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Shark 231

Reviewed by A Canadian

Title: Shark-231 (Rape Investigation)

Stars: Sayaka Miura, Anjyu, Yuka Satsuki

Code: SHKD-231

From the looks of things, it seems Japanese director Katsuyuki Hasegawa aspires to be the Francis Ford Coppola of the porn world. His two-hour movie, Shark 231 (Rape Investigation), has high-art production values, some fancy opening credits and music, a dramatic storyline, and some effective cinematography. There was even an action adviser to help with some of the fight scenes.

Still, Hasegawa indulges his lofty pretensions without ever forgetting the main prize -- the rape and brutalization of women. Indeed, nearly 90 minutes of this two-hour movie depicts women being tortured, abused and raped -- mostly raped.

Best of all, the ongoing cruelty includes the violation of one beautiful, exotic young woman, named Sayaka Miura. She gets fucked by two men in a 13-minute gang-attack sequence that is the gold standard: a perfect mix of achingly real brutality and full erotica. In a movie that is often good, the rapings of Sayaka Miura are scorching hot.

Technically, Sayaka costars alongside two other women, Anjyu and Yuka Satsuki, but Sayaka is the main draw. Sayaka is a sweetheart -- she's a small, young-looking lithe woman with small tits and beautiful eyes. She has a bit of an overbite, but she's one of those women who looks sexy with an overbite. Actually, Sayaka looks like someone you might see getting raped in one of those '80s movies about Vietnam, except Sayaka has a sharp wardrobe, a hair stylist and makeup.

Sayaka and the other two women are agents who are trying to bust a crime operation. Sayaka makes the first attempt, trailing one of the criminals on foot through various city streets. Sayaka is wearing a grey power suit, with matching jacket and skirt, a white blouse, and see-through nylons (in the cover photo, Sayaka is the one on the left). Unfortunately, her plan backfires -- the villain manages to sneak up behind Sayaka, knock her out, and throw her into the back seat of a car.

The villain takes Sayaka to a deserted spot, where they meet up with three other villains. When the car's back door is opened, we see that Sayaka's wrists are handcuffed behind her back, and thick black duct tape covers her mouth. One of the men rips the tape off her mouth, and the villains proceed to taunt her. The scene ends with one villain pressing a gun against Sayaka's head.

We next find Sayaka in an office setting, where the four thugs are roughing her up for information. She remains fully dressed in her sexy power suit, with her hands still cuffed behind her back. With a couple of the villains holding her, she takes some hard punches to the gut.

After a brief cutaway to some dramatic storytelling, we return for the further interrogation of Sayaka. Her jacket has been removed, but she is still wearing the blouse and skirt, and her hands continue to be handcuffed behind her back. After some roughing up -- including several hard slaps to the face and some hair pulling -- they bring out a stun gun.

They have Sayaka seated on a steel table, and with the villains holding her arms and legs, she receives electric shocks to her tits, stomach and pussy. Sayaka does some nice screaming and thrashing here. Soon, the villains are ripping open Sayaka's blouse and lifting her skirt, to reveal a matching pair of bra and panties, black with pink floral designs on them.

She continues to receive electric shocks and at one point, they roll her onto her stomach, pull down her nylons and panties, and zap her ass. The villains keep going, taking her panties off and pulling down her bra, so they can administer some clean shocks to her pussy and tits. Ultimately, it all proves too much for our heroine, and she passes out.

Fortunately (for us), the villains are no slouches. With Sayaka passed out, they take off her handcuffs and yank off her remaining clothes. They wake Sayaka with more hard slaps to the face, and once awake, she is put in a headlock by one villain while another two grab her legs. She squirms and yells, but the main event is at hand.

One villain moves in and starts sucking on her small, left tit. As the two other guys release her arms, the villain pushes Sayaka down on the table, licks her body and face, and then goes back to slurping that pert little breast.

Normally, in this kind of situation, with Sayaka's arms set free, I'd be crying foul ("what is this, a date movie?") But no complaints here. In fact, this scene is brilliant. The rapist clearly has Sayaka's lithe body pinned to the table, and with her arms and legs free, she puts up a hell of a fight. She kicks her legs about and keeps trying to push the rapist off her, but to no avail. Her struggles to break free are very believable, and very hot.

Even better, as the rapist is sucking her tit, Sayaka keeps casting her eyes over to the other villains nearby, in the vain (!) hope someone will save her. That image -- the desperation and utter helplessness in the squirming Sayaka's beautiful eyes as the rapist devours her cute little boob -- is priceless.

As another villain grabs Sayaka's head with both hands, the rapist takes his tongue down to her pussy. Soon, he returns to kiss her neck, and then it's back for more deep suction to that beloved left breast. Sayaka keeps fighting to get up from the table, but the rapist keeps pushing her back down. (By the way, she is always on her back for both rapes -- no phony doggie or cowgirl positions here). At one point, when she's getting too feisty, another villain grabs her hair and then slaps her face around.

Two of the villains grab her arms and as her panties are stuffed into her mouth, the rapist slams his dick inside her. She is held down as she is fucked, sometimes with her mouth being muffled by the panties or a villain's hand (or both), other times free to scream away.

