A Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril) Movie Review

DDSC-006: Pain Gate

Reviewed by Ralphus

Pain Gate (DDSC-006) was recommended to me by a friend. I recognized the male dominant immediately as Shiko Shima, the legendary Japanese master who has literally tied up thousands of women in his career. But at first I had reservations. I was familiar with Shiko Shima's work. He basically makes the same movie over and over with different models, but a lot of it is stuff I dig, like clamps, forced piss drinking and fire torture. But his films are not my favorite type of entertainment because they are consensual. Oh no, the dreaded C word! But I figured, my friend liked this, so I'll give it a shot.

The star of the movie is an attractive young lady named Scrum (Really? What kind of parents name their daughter "Scrum"?). And this movie starts off slowly. Scrum comes to visit Shiko Shima in his lair. Right away, I could see this isn't the kind of beginning I like. Not brought in kicking and screaming, but walking right up and volunteering to let him molest her body. I swear, I'll never understand the concept of consensual bondage...

Shima starts fondling her pussy, and she just stands there and lets him do it. My thumb is already starting to itch, but I resist the temptation to fast forward. But then, slowly, it starts to get better. He ties her to a post, opens up her top and starts slapping her right boob several times. But that's just to make sure she knows how to make noise. So he removes her skirt and her panties, orders her to open up her legs and proceeds to slap her bare pussy, over and over until she's really screaming. Then he makes her straddle a bucket between her legs and tells her to piss into it. After she's done he slaps her pussy some more.

The next scene has her tied on her knees, bent over on a chair. Shima takes out a clear syringe and proceeds to piss into it, and follows that up by injecting the piss directly into her mouth. She drinks it down completely. So he repeats the process, filling up the syringe with another helping of his piss, and then making her drink that down, too. Hey, she can't complain that she wasn't well-fed.

The next segment is entitled "Enema & Needle", so you get an idea of what's to come. Some people like enema torture; for the most part, I'm not one of them. What happens is Scrum gets 8 or 9 rubber...well, they look like cocktail wieners, shoved up inside her ass. Then to really make her suffer, he sticks 4 long needles through her pussy lips and another through her clit. After pulling them out, she expels the contents of her bowels into a bowl down below her. Most of this scene consisted of close ups of her genitalia, which doesn't help because what we're looking at is pixilated because of Japanese laws.

But at this point, the movie really picks up and launches into full gear. The following segment is called "Fire & Current", which just happen to be 2 of my favorite things to use on a tied-up woman. Scrum is bound naked with her arms tied above her head. Shima produces a spray can and a lighter, which he uses to make his own handmade blow torch. And he proceeds to torture her by whipping the flames back and forth across her naked body, toasting her tits and ass and even spraying it directly toward her face. The bitch definitely knows how to scream. There's no permanent damage but the flames do kiss her skin several times.

Next up, Shima has Scrum tied in a very precarious and uncomfortable position, straddling a horizontal bamboo pole between her legs. Her hands are tied behind her and attached to a rope tied above her, and her feet are dangling off the floor. All her weight is concentrated on her pussy. The bondage position is torture by itself, but Shima has much bigger plans to hurt her.

He starts off by banging the pole between her legs with the handle of his whip, several times, with each blow reverberating through her sore pussy. She cries out in pain with every stroke. And then he goes to work whipping her body, first concentrating especially on her nipples. Totally helpless and immobilized in this position, Scrum has no way to defend herself from any of the abuse. He's free to do what he wants, and he lands several blows directly on her ass.

At this point, Shima introduces an Hitachi vibrator to the scene. I groaned when I saw it. As I've been quite vocal about, vibrators don't belong in bondage movies because they bring the girl pleasure. However, in this particular case, he has a good reason for using it. Every time Shima runs it across her pussy, the extra vibration causes more pain between her legs. He also uses it on her nipples (still a bit longer than he needed to), but it's to fatten them up and make them erect for his next torture.

He tightens copper vise clamps onto each of her nipples and hooks electric wires to the end of the clamps. All that's left is for him to connect them to his handheld shock box and turn the knob. Scrum screams her ass off, not holding back at all. Shima continues to shock her for several minutes, and the screaming never stops. This was clearly not faked, either, because you can see the blinking lights running current from the device he's holding. This girl is really suffering.

Then Shima adjusts the box again, causing Scrum to spasm her body and finally pass out. Shima, ever the sadist, keeps the current flowing for a while more to check out her reactions. She's really passed out and doesn't respond other than deep unconscious breathing. He finally turns off the juice, chuckles and leaves her hanging limply in her bonds. Truly a great scene.

The torture continues in the next scene, entitled "Whip & Dart". Scrum is bound standing with her knees and feet tied together and her arms outstretched over her head, so that she looks like the letter Y. First he softens her up with a vicious lashing of the whip, and each blow is punctuated with a painful scream from his victim. He blisters her back, ass and tits several times with the whip.

Then he pisses into the syringe again, but instead of feeding it to her, she injects the fluid into her ass, filling her up 3 times with his own pee. So she has to hold that inside of her while he loads up his blowgun and takes aim at her ass, shooting nasty needle darts into her flesh. By the time he's finished, her ass resembles a dartboard with 7 darts sticking out of it.

But for those of you who are breast men, have no worries. Shima decides to use them as a target, too, firing a few shots at her pert little titties. After only 3 darts, there is so much blood dripping from her chest that it soaks the rope encircling her waist. Bullseye!

The final torture for Scrum has her tied while lying on her back, suspended from the ceiling. Her legs are open and her ankles are tied together. Shima holds up a scary-looking piercing needle and its cap to her face, which he intends to use on her labia. We see the piercing in close up, but unfortunately, more of that patented Japanese pixelation gets in the way. You can certainly hear when it happens, though, by Scrum's anguished screaming.

Shiko Shima's movies are an acquired taste. Some of his stuff is a little too gross and clinical for me, like enemas and piercing. I also usually prefer nonconsensual fantasies. But this film is exceptional in that it's nonstop torture and humiliation from beginning to end, from an experienced master who knows just how to hurt a girl and make sure she stays hurt. For those of you who enjoy seeing an attractive young woman being pushed beyond her limits, this movie is a must-see.

I came up empty trying to find any vender who carries this movie online. However, it's easy to download off the net if you Google "shikoshima pain gate"

My Grade: B+


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