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The Abductors

Reviewed by Dangerous Dave

Since I've been reminiscing so much lately, I thought I would take a moment to review a classic Gimper movie from 1971. That being The Abductors starring Cheri Caffaro. Back in the day, when I wasn't renting bondage movies, I was always looking for scenes of bondage in mainstream films (really nothing's changed on that front!). How happy I was when I stumbled upon the Ginger series of movies, as each of the 3: Ginger, The Abductors and Girls are for Loving all contain excellent girls in bondage scenes. For my money, The Abductors was the best of the 3. A Canadian has already reviewed Girls are for Loving so here is my review of The Abductors.

The movie begins with a cute blonde girl, topless, arms cuffed behind, being led down a hallway by two guys. She's struggling pretty good. She is thrown on a mattress in a room and left there. Next we cut to 3 chicks driving in a convertible car. One of the tires is shot out and they run off the road. They are immediately jumped by three dudes and they are pulled kicking and screaming out of the car. At gunpoint, they are forced to strip down to their panties. (a side note: I always prefer it when girls are forced to strip, as opposed to their clothes being torn off. I think it's a more humiliating thing to make them do.)

So anyway, the 3 girls strip down to their panties and then they are tied with their arms behind and gagged. This is a great scene because of the reaction of the 3rd girl. There are only two guys doing the tying and gagging so she gets to wait and see what will happen to her, and she acts this part out well. After the girls are all bound and gagged, their clothes are thrown in their car and then the car is exploded. Cue the music and opening credits! What an opening set of scenes! How could any Gimper not be more excited to see what will happen next? Has any mainstream movie ever had a better Gimp opening?

Next scene we meet Ginger; she is hired to find the 4 missing girls.

Next we are at the Abductors lair with the 3 girls standing topless, still bound and gagged (yay!). The dude in charge lays it on the line for our lovely damsels in distress. They are to be trained as sex slaves and sold for "100,000 dollars" each. If they don't cooperate, then they will be tortured, and then we see the 1st girl from the very beginning. She is suspended, topless, her arms and legs stretched tight. So now the girls see what can happen to them. They are ungagged and untied and told to remove their panties, to show their "cooperation". They all comply.

More plot, Ginger investigates the crime scenes. She meets a dude. She goes back and talks to her boss. They decide to bring in another female agent, named "Carter" and she will be used as bait to get herself abducted. So Carter is introduced and she is instructed to wait in her hotel until she is abducted.

Next we get what I think is a great abduction scene. Carter is asleep in her hotel room, she's wearing some sort of flimsy 2 piece night gown. The guys bust in and quickly grab her, flip her on her stomach and tie her hands behind her back and tie her ankles. She is gagged too, but not before she says "goddamn you bastards". She is then lowered out of her 2 story window and then carried into the trunk of her car. Her boobs are spilling out of her negligee.

Next we get a scene with the 1st girl again. Apparently all of their methods have not been successful in making her cooperate. It is suggested that she be raped (great idea!). What follows is a so-so rape, the girl is naked, with her arms tied behind. The guy doesn't really force himself on her, he goes slowly and she seems to get into it. They say she's a virgin too, so it doesn't make sense she would get into it. Anyway, it's a bondage sex scene that could have been better.

Okay, so back to Carter and her abductors. They drive her to a boathouse by the lake. Ginger is hot on their trail. One of the captors takes the time to grope Carter's boobs while they wait. A nice touch, as that's what I would do in his position! A helicopter comes, and our still bound and gagged damsel is loaded onto it and flown away. Ginger is distressed because she knows she can't track them anymore.

Meanwhile back at the halls of injustice...The 3 buyers of the chicks who were snatched from their car show up to meet their "mistresses in bondage" (they use this term at least 2 or 3 times and I just like the sound of it!). They have dinner and later sexy, sexy!

Next we have a straight sex scene with Ginger and the dude that she met on a shag carpet (so 70's!). After the sex, the dude stands up and opens a door, there is a guy with a gun, the jig is up, the guy knows Ginger is some sort of detective.

So now we are back at the abductor's lair, Ginger and Carter are standing side by side, arms bound behind and gagged. Clothed at this point. They are split up, with Ginger in another room tied to a pole. They decide to interrogate Carter first...

Next we see Carter, standing topless arms bound behind and a guy standing behind her. They start asking her questions. They alternate between a guy roughing her up, and 1 guy being nice and kissing and fondling her. This scene alternates with Ginger, still tied to the pole in the next room, but she's able do seduce the guy watching her and tricking him into releasing her. Then she escapes.

Back to Carter, the methods of seduction are working on her and she's spilling the beans on her true identity. Next we see her on a table, naked with her arms tied over her, and she is raped. But again, a very sensual, consensual rape. But still, it's bondage sex again!

And that pretty much ends the Gimpage content here. We are left with all the loose ends to be tied up and everyone to be rescued. And Ginger gets her revenge on the dude that screwed her.

To sum up: Wow! lots of bondage, lots of nudity, some rapes, but not brutal. Great abductions, forced stripping. A sexy as hell performance from Cheri Caffaro! And this tagline from the boxcover of the movie: "The Abductors, they took what they wanted, but they wanted more"! What that means I have no idea!

This is a mainstream movie. Granted it's a "B" movie at best, but still mainstream. Rating it against other mainstream Gimp type movies I say it gets an A, for all the great content. The rapes could have been stronger, but good bondage scenes throughout and sexy naked chicks. A good combination I think!

My Grade: A

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