A Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril) Movie Review


Reviewed by John Galt

Inseminoid (aka Horror Planet) (1982)

This science fiction flick features British hottie Stephanie Beacham being attacked, raped and impregnated by an alien in an interesting cross between a ritual and a laboratory insemination. It is a brief but GIMP-worthy scene, shown real-time and again in flashback.

At the 29:00 minute mark, the alien attacks Stephanie Beacham's character, her air supply gets disconnected and she passes out. Next thing we see is her naked body laid out on a light table, legs together and arms at her side. She is conscious and obviously terrified by whatever she is seeing or experiencing. And she is sweat-covered. She raises her arms to cover her breasts, but they are forced back down to her sides in some manner that is not evident to me. When she looks up, she sees the face of the expedition doctor looking down at her. Not sure whether she is hallucinating or the alien can make her see whatever it wants her to see. The "doctor" prepares a hypodermic needle and injects her arm as she looks on in horror.

Prepared and Injected

The light table descends, or she spins down into hallucination, however you care to interpret it. When she comes to a stop, her knees are up. As her knees move apart, a bug-eyed monster appears at the end of the table between her legs. She looks horrified and shakes her head as if to say no. A glass tube moves up between her legs and apparently enters her. The glass tube fills up with a greenish liquid and round, umm, seeds, I suppose, and the motion of the liquid and seeds indicates it is being pumped into her. Her eyes widen as she realizes what is happening and the scene fades out.

Violated and Impregnated

At the 35:45 minute mark she has a flashback in which we once again see her rape in abbreviated form, with some of the best parts repeated. It's almost like someone created a YouTied clip and repeated the best parts. Naked on the light table, knees parting, bug eyed monster rising up, tube penetrating, liquid being pumped. Rape, rinse and repeat. Fade out.

That's about it for the GIMP material. No bondage and no real sexual violence since she seems sedated or paralyzed. But she does end up pregnant and eventually gives birth to a little bug-eyed monster, that crawls out using the traditional birth path as opposed to say bursting through her belly Alien-style. It is a painful birthing experience for the hapless Stephanie Beacham.

I would rate the GIMP scene a good solid C. It is very brief but also pretty intense.

My Grade: C


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