A Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril) Movie Review

Stop the Bitch Campaign 3

Reviewed by Elkcreek

Well, it's time for another Elkcreek Mainstream Review. The subject of today's review is the Japanese movie Stop the Bitch Campaign 3 (2009). This is the third in a series of these movies from Japan.

Here's the trailer: http://asianmediawiki.com/Stop_the_Bitch_Campaign_(2009-Japan)

This movie is significant because it stars Rio (Tina Yuzuki) one of the three finest ladies ever to don AV grab. The other two are Maria Ozawa and Saykura Morishita. Unlike the other two Rio has not done anything of Gimp significance, while Maria's acting and Gimpage has been mediocre at least she's tried. Saykura has been in several Gimp flicks and is stunning. Rio hasn't done Attackers, or even some of the lesser Gimp makers. The only movie she's had so far that's been close is Teacher Hunting which includes an OK rape scene. Before we go on here's a glimpse of the lovely Rio.


Anyway, the movie starts out with a janitor finding Rio's sister dead. The killer had burned the word "slut" in her leg. Rio begins to investigate and discovers that her sister was a HS prostitute (has Japan ever released a movie without HS uniforms in it?) working with a group of friends. One of the girls is attacked and survives. This is the first gimp scene in the movie and it's mediocre at best. The girl is tied spreadeagle but is fully clothed. She is branded and struggles against her bonds. For a mainstream scene it's a C-. Rio and the friends decide to find the killer.

They hook up online with older men, lure them into an abandoned building, tie them, beat them, and photograph them sending the pictures to a surviving girl. The girls begin to enjoy torturing men. They finally catch up with the man who tortured the girl in the group and beat him mercilessly. Rio kills the man by burning him. If you get off on men being tortured you might enjoy it, I didn't. Then Rio gets a text that one of the girls is hooking up.

She goes to the location to see one of the girls tied to a chair with her stomach branded and tape over her face. She pulls the tape off and is immediately overtaken from behind. She awakens tied in her business suit (something she wears the whole movie) AOH. The man who is the real killer begins to molest her, slaps her a bit, and unbuttons her shirt with a knife. She struggles screaming no, no. He cuts off her bra and tortures her with the knife. Then he puts some sauce on her breast and eats it off her while she's struggling.

Then he pulls her shirt and jacket up so she is nude from the waist up. His next step is to remove her panties and rape her. The rape is quite graphic with Rio struggling, protesting and crying the whole time. Then he lights a torch and begins to brand her a "slut" on her stomach. He brands her a few times. Rio, screaming, nearly passes out. Then he turns around to grab something and she pulls free from her bonds. I'll give the later scene which is quite long (at least twenty minutes) an A+. It is one of the finest mainstream scenes I've ever seen!

At this point my semi-legally acquired movie file quit. So I'm not sure if there's more. Overall I give it an A; it was certainly one of the best mainstream flicks I've ever seen, although it developed real slow. Now the bad news, right now this movie is only available from Japan, as a Region 2 flick. Asian Cult carries the other ones, I suspect they'll pick up this one when they release a all-region version. But by whatever means GET IT.

My Grade: A


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