A Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril) Movie Review

SVDVD-260: Triple Hell Deep Anal Fist Training

Reviewed by John Galt

SVDVD-260 Triple Hell Deep Anal Fist Training (Sadistic Village, 2011)
SVDVD-260 Cover

This interminably long but highly unusual JAV production amazes and fascinates me. It is hypnotically irresistible in its inventiveness for the first two and a half hours, but really kicks it up a notch for the final 30 minutes. In a nutshell, I would describe this as a Japanese Powershotz, with (1) its focus on a consensual subject who appears to be experiencing more than she bargained for, and (2) an emphasis on extreme anal violation.

The star of this production is Ai Mizushima, who looks like a teenager, and pulling her long dark hair back into twin ponytails and dressing her in what looks like a schoolgirl's athletic top and shorts, white socks and tennis shoes does nothing to correct that misconception. Actually, she just turned 22 and so was probably 21 when this video was shot. She is a petite 5' 1" and deliciously slender.

Ai Mizushima co-stars with six men who pick her up, bind her, hold her down, restrain her, and generally have their way with her. They are not especially rough with her, but they are firm and controlling when it comes to doing her in ways she resists. There is no extreme whipping or punishment or even abusive language. But they still manage to do a number on her.

The video begins with a 5-minute interview, during which Ai looks very demure and shy, but since I don't speak Japanese, I have no clue what she is saying. She just looks cute saying it. She shows off her long and flexible tongue, and demonstrates how she can position herself on the floor for anal penetration.

Ai walks into a room outfitted with a raised chair and with the padded floor covered with plastic. The men are standing in two rows and once she walks between them, she is grabbed, forced onto her knees, held down, her shorts are pulled down and her anal abuse begins. I see that while penises and vaginas are pixelated (as they are in this video), the anus is acceptable and is not pixelated. However, when a finger (or something) is inserted, the insertion is pixelated. So many rules.

While Ai is on the floor and on her knees, her asshole is lubricated and fingered, then the first of many enemas begins. A huge syringe holding at least a liter of milk (or some milky looking liquid) is inserted into her rectum and the contents are pumped in. Throughout this video I found myself wondering just how much a petite 21-year-old's bowels could hold. Answer: A lot more than I would have thought possible. A second syringe is pumped into her, then the guy pulls it out, fills it with air, and pumps a load of air into her as well. Ai is obviously uncomfortable.
First enema
There is a pause, during which I guess they are waiting for her to expel it all. She does not do so immediately, so they helpfully reach underneath and start pushing on her belly. Tired of waiting, they pump in another liter of milk, much to Ai's consternation, as she cries out ("no!") repeatedly. She raises up her head and shoulders, which is probably a more natural position for evacuating one's bowels, and although she manages a few thin squirts, it appears she is, umm, blocked. So a fourth liter gets pumped in. She strains and gasps and says a few more things ("it hurts!" being one of them) and finally expels some more, although not nearly as much as I think is in there.

Four of the guys pick her up, turn her over, and sit her into a chair with stirrups. The athletic shorts and shoes come off, but the shirt and socks stay on. Her knees are fastened with leather belts and then taped into the stirrups. Her wrists are fastened together pulled up over her head. She is struggling a little bit, looking concerned, and still probably discomfited by the remaining liquid inside of her.
The chair
At this point, one of the guys helpfully pushes on her belly, but it just hurts her and nothing comes out. So he sticks his fingers into her vagina and starts pushing from the inside and with each push she squirts out more of the milky liquid. She is also protesting the whole time. This is all of 16 minutes into the three hour video.

While she is in the chair, they use four Hitachi Magic Wand type vibrators on her simultaneously, then a rabbit style vibrator attachment, then a large rubber penis shaped dildo that the guy has to use some force to get into her, with which he fucks her vigorously, and while it is still pushed deep into her, they inject another liter of the milky liquid, which she dutifully squirts back out, after a fashion. Next they fill her up using small squeeze bottle enemas filled with some clear liquid. Ai is talking the entire time and I would really like to know what it is she is saying. Usually JAV involves just that constant wordless whining, and hearing her protestations kind of heightens the experience.

