A Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril) Movie Review

IESP-569: Investigator Agent - Creampie 20 Times

Reviewed by A Canadian

Title: Investigator Agent - Creampie 20 Times (IESP-569)

Starring: Ayaka Tomoda

Produced by: I-Energy

Running time: One hour and 40 minutes

Investigator Agent - Creampie 20 Times is a decent movie. Not an award winner, but it does have some nice moments of humiliation, and the rape scenes in the movie mostly look non-consensual.

Where the movie suffers is that it doesn't do anything jaded viewers haven't seen before, and the bondage in some of the scenes could have been better.

The movie is about a sexy, young detective who is trying to bust a crime ring. She goes to the gangsters' lair and tries to secretly audio tape some of their plotting. Unfortunately, she gets caught (isn't that always the way?) and becomes their captive. The detective, Ayaka Tomoda, is a small, lithe woman with a pretty face. She looks hot in her black leather skirt and leather jacket, white T-shirt, black pantyhose and long, black boots.

After Ayaka is captured, the villains force her to sit on a basement floor, next to a wooden post, with her hands cuffed in front of her. A gangster with a gun squats beside Ayaka and he spins the gun's cylinder to indicate there is one bullet in it. Ayaka is forced to play a little Russian Roulette as the fiend points the gun at her head and pulls the trigger, which clicks without a shot. The gangster repeats this twice more, with the same result, as we see a close-up of Ayaka's trembling face.

The camera then pans down to the wooden floor, where a stream of urine reveals that terrified Ayaka has pissed herself.

The gangster and another villain make Ayaka stand up. The gangster holds Ayaka's cuffed hands above her head as he and the other guy open Ayaka's jacket, lift her shirt and pull her bra down to reveal her nice tits (which look slightly enhanced, but fine). The second guy sucks on squirming Ayaka's breasts, as we disclose Bondage Mistake No. 1: Ayaka should have been bound to a rope or chain from the ceiling, so she would have looked more helpless. Anyway, the villains force kisses on Ayaka and remove her pantyhose and panties so one guy can lick her pussy. Ayaka is also forced to sit in a chair, with her arms still being held over her head, as a vibrator is used on her pussy until she squirts. Ayaka is then forced to kneel on the floor and blow each of the villains, who cum in her mouth.

Ayaka's boss tries to rescue her, but he ends up getting captured (isn't that always the way?). This leads to the best scene of the movie, done as only the Japanese can. The bound and captured boss -- whose shirt is open and whose tie is loose around his neck -- is taken to the basement where Ayaka is being held. The boss detective is forced to sit on the floor and watch, with a gun pointed at his head, as Ayaka is freed from her handcuffs and told to strip. Looking believably humiliated, Ayaka reluctantly removes her jacket and T-shirt.

A gun is pointed at Ayaka's head and she is ordered to take off her white bra, which Ayaka slowly removes. Two other villains are watching and chuckle in a droog-like fashion as more clothes are removed, and after Ayaka removes her leather skirt, one guy waves it around, laughing. With a gun still pointed at her head, Ayaka strips off her pantyhose and then her panties, and the white panties also get waved around by the mocking chuckler.

Fully naked Ayaka uses her arms to cover her breasts, but the villains want a show. She is forced to slowly turn in a circle, revealing her body to her captured boss, and then is forced to drop her arms to show her tits. The guy with the gun then gets in close to Ayaka, pointing the gun in her face and threatening her.

In a new scene, Ayaka is sitting on a couch, with her jacket, boots and skirt back on, and sitting next to her is the villain who was waving the gun in the previous scene. Ayaka's hands are cuffed in the front, and the villain makes her raise her arms so he can fondle and suck on her breasts. Bondage Mistake No. 2: Ayaka's hands should have been cuffed behind her back. As it is, she keeps her hands above her head, which doesn't look all that convincing, despite some nice struggling. The villain dines on Ayaka's pussy, and forces her to blow him, before violating Ayaka on the couch in positions such as missionary and doggie. The scene ends with the villain cumming on Ayaka's left breast.

Some plot action follows that isn't worth describing in detail, other than to note that Ayaka escapes, gets dressed in a dark, pin-striped business suit (the one seen on the cover) complete with black pantyhose and her long black boots, and is then captured again (isn't that always the way?). About 10 villains surround her this time. One guy grabs Ayaka and feels her up, then tosses her to a second guy who plays with her ass, as Ayaka convincingly struggles and grunts. She is tossed over to a third guy who forces kisses on her.

Ayaka, who is still fully dressed, is forced down on her knees on the floor, and a guy unzips his pants for a blowjob. The villains force Ayaka to blow the guy and another gangster, and they do a good job holding her head and making the scene look nasty.

Squealing Ayaka is forced to lie on her back on a blanket on the floor, and a villain pulls off her boots, pantyhose and panties. Ayaka is then gang-raped in a number of scenes that are actually pretty good. There are moments when Ayaka is moved into all-too-common porn positions, such as doggie and one standing position that looks really fake. But for the most part, she is pinned down on her back and violated in the missionary position. As Ayaka is being nailed, the villains open her white blouse and lower her bra so that one guy can suck on her tits. Ayaka is also strangled at times and has kisses forced on her as she is being raped.

At one part, Ayaka's fully dressed boss is brought into the proceedings, with ropes binding his arms behind his back. The boss protests as the villains demand he take part in the performance, but Ayaka convinces him a sex show is their only hope. The bound boss is forced to kneel in front of Ayaka, who undoes his pants and sucks his wienie. The boss isn't able to cum and is mocked by the audience of villains. The gangsters then hoist Ayaka to a nearby mattress, where she is forced to blow two villains.

Ayaka, who is still wearing her jacket, skirt, and open blouse (but no panties), is moved back into the missionary position and pinned down on her back as she is further violated by pretty much every one of the 10 villains. There's some porn silliness again, including a reverse cowgirl position, but for the most part Ayaka is on her back.

As the rapes move along, the villains eventually strip off all her remaining clothes. They also force Ayaka's boss to get in close for some of the action, including rubbing the boss's face in Ayaka's tits. Each of the rapists finishes by cumming in Ayaka's pussy.

The movie ends with naked Ayaka crawling up to her captive boss and clutching him, and she starts crying. The surrounding villains laugh at their broken captive.

My grade: B

Investigator Agent - Creampie 20 Times has some nice moments, particulary the scene where little Ayaka is forced to strip, and some of the moments where she is gang-raped. It may not be a classic but it's better than most of the detective movies released by this company (I-Energy). Fans of rape and humiliation scenes may want to check it out.

My Grade: B

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