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HBAD-263: Commander Iron Lady - Humiliating Gang Rape Assault

Reviewed by A Canadian

Title: Commander Iron Lady - Humiliating Gang Rape Assault (HBAD-263)

Starring: Emiri Okazaki and Rei Mizuna

Produced by: Hibino

Running time: Two hours

Commander Iron Lady - Humiliating Gang Rape Assault is an uninspired wartime tale from the Japanese porn company, Hibino, that gets a huge lift from its beautiful star, Emiri Okazaki.

Emiri, who looks a bit like JAV superstar Rio, is smoking hot. Her initial rape scene is the only thing worth recommending in this movie -- but it is definitely recommended.

Emiri plays a military officer who is almost literally a ball-breaker. Aided by female cadet Rei Mizuna, she lays down the law through a variety of punishments that includes riding-crop whippings and plastic-bag suffocation. She's particularly fond of kicking men in the nuts, delivering swift kicks to a male prisoner and to one of her subordinate soldiers.

Unfortunately for Emiri, she reports to a perverted senior commander with a mean streak of his own.

The senior commander takes cadet Rei to a separate room and makes the young cadet blow him. When he returns to the room where Emiri and her men are questioning a prisoner, the senior commander turns the tables on Emiri.

The senior commander tells two soldiers to grab Emiri by the arms. Two other soldier brings in young Rei, who is now a prisoner and whose head is wrapped in a gauze bandage. Threatening further harm to Rei, the senior commander makes Emiri submit to his carnal desires.

After the soldiers lock young Rei inside a nearby cage, the senior commander grabs Emiri and forces kisses on her, running his tongue along her gritted teeth.

As other soldiers stand by and watch, the senior commander starts undressing Emiri. He unbuttons her blouse and pulls down her bra.

Repulsed, Emiri spits in the senior commander's face, but the senior commander isn't dissuaded. With Emiri still in a standing position, the senior commander forces more kisses on her and sucks her tits. He also removes Emiri's skirt and yanks down her panties so he can squeeze her ass and finger her pussy.

The senior commander orders his soldiers to put Emiri on a covered table on her back. As the soldiers pin Emiri on the table and hold her arms and legs apart, the senior commander fingers Emiri, dines on her pussy and tongues her butt hole. Moving to the other side of the table, the senior commander forces Emiri to blow him.

The senior commander goes back to Emiri's spread legs and rubs his dick against her pussy. Emiri protests but her complaints have no effect. The senior commander plunders Emiri while Emiri remains pinned on her back.

Emiri isn't always restrained as securely as we might like. Nonetheless, most of the rape is effective, with beautiful Emiri squirming and whimpering as her body is rocked. While he is violating her, the senior commander plants more kisses on Emiri and takes another opportunity to suck on her boobs.

The soldiers flip Emiri around so the senior commander can do her doggie-style. Emiri gasps as the senior commander gives her a proper drilling. When it's time to pop, the senior commander withdraws and cums on Emiri's ass.

In a new scene, Emiri and Rei are locked in the cage, as a soldier keeps guard nearby. The ladies quickly hatch a scheme to escape.

Rei uses a rope to create the impression she has betrayed Emiri and tied Emiri's arms behind her back (the rope actually isn't tied securely). As Emiri protests, Rei begs the soldier who is supposed to be keeping guard to let her out of the cage so she can suck him.

Emiri watches from the cage while Rei blows the soldier. That is followed by Rei and the soldier moving to a leather chair for some seated copulation.

The women's ruse works. After Rei and the guard's two-person push ups are done, Emiri and Rei overpower the soldier and manage to get free.

But, of course, it doesn't last. Emiri and Rei are soon captured at gunpoint for a second time. The soldier holding Emiri fondles her tits as his gun stays pointed at her head.

The senior commander once again exploits the opportunity to force kisses on grunting Emiri.

Emiri is tossed onto a nearby bed, where soldiers pin Emiri on her back so the senior commander and five other soldiers can molest her lithe body. One guy presses kisses on Emiri and sucks her right tit while the others paw and lick her body and stroke her pussy.

Emiri is ordered to sit up so she can blow one of the soldiers. And then another, and so on. For the remainder of the movie, Emiri fucks and sucks different soldiers in a variety of positions, with all of it looking completely vanilla and entirely forgettable. So we'll forget it.

My grade: B

If any JAV actress other than Emiri Okazaki had starred in this film, it likely would have received a lower grade. The concept of the film was interesting but there wasn't enough focus on keeping things looking non-consensual.

Fortunately, Emiri generated some great heat in her rape scene on the table, making Commander Iron Lady - Humiliating Gang Rape Assault worth a look. Let's hope we see Emiri in future GIMP films that are more worthy of her beauty and talent.

My Grade: B

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