For her part, Sayaka is a great victim. Yes, she cries, but she also keeps protesting and fighting. At one point, as the rapist is fucking her, she is angrily yelling something at him that is clearly not the usual cry for help. I don't know what she said, but she looked fantastic saying it.

Eventually, the rapist cums inside her, and then plays with her pussy until the cum seeps out (it's a decent load, for those who care). Another villain steps up and tries to force Sayaka to suck his cock, but she fights it. The best he can do is wiggle his dick near her mouth. Frustrated, he pulls out a gun and pushes the gun into her mouth.

Up next -- another priceless moment. The villain withdraws the gun, and as a terrified Sayaka is staring at the gunman above her head, a pudgy guy grabs her legs and slides her body down the table -- setting her up for the next fucking.

Sayaka quickly realizes it's round two, but it's too late. Rapist number one pins her arms to the table, and Mr. Butterball starts screwing away. Butterball grabs Sayaka's arms for himself and keeps her pinned down while the porking continues. At one point, Sayaka gets one hand free, and tries to push him off her, but you can clearly see the petite victim doesn't stand a chance.

There's something weirdly exciting about seeing this small, writhing woman being violated by the big guy, and he drills her pretty hard. Once again, the ordeal ends with the rapist cumming inside her, and the cum dribbling out from her pussy.


Just how great are these scenes? Let me put it this way. I have been transferring this movie to my own homemade DVD, and the still pictures alone from Sayaka's rapes were enough to get me fully aroused.

Anyway, the other two women -- Anjyu and Yuka Satsuki -- arrive to save the day, but they botch it. After some outdoors karate fights and gun fire, the two women are forced to surrender when Sayaka is brought out as a hostage. Their surrender doesn't help Sayaka -- she is killed ("you bastards") by a gun shot to the head. (I still can't believe they killed a fantastic rape victim like Sayaka. I haven't blubbered like this during a movie since the day young Travis pointed his shotgun at Old Yeller).

The two new hostages are taken into a rec room area, where they are held captive at gun point. The women are roughed up and ultimately stripped of their clothes. For the next hour -- yes, a full 60 minutes -- the woman are slapped, abused, and raped, in a series of events that are hit and miss, but definitely with some highlights.

Like Sayaka before them, the brutalization begins with each woman receiving some hard punches to the belly and some slaps to the face. Little Anjyu receives a particularly hard slap -- the hardest slap in the movie -- from a guy who winds up and really belts her.

Without wasting time on plot details, it's safe to say the villains hate Anjyu most of all. Certainly, it ain't 'cause of her looks. Anjyu is a thin, attractive woman, with a cherubic face and bobbed hairdo. She looks like a Japanese version of Valerie Bertinelli, and is probably a bit older than her costars (Anjyu is the woman in the middle of the cover photo).

The villains force each woman to take a turn with her face in the other woman's pussy. Next, both women are forced to suck the villains, in scenes that are good but could have been better.

At one point, one of the villains points a gun into each woman's face, and that is great. Anjyu is particularly hot, with her lower lip quivering as she slowly turns her face away from the gun and puts her mouth around another cock. Anjyu also has a precious moment where she is gagging so hard on one guy's prick that a tear rolls down her face.

My only complaint during these scenes is that we didn't see enough of the villains' guns -- something to help reassure the viewers there's nothing consensual here.

The women are thrown onto a couch, where the villains proceed to eat the women's pussies and then finger the ladies. In spite of herself, the finger-fuck takes Anjyu to a full, quivering orgasm -- something she does quite well, in my view. And then -- as if climaxing in front of a bunch of strange men ain't enough -- Mr. Butterball grabs Anjyu's pretty head and forces his tongue into her mouth.

Next, it's time for the women to be fucked, and here is where I got confused. For some reason, there is never any attempt to restrain the plain-looking Yuka Satsuki, and Yuka doesn't put up any type of fight. Despite her crying, her scenes look completely phony.

Anjyu, on the other hand, seems to be in an altogether different movie -- the same movie Sayaka was in. She is fucked by different guys and, for the most part, her arms and legs are restrained by various men, leaving our heroine helpless. Anjyu screams and writhes, but she still gets dicked.

This continues for some time, with each man taking a turn with each woman. In some of her later fuckings, Anjyu isn't particularly well restrained, but one villain does grab her throat and starts choking her by hand as he's screwing her.

The movie ends with more gun play, this time in the rec room where the rapes occurred. Yuka gets killed, but Anjyu gets her hand on a gun and kills all the villains. When she returns to work, she resigns as an agent and heads off to a new life....

Overall assessment: Very highly recommended. Putting aside Yuka's lame performance, there is much to treasure here. Some of Anjyu's scenes are stroke-worthy, and I just can't say enough about the scenes with Sayaka Miura. Suffice to say, you'll love seeing her get raped.

By the way, this DVD package has a bonus scene -- 25 minutes of another woman being raped by three guys. There is also a behind-the-scenes mini-documentary (even when you don't speak the language, you can't help but be captivated by the sweet nature of the movie's heroines) and plenty of trailers.

My Grade: A+

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