A Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril) Movie Review


Reviewed by Elkcreek

Now a quick movie review. I rented the movie Kite from Netflix. I thought it had some excellent GIMP possibilities and the star (India Eisley) redefines smoking hot. She played Shailene Woodley's sister (probably one of the biggest female commodities in Hollywood right now along with Jennifer Lawrence) on the show "The Secret Life of the American Teenager". An interesting show if you watched it with the mute button on.

Anyway the plot of Kite is a young girl in the future whose parents were killed by the bad guys (dad was a cop) grows up and goes out to seek here parents killers. It is based on a adult comic book in the vein of Sin City. Sadly as a GIMP movie I would rate it a mild disappointment. It had two scenes with some real GIMP value.

In one she is surprised while trying to help a girl escape a slavery ring and hit with a pipe in the stomach, she proceeds to take a 5 on one beating with multiple stomach punches that leaves her unconscious. A good scene but a bit too quick. The one other scene she is captured and zip tied to a deep fryer. The bad guys want to get information from her. She takes a punch in the face which bloodies her nose, has an earring pulled out, and then the bad guys try to burn her hand in the deep fryer. She manages to escape.

Now while the GIMP scenes were marginal at best. The fights were realistic, her reactions were excellent, and she takes some punches in almost every encounter. Unlike a lot of female super hero types the action is believable, to some extent, and not the typical hero isn't in danger crap we often see from female protagonists. And she is a girl that looks unbelievably hot in an almost illegal way. All in all a great movie, but a mediocre gimp flick. My grade for GIMP mainstream a C- but worth the rent.

My Grade: C-


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