(Thanks to helpful posts on the GIMP forum I can pick out "no," "it hurts," "don't do that," and "stop," which I have considerately translated for you, since Ai Mizushima speaks only Japanese during this adventure.)

Anyway, as all of the small enema bottles are squirted into her--and she squirts everything back out--this is the first time (of several to come) that she starts crying. They don't stop, of course, and if they bothered to ask her if she's okay to go on, I wouldn't know. Something tells me these guys are not that solicitous of her comfort or feelings. Next comes a liter of what looks like a dark cola drink, which she tries to void immediately and splashes the camera good, so when they do a second liter a guy sticks his finger in her ass until he can insert a butt plug. She cries and struggles and pushes out the plug, then not only voids the cola but also urinates, almost catching the camera again.
Voiding everything
At this point, Ai is crying pretty steadily, with tears streaking down her cheeks and collecting on her chin. They put a glass bowl on her belly and empty two bottles of something that looks like glycerine in it while she watches. Then they use the large syringe device to suck it up and inject it into her rectum again. Ai is crying, she is shaking her head and saying "no!" almost continuously, her body is quivering and her feet are bouncing helplessly in the air. It is an awesome sight. We are up to the 38 minute mark.
Ai Mizushima in distress
Let me just compress the next two hours.

While Ai is strapped and taped into the chair, these guys:
-- inject several more liters of various liquids into Ai,
-- fuck her pussy with a gyrating dildo,
-- use multiple wand vibrators on her that either make her orgasm or just twitch uncontrollably,
-- finger fuck her deeply and quite vigorously,
-- fist fuck her pussy,
-- inject several more liters of liquid into her ass while she is being fist fucked and then the guy with his fist inside her pushes and forces her to expel the liquid in spurts,
-- push various objects like balls, pellets, what looks like baby carrots, and wieners (the Oscar Meyer type, although not necessarily that brand) up into her ass and wait for her to push them back out again (and at this point I am thinking that those pellets look a lot like Mentos and I was just wondering why they didn't think to shove a dozen Mentos up into her and then inject a liter of cola to see what would happen because it would be so in character for these guys to do that), and
-- inject a liter of tomato sauce or maybe even Tabasco sauce, judging by her reaction ("it hurts!") and then flush it out with water.

At the 1 hour mark, they undo the restraints holding Ai in the chair, convert the chair into a flat surface, arrange Ai on her hands and knees (no longer restrained), and continue to abuse her by:
-- fucking her ass with the gyrating dildo,
-- fucking her ass with a large plastic ben-wa ball vibrator looking device,
-- fucking her ass with a vibrating dildo,
-- inserting a long glass rod surprisingly deep up her ass (at which point you can hear one of the guys say, in English, "Jesus Christ! It's IN!"),
-- making her hold a golf ball in her mouth (which she drops during a cry of pain) while they push one into her ass, then pull it out again,
-- fucking her ass with the vibrator-with-rabbit-attachment,
-- fucking her pussy and ass simultaneously with vibrator attachments,
-- inserting a butt plug and then making her push it out,
-- inserting a peeled banana, a very large carrot, and an eggplant up her ass,
-- inserting a wiener up her ass and a summer sausage-sized something in her pussy simultaneously,
-- inserting three remote vibrator units into her pussy and two into her ass simultaneously and turning them all on,
-- inserting several round objects a bit larger than thumb-size and making her push them all back out,
-- inserting a lit cigar and trying to make her "smoke" it,
-- inserting party favors up her ass, then inserting a tube and pumping air into her so that she "blows" the party favor out,
Party favor
-- inserting the handle of one end of a jump rope, then having one of the guys, you know, jump the rope as they spin it around,
-- inserting a tube of dirt with ants in it (if the website blurb is accurate, although I couldn't see them) up her ass,
-- inserting a tube of chocolate up her ass, then a tube of vanilla cream,
-- catching a container of her urine when she pees, then sucking it up into a large syringe and pumping it into her ass, for her to expel from that orifice,
-- pumping a liter of cola up her ass, which seems extremely uncomfortable both going in and coming out based on Ai's response, and
-- finishing with three liters of water to flush her out.

