes, passes out and we move to the next torment, water torture.

Jane is hung upside down on a homemade ladder, her legs looped over the top rung, and her wrists connected by short chains to her ankles, locking her in place. Instead of lowering her head into a bucket of water, as happened to Lisa Kinkaid in SOB, Jan raises the bucket to her head, until she is submerged in the bucket, this is done repeatedly, until poor Jane - yes, she passes out again. We are then treated to a number of minutes of her hanging in a loose hogtie on the ladder while she remains unconscious. The thing is, she looks so good, you really don't mind that nothing is happening, except you get the opportunity for an extended great view of her lovely body. (Okay, at this point, I am probably not sounding very objective) Our lovely, tormented agent is then tied, AOH to a post, arms and legs both connected to spreader bars. The position leaves her toes just barely touching the floor, or slighted off the floor for the remainder of the scene. This is the second whipping scene, this time focusing of her breasts and stomach. Due to my personal preferences, I enjoyed this whipping more than the first one. Jane is once again whipped and suitably marked, until she - - .

I bet you can guess.

We are now ready for the final scene. She is dragged unconscious to a wall and hung with her arms together, over her head. Our tormentor shows her the spikes which he will impale her with. First, her feet are nailed onto the top of two small round stumps, then her hands are nailed to the wall, leaving her spread out in an extended "X". The remainder of the movie shows Jane suffering on the wall, and at one point Jan comes in and probes her body with another spike, drawing blood in her side and the sides of both breasts. At this point, her fate is sealed, and we spend the rest of the movie watching her suffer, and ultimately die. I believe Jane dies in more movies than Bill Holden.

That is the physical description of the movie, as far as my rating of it, as I mentioned in the beginning, I feel Red Feline is still a work is progress, with tremendous potential. And I liked this the best of any of the ones I have seen. Jan still seems a little laid back as a torturer, but is getting better. As for Jane, she has never looked better, the thing I liked best about the movie was you got to see so much of her, the majority of the movie she was either nude, or verrrry scantily clad. There was some dialogue and some pleading with the villain, but for me, the best part is how Jane reacts. She also has an uncanny ability to strike a very erotic pose, whether she is awake and suffering or has lapsed into unconsciousness. The pace of the movie is somewhat slow,the scenes tend to go on too long, however, I enjoy watching Jane enough that was not necessarily a problem. The best part of the movie for me is watching Jane react to the torture, on that basis the I give the movie an A. As far as the overall effort, I would say a B or B-.

The lighting was still a little dark, but much better than 7 Days, and as I said I am a big fan of the "outdoor epic." The plot was adequate, I don't think anyone is watching this for the plot, and the effects - the whipping and nailing were very well done. The electrocution was okay, but then nothing can compare to the epic electrocution in Ralphus' own Blood Sucking Freaks. I also thought the rape scene was well done. Okay, that's my review, sorry if it was somewhat rambling. All in all, I think the people in this forum will enjoy the movie. And I look forward to Jane's next effort.

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