A Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril) Movie Review


Reviewed by Mr. 0

As for gimps tied to a bed in mainstream, my pick hasn't been reviewed by anybody on this site, so I'll do the honor.

The movie is a dark comedy called Spun (2002) and the actress is the lovely Chloe Hunter:

She played April, a stripper who occasionally hooks up with the main character, Ross, a lonely meth addict. So, the story of the movie itself revolves around several characters, all of them are junkies. Needless to say, the bondage scene had to do with pot.

So, April & Ross hooked up for an afternoon of wild sex:

The wild sex was fun and well, even when they decided for some consensual bondage:

The problem started after the crazy sex, Ross got a call from one of his friends, drug related problem, which required him to leave. Obviously, April asked to be untied so she could go back to the strip club.

Ross, not thinking straight thanks to constant meth, opted to have April wait for him. Promising to be back ASAP, Ross kept the cuffs on and put some tapes on April's mouth and eyes:

All the noises from April trying to fight back drew the attention of Ross' next door landlord, who knocked on Ross' door. Ross, though, was able to fend her off thanks to the tape over April's mouth, disabling her to draw any attention to her predicament. Ross gave his word to April that he'd not be out for long before turning on some rock music to cover any possible noise April might be making.

Chaos ensued on Ross' journey, and ASAP turned to be the next day, meaning he left April tied naked to a bed for at least 2 days. Obviously, when Ross came back to her and tried to explain, even removing the tapes on her face, she did not take it kindly.

Ross tried to make up to April, though, sadly...he did it by kissing her breasts over and over, not really doing any favor to the stripper since she was still tied. Another phone call forced Ross to abandon April for the second time. Despite some begging, April failed to get Ross to untie her and instead got her eyes and mouth taped again:

In the end, April ended up being restrained to the bed for at least 3 days before Ross' neighbor came to her rescue.

The whole GIMP scene by Chloe Hunter is incredibly nice to watch. She's got a great body and was not afraid to show it off (with a body like that, why would she be afraid anyway, right?) for around 95% of her screentime (she wore little clothing only for 4 brief scenes, the rest of her scenes had her in her birthday suit). And for a mainstream movie, it sure showed everything she's got (in the uncut version I've got anyway). Even in the (deleted) moment where she was finally rescued, if you pause in some proper scenes, you'd get a chance to look at her labia (how rare is that in mainstream movie, huh?).

My Grade: A-


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