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Nakadashi Raped a Beautiful TV Reporter

Reviewed by Hiccup

Nakadashi Raped a Beautiful TV Reporter

This gem I recently discovered. It stars the lovely Maria Ozawa. Maria is Eurasian and resembles Phoebe Cates. The movie has some sort of story about a beautiful TV reporter but being in Japanese its hard to say what it is though. The movie cuts back and forth in what appears to be flashbacks so its hard to figure out storywise.

Let me preface here something. Someone recently posted here about Japanese porn has a limited appeal because all the actresses had the same body types and faces. I must agree, in fact often times when they're naked together I get confused as to who is who.

Maria O is smoking hot. Not just her face either. Being half European and having played sports in high school she has a Playboy playmate type of body.

The movie starts off with Maria doing a newscast, then cuts to her dressed in the hot little business suit outfit shown in the promo pic above. She's shown doing something on a laptop in an office setting. Some bald guy comes in, talks to her, nothing happens and she gets up and leaves.

Walking down the hallway she's confronted by some security guard. They exchange some harsh words and security guy punches her in the stomach. She collapses to the floor and gets dragged into one of the offices. Once there Security guy lets her know who's boss and strips off that hot little outfit til she's totally naked. And yes, she is wearing that same cute lingerie shown in the promo pic. He forces her to suck him but she complies a little too easily. Then he bangs her hard in a few different positions before cumming inside her pussy. This scene ends showing a closeup of Mariaís pussy with jizz running out (a common thing in these types of Jap movies).

The next scene finds our heroine in a mental hospital ward wearing a straight jacket then a bathrobe. A doctor enters, talks to her, shows her a big needle he wants to inject her with and she tries to flee. Too bad the door's locked and Doc strips her naked and has his way with her.

The next scene is Maria being brought into a hospital room in a wheelchair in a drugged state where she sucks off a bunch of guys who appear to be patients, again just a little too willingly I thought. Then she's dildoed by the doctor while a bunch of hospital patients stand around stroking themselves (kinda weird).

Next scene Maria is back in the newsroom office having a discussion with the bald guy from the beginning of the flick. She's wearing another hot little miniskirt/business jacket/blouse outfit. We don't know what's being said but baldy overpowers Maria, strips her naked and has his way with her. While watching this scene it occurred to me that Maria willingly gives BJís in this movie but when the fucking starts she acts all agonized and whatnot. Just the same it's a good scene though.

The next scene has Maria tied up nude with arms over head in some dark room. Baldy enters and gropes her some. Then he takes out a bottle of oil and covers her body with it. He takes a vibrator and works her pussy over and then uses a dildo on her forcing her to orgasm. This scene works because we see Maria in all her naked glory tied up helpless being covered with oil.

We next see Maria tied Japanese rope style in a chair wearing her hot little outfit.

Conclusion: This is your standard run of the mill Japanese forced sex flick. What sets it apart though is the beautiful Maria, her hot little miniskirt/business suit outfits and her sexy underwear all being ripped off. Her body and face are second to none in these types of flicks.

She also does some voice over during the scenes as is done in some of the Slave Island episodes. We don't know what she's saying but the sound of her voice is sexy and by the tone of it she's obviously not talking about what a great time she's having. As I mentioned in a previous review the fact that these movies are in Japanese is cool because you can use your imagination as you like. In this movie though my curiosity is stoked as to why she ended up in a mental hospital and what the interaction with baldy is all about.

Maria did one other forced sex film with this production company before they parted ways. I'm in the process of downloading it as I write. Judging from the promo pic though I don't think it will be as good though. If you're a fan of forced sex or Maria O then this reporter vid is for you.

My Grade: A+

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