A Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril) Movie Review

Love Object

Reviewed by A Canadian

OK, so I just saw Love Object. So here is my review:

Love Object

Starring: Desmond Harrington, Melissa Sagemiller and Rip Torn

This movie was worthy of the advance praise. I give it a strong recommendation.

Here's a quick summary of the plot. Harrington plays this loner named Kenneth, who is a technical writer for instruction manuals for things like VCRs and DVDs. He's a whiz at his job but very socially awkward. This becomes a challenge for him, as his crusty boss (Torn, doing pretty much the same act as in any episode of The Larry Sanders Show) forces Kenneth to work with a temp who does layout -- Lisa (Sagemiller). Lisa is pretty and cute -- a bit frumpy at the beginning of the movie, but she learns to look hot as the movie progresses.

Anyway, Kenneth's coworkers show him the latest in modern toys -- a $10,000 plastic sex doll, that can be ordered on-line to meet your specific recommendations. Kenneth orders a sex doll, and proceeds to make her look just like Lisa.

As the movie unfolds, the sex doll -- named Nikki -- boosts Kenneth's confidence, and he eventually scores with the real thing, Lisa. At times, it looks like Kenneth could be on the verge of a happy, normal life.

But Kenneth has a kind of Norman Bates thing happening, and he keeps imagining Nikki is talking to him. And boy is she jealous.

Eventually, everything falls apart in Kenneth's world. Lisa learns about Nikki and dumps him. Kenneth also loses his job and he is in debt to his landlord and the bank. He falls apart and confronts Lisa outside her workplace. She refuses to help him, and he kidnaps her. And so, we move into the GIMP portion of the movie...

The scenes with Lisa as victim all take place in Kenneth's apartment, and they're effective. We start with Lisa waking up on his couch. She tries to escape, but Kenneth has her captured. We next see her tied by the feet and her body to a chair, with her hands tied in front of her and a black ball gag in her mouth.

After a quick scene where she almost escapes, Kenneth ties a hook to the back of the black corset she is wearing and, using a crane, pulls her back into the middle of the room. He extends her arms out and ties her hands to ropes attached to the roof. She had briefly removed the ball gag when she tried to escape, but he puts it back in her mouth.

She remains in that position for a bit, squirming and squealing as Kenneth uses a power saw in the bathroom to kill a nosy landlord who had bust into the proceedings.

We next see Lisa briefly bound in the same position, but with a black blindfold covering her eyes. Kenneth appears to be inserting some kind of drug into her neck with a needle.

Lisa is then seen suspended in the air in an upright position in a flying harness. She is wearing this really sexy power suit and black stockings that she had bought earlier in the movie. She doesn't have the ball gag at this point, but is quite drugged and doesn't scream. Kenneth briefly tries to waltz with her.

After Lisa puts up some resistance, Kenneth takes her out of the harness and carries her to the crate that the sex doll came in. He puts her in the crate, straps her into it, puts the ball gag in her mouth again. He then screws the lid of the crate back onto the top, trapping Lisa inside.

After some scenes where her coworkers wonder where she's gone, we get back to Lisa. Kenneth uses a crane to lift the packing material (I think it's styrofoam) out of the crate, with Lisa still bound and gagged in the middle of the packing material. He uses a knife to cut off some of her clothes, and she is eventually stripped down to the black corset again and the black stockings. The corset is pulled down far enough so that her tits are on display (in the movie, we've seen her tits earlier in a consensual scene). Kenneth then proceeds to stick some gigantic needles into her legs, which he wants to give to his sex doll (it's a little weird). She is tightly tied down and crying, and the scene works really well.

The movie has a surprise ending, so I won't go any further in story details. But it's safe to conclude that I really liked this movie.

The GIMP scenes are great and Sagemiller is very attractive, in a cute and sexy kind of way. Even from a non-GIMP perspective, this is an interesting movie that is entertaining to watch. It's no Gone With the Wind, but it has suspense and humor and I thought it was well done.

My Grade: B+


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