At the 2 hour mark, they insert a paintbrush up her ass and have her dip it in ink and then squat down and duck walk around as she writes on a large sheet of paper they have taped to the floor. It is a fairly bizarre sequence that I didn't see much use in, which is not to say that I saw use in all of the stuff they have done to her thus far. But, you know. It lasts maybe five minutes.

Next, they have Ai on her back the floor with her legs up and feet over her head and fill up her rectum with more stuff, including:
-- the contents of at least two dozen raw eggs--perhaps more,
-- something that looks suspiciously like mayonnaise, and
-- two of the guys' urine ( she watches as they pee into a container that has a tube running into her ass).

At the 2:20 mark, it reaches the height of bizarre. First, they insert a speculum and open it up to look inside her ass. While they have her opened, they try to insert an eel. A fairly large live eel--maybe 18 inches long. But they don't get more than maybe its head inside her. If you thought that was the bizarre part, you are mistaken. Next, they run a largish tube attached to a big plastic funnel up into Ai's rectum.
Insert eels
Then they pour a dozen smaller (4 or 5 inch long) squirming live eels into the funnel and since the tube is clear, we watch them swim down the tube and into Ai. It is hard to tell, but my best guess is that they get 10 of them into her. But wait, there's more. They run a video feed up into her rectum next, and bring around a tablet video display for her to see the last eel curled up inside of her. (The guy holding the video screen shakes it in her face and says, in English: "Hello! Hello!" What a comedian.)
Hello! Hello!
Then they pump grape soda into her and she reacts so violently that they have to physically restrain her. She immediately expels the grape soda and several of the eels. They are flip-flopping around on the floor amidst the liquid, splashing the camera lens with drops of grape soda. They also flush her with several liters of water. It takes Ai quite a while to expel all of the eels, and the final one looks dead. An appropriate comment eludes me.
Ai goes AIIEEE!
As Ai is pushing the last of the eels out, one of the guys walks up in front of her and has her suck his cock. Then they push her onto her back and they fuck her. Then they fist her again. Then they fuck her while she is still fisted. Then they have her suck one guy's cock while another guy still has his fist deep inside her pussy and a third guy fucks her ass. This is probably the Triple Hell Deep Anal Fist Training that the title refers to. There is more fucking by different guys in different positions on the floor. One guy ejaculates on her ass, another one in her mouth.
Ai airtight
They finish by suctioning her anus, then sticking a bouquet of flowers in it and giving her a round of applause.

SUMMARY: Ai Mizushima spends three hours, sometimes bound and sometimes not, having a wide variety of liquids, solids, and fish inserted into her rectum, often quite painfully. She is also fisted in her pussy, fucked in her ass, pussy and mouth, and fisted in her pussy while she is fucked in her mouth and ass.

Where to begin? I am not a fan of enema play, but I was mesmerized by this video. I think Ai Mizushima is very cute, so it was fun watching her being abused. I was miffed they never bothered to take off her shirt, but at least they pulled it up to reveal her breasts later on.

What I liked most about this video was that Ai was speaking the entire time, and I was totally wondering what she was saying, besides "no," "it hurts!" and "don't do that!" One of the things I dislike about JAV is that constant wordless whining and Ai did not do that very often. I also liked that she screamed and cried (complete with copious tears and sniffing) quite a bit in response to the inventive things they were doing to her orifices. Sometimes I worry about myself.

If you like Powershotz videos, there is an excellent chance that you will love this video. It is obviously consensual, but the model is not really enjoying the experience. It is exhaustingly long. Probably too long, but constantly inventive instead of repetitive. Well, inventive in that you have no idea what they are going to pump or insert into her rectum next, but repetitive in that they are always pumping or inserting something into her rectum. Until they fist and fuck her.

Given the above caveats, I will grade this A for Powershotz aficionados. If you want nonconsensual, whipping, gags, and rape, this is not the video for you.

My Grade: